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You can now pre-order a 24-karat gold iPhone 6

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Brikk iPhone 6

No date has even been set for the iPhone 6 launch and Apple hasn’t said a word, but, you can now pre-order a solid gold iPhone 6 – if you have the cash to burn.

Los Angeles-based luxury retailer, Brikk, has announced on their website that they are now taking pre-orders for either gold or platinum plated iPhone 6 models.

Those who seek more than functionality when it comes to their smartphone, can order a 24-karat yellow or pink gold iPhone 6 or, if you don’t want to be as flashy but still ensure top luxury, you can also order a pure platinum iPhone.

Then there is the ultimate in luxury plated iPhones – and one we’re sure Paris Hilton will like to get her hands on – the diamond encrusted, 24-karat gold iPhone 6.

Along with the solid gold plating, you can also request Brikk to have the Apple logo of your iPhone encrusted in 1.068 carats worth of sparkly diamonds. This gold plated, diamond encrusted iPhone 6 will set you back a mere $8,400 (or R89,139,12 – but who’s counting?) (more…)

Samsung to open Television Manufacturing Plant in South Africa

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Samsung Electronics South Africa announced its plan to open a television manufacturing plant in The Dube Trade Port, Durban by end of this year. With total investment of 20 million USD until 2018, the plan demonstrates the company’s effort to satisfy customers in South Africa. (more…)

The UAE wants to go to Mars

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dubaiThe United Arab Emirates is synonymous with wealth, luxury and world firsts. The Middle-Eastern country boasts some of the most extravagant and expensive things in the world. There you will find the world’s tallest building, indoor skiing in the middle of the dessert, camel polo games and of course ATM’s that deal in gold! All of this is thanks to the massive energy wealth enjoyed by the UAE. Now they want to attempt the next big thing. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (the UAE vice president) has decided that the UAE will launch a spaceship to Mars… (more…)

Opportunity breaks record for longest distance driven

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When the Opportunity rover landed on the red planet in 2004, NASA only intended to drive it for about 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) within 90 Martian days. But the rover turned out to be a hardy Mars explorer, and on its 10th year on the planet, it has finally broken the record for the longest distance a vehicle has driven outside Earth. The Opportunity has recently accrued 25.01 miles of driving on another world, dethroning Soviet Union’s Lunokhod 2 rover, which drove 24.2 miles on the moon in 1973. (more…)

Report: Apple acquires talk radio app, Swell

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Swell app

Apple seems to be continuing their recent shopping spree and is reportedly closing the deal on acquiring talk-radio app, Swell for a cool $30 million.

According to a report by Re/code, the talks between Apple and Swell are nearing an end and the official acquisition will go through soon.

Swell, which has been described by many as a ‘Pandora for talk radio’, is essentially a podcast app that you can tailor to your personal needs. The app claims to learn the listening habits of the user and then makes suggestions based on previous content.

Swell will the start building a personalized radio service just for you, so you can listen to the thing that interest you most. However, should you not want to listen to a specific podcast Swell chose for you, you can easily move on by simply swiping it away.

Swell is mostly designed for listening in your car.  (more…)

Your smartphone will replace room keys at Hilton Hotels by 2016

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HiltonThe age old tradition of checking in at the Hotel counter is on its way to become a thing of the past. The Hilton Hotel group own around 4,100 properties world-wide and they plan to let their customers access their hotel rooms with their smartphones at most of their hotels by the end of 2016. This move will see the evolution from room keys to plastic room cards and now online smartphone access. They are also promising mores customer focused improvements… (more…)

Tizen powered Samsung phone delayed again

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When are we going to see Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartphone? We have no idea, as the timeline keeps being pushed out. Samsung first said they would be launching a Tizen flagship at the beginning of 2014, after which it shifted to mid-2014. Now they are delaying the device even further. (more…)

Motorola to release a Nexus phablet

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The rumour-mill keeps going one way and then the other. We have no idea at this stage which way the Nexus programme is going as we’ve had multiple rumours, first of all that the Nexus brand has been killed off in favour of Android Silver and then that a Nexus 8 tablet may still be in the works, to be made by HTC.

We thought the Nexus 6 smartphone may be the follow-up to the Nexus 5, made by LG, and that it would be based on the LG G3 hardware as the previous version was based on the LG G2 hardware. Now it seems, the Nexus 6 name may not just be an iterative name, but the actual size of the upcoming smartphone. (more…)