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Want an iPhone 4S? Who Gives the Best Contract Deal in SA?

Published by on Dec 19th, 2011, 67 Comments

The iPhone 4S has finally been launched in SA this past weekend – but the networks kept their cards close to their chest in terms of deals. Pricing was only officially announced on Thursday, and not through very public channels. Pricing is definitely better than expected, but it is clear that networks are trying to limit the choices of contracts you can receive a free phone with.

For example, last year you could get a free iPhone 4 with a Vodacom Top Up 275 contract, with 100meg of data at R379. This year, Top Up customers are not as lucky – I was quoted R3000+ pay in on the Top 315 contract. So if you want a iPhone 4S, you are pretty much forced to go for the more business orientated contracts. Luckily the pricing is not too bad, if you take the entire bundle into account. Here is Vodacom and MTN’s deals, with the iPhone 4S 16 GB deals. (Click to enlarge):

Overall the Vodacom iPhone contracts look like the better deal, especially considering that the iPhone is a device that needs a lot of data to be used effectively. If you want a 4S with a larger storage capacity, the pricing goes up quite a bit. You can of course also buy the phone cash:

iPhone 4S 16GB: R7699

iPhone 4S 32GB: R8999

iPhone 4S 64GB: R10299



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  • AndroidFTW

    Intelligent people use Android…for the rest there is iPhone

  • Tony

    Hi, could someone please refer me to where I could purchase the iPhone 4S at the cash prices seen above. I have called many stores and have not been able to find the cash price as seen above. thanks in advance.

  • jason zaymes

    Hi Minaar, 
    Do you possibly have a link to this pres release?

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    Do you think he designed the phone himself?

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    Siri and better camera is not a major reason to jump for iPhone 4S if you have the 4 already. But maybe you have a big reason for the much improved camera?

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    No, new worldwide. The 8GB iPhone 4 is being made available as a lower priced version of the iPhone.

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    Hi Jason – the data in the above table was taken directly from the Vodacom press release.

  • Tekkienh

    You should note that Samsung and Sony ericcson reward salespeople for selling their products, There fore, they would promote them..I know of salespeople who dont even know about Siri..

  • Facebook

    I think he had a greater input in the look & feel of the products than most other people in his position would have. 
    He also built up quite a personality cult around himself. 

  • Mike

    ya rly!

  • TheMonk

    Hee, hee, hee. I was like you once. Was crazy about customisation. I’ll bet you don’t really need the customisation. Actually, all the “customisation” you really need can be obtained from the app’s that you can get at the itunes shop or Android shop. I was never an Apple fan, until I swapped for the IPhone. I now also have an IPad. I do most thins that I used to do on my PC on the iPad and iPhone. Forget about the customisation and think about what you need to do. Just find an app to do it for you. Suddenly, you will find that customisationdoes not matter.

  • TheMonk

    Absolutely. These guys need to be reported in terms of the consumer protection act. They know nothing about the phone but want to advise you about it. I have never been an apple fan, but boy do their products work. Every person I know that has an Android phone has been it by a virus at one time or the other. Android is great, if the hardware guys can get their act together.

  • Ed

    Nonsense. That is the point of the Apple Developer certification and application screening process. Where with Andriod it is a free for all. 

  • Kerryleigh

    On a 315 top up you can get the Iphone 4′s 16gig for either R 2750 pay in or add it to your account at an extra R124 per month (finance option) as per the store in Melrose Arch vodacom and they have stock as per yesterday 1pm.

  • NDevil

    Press release is here: http://www.vodacom.com/news_article.php?articleID=1142&pid=press_releases – however spent hours with Dionwired at Tygervalley today who knows nothing about this. They are only offering 100mb on Talk 240 which now is not even available anymore .. This sucks Vodacom!

  • Iango69

    These days I consider numerous customisation options a downside.  I’ve come to prefer something that is good out of the box.

  • emilydecker

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