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Samsung’s “Project Valley” is allegedly readying a foldable phone

Published by on May 29th, 2015, No Comments


While LG might have professed its love for curves, Samsung looks to be working in another direction entirely. Fresh from releasing the Galaxy Edge 2 – which features two curved extensions to the main screen – the company are allegedly developing a foldable phone.

“Project Valley” is the internal name for a new project at Samsung, which SamMobile claims is overseeing testing over a dual-screened phone which is foldable along either a lateral or bilateral axis.


Press Release: HTC One M9 officially launches in South Africa next month

Published by on May 29th, 2015, No Comments

HTC_One_M9-016The HTC One M9 becomes available in SA next month. The One M8 did very well last year and the company aims to repeat, if not exceed, the success of the previous model (read our full review here). Read the article for HTC South Africa’s official launch press release. They reveal some details about the phone itself and the contracts that will accompany it… (more…)

Review: Acer Aspire U5 All-in-One Desktop

Published by on May 29th, 2015, No Comments

acer_FrontAll in one desktop PC’s aren’t really a new concept. Apple have had decades of success with their iMac (and previous) models but apart from the Cupertino company these all-in-one products have never really been that popular as household computing devices. Since the rise of touchscreen mobile devices, the all-in-one desktop industry has tried to adopt the technology to make their products more versatile.

We have however seen an uptick in sales for these all-in-one PCs due to advancing technology and the convenience they bring. Acer, among some other manufacturers, is leading the charge in this market. The company’s latest U Series all-in-one desktop has been around for a while, and now it sports some great specs, including a fourth generation Intel Core i5 CPU. But is it worth considering as a replacement for a traditional desktop? Let’s take a look… (more…)

Sony not planning QHD screens on flagships

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The newest iteration of Sony’s flagship, the Xperia Z4, has already been unveiled and it left many people asking why they didn’t opt for the Quad HD screens like some of their competitors. The design and internals of the Xperia Z range hasn’t changed much over the many iterations – the Xperia Z3 was once again an incremental improvement – and some think this would be the next logical step from the Japanese company. (more…)

Lenovo unveils the first dual-screen smartwatch

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Just earlier this week we spoke about electronics manufacturers that always believe more is better, as is evident with the upcoming dual battery Gionee smartphone. Smartwatches aren’t a necessity like a smartphone is (yet), but Lenovo believe they need to get ahead of the curve by offering a smartwatch with two screens. Well, sort of… (more…)

Apple patents a multitouch “Fusion Keyboard”

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While Apple might have attracted a certain amount of flack over a number of decisions in producing its new MacBook model – chiefly, the choice to use a mobile processor – the firm did introduce something noteworthy: a new butterfly mechanism keyboard that sees the height of the keys reduced by half.

Now, Apple has filed a new keyboard patent that could see the death the modern trackpad altogether: a multitouch keyboard named “Fusion keyboard” that could function as a physical keyboard capable of deploying touch gestures.


Apple to challenge Google Now with upcoming “Proactive” software

Published by on May 28th, 2015, 2 Comments

Proactive1Although Apple is seen as a very innovative company, their main strength lies in taking existing technology (or products) and making them better than anyone else. Apple is reportedly looking to expand beyond Siri with a Google Now competitor code-named “Proactive,” and it could debut on iOS 9.

According to a report published on 9to5Mac Apple has been working on perfecting the integrated piece of software (not an app) for a couple of years now and it could make its debut at Apple’s WWDC 2015 conference, which kicks off June 8. (more…)

Microsoft announces 20 new OEMs will ship Office & OneDrive

Published by on May 27th, 2015, 1 Comment


Microsoft made a huge announcement today, citing a bold new phase in the company’s cross-platform strategy: 20 new OEMs, including the likes of Sony and LG, will ship Microsoft services such as Office and OneDrive as pre-installed apps on their devices.

The news, which comes alongside yesterday’s announcement that Cortana will shortly be available on both iOS and Android, indicates that Microsoft are readying a tighter integration with Android, iOS, and the forthcoming release of Windows 10.