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Next iPhone will be even more ‘bling’

Published by on Aug 21st, 2013, 7 Comments


Apple’s next iPhone launch event is set for September 10th. I hope you have the date penned, marked, circled, highlighted and embossed in your memory. It seems the speculation is over, and it is happening. The new iPhone will be launched in gold.

As AllThingsD reports, a new flagship iPhone will be unveiled with an “elegant gold tone,” which is said to be more like champagne in actuality. It is said that the golden gilded back will be accompanied by a white face.

Is this to your liking? What do you think about the gold iPhone?


  • Boyd

    yawn …

  • Shiv179

    No I don’t “have the date penned, marked, circled, highlighted and embossed in your memory” – I have better things to remember in my life!

  • Johan Grundling

    It is what is INSIDE that matters!

  • Paul

    Please get over Apple. Their sales are down, share price is down, get the trend? They arent even the first to launch a gold phone. You seriously call this news?

  • Vice Peter

    Apple seems to be a more stable platform. The “credible” competitor slows down with every iteration of software update. My next phone will surely be i.

  • Eddie

    Shut the hell up freak,what do you know about phones??????

  • http://www.bandwidthblog.com Minnaar Pieters

    So according to Paul, news about Apple is irrelevant?