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DStv Drifta now compatible with Android

Published by on Sep 5th, 2011, 14 Comments

We have already said in the past that the DStv Drifta is one great little device to have around, and we have actually named the iPhone app one of our favourite apps in SA right now. So just before the Rugby World Cup 2011, Multichoice has now made the app available to the Android folks as well.

Right now the device support is pretty limited – only the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab. It also checks whether the device is rooted – so you hacking users might have some trouble. You also need to get the little Drifta device, and the relevant DStv contract in place. Premium subscribers get Drifta access for free, while the lesser contracts need to pay R40 for it per month.

Good on Multichoice for releasing this right before the Rugby World Cup

Get it here.

Update: Our sources inside DStv say support for the Desire, Desire HD and Wildfire S handsets coming tomorrow (9 Sept 2011).


  • Renier Kriel

    now we just need coverage in Stellenbosch!

  • Faeez

    Where do we download the app?

  • Speedy Zn

    u gotta by the device for R599 by the looks of it

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XLLTMZBV5ENBBMIMMGQYAWKVHY Leonard Van der westhuizen

    ya and coverage in kathu too!!!!!

  • Jenge

    they mustn’t get funny, some people don’t root their Android for just any reason. We have developers in SA too and programming and testing just goes easier on a rooted fone…

  • Clydebv

    Why discriminate against other Android devices. I have an
    Asus Transformer (Tablet) and would like to know, from DSTV, when the software
    will be available for this device.

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    Yup. But subscription is free if you are a premium subscriber.

  • JoeMuhr
  • Craig

    Were sitting near Agrimark on Adam Tas road and we have good reception, coverage map still needs to be updated.

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    No reception in Welgevonden :-(

  • Wolhol

    Skimma hoe lyk dinge?

  • Saag66

    I guess they don’t want people with root access to do stuff like record or share the signal or whatever but it still sucks. I’m not going to unroot my phone just to get the drifta to work on it. I’d rather go without then.

  • Ak1 Amod

    WHY cant the drifta work on the Galaxy note???

  • Ak1 Amod

    how do i get the drifta to work on the samsung note???someone pllleeeez help!!!!