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28 million Galaxy Note shipments in past year

Published by on Sep 9th, 2013, 1 Comment


Remember when the general consensus was that the Galaxy Note range from Samsung is a niche product? Well, think again. The sales speak for themselves, with Samsung shipping 280 percent more Galaxy Note devices in the past year compared with the previous. Total shipments now stand at around 38 million, with 28 million of those coming in the latest year.

When asked about the new Galaxy Note 3, CEO J.K. Shin said: “Galaxy Note 1 and Galaxy Note 2 were sold for a total of over 38 million. We believe Galaxy Note 3 will outdo its predecessors.”

These figures don’t compare to the massive sales of giants like the iPhone or Galaxy S range, but for a product that was called “doomed”, “useless” and “too big”, I would say Samsung execs are sitting with a massive grin on their faces.

Source: ETNews


  • Antonio da Cruz

    My Note 3 is in the mail