Eye is a new smartphone case that lets you add Android to the back of your iPhone

Eye smart iPhone case

The Eye smartphone case, now funded through Kickstarter, allows iPhone users to clip on a full Android phone to the back of their device.

If you’ve ever picked up a smartphone case for your iPhone, you’ve likely either splurged for the cause of fashion, protection, or greater battery life – but have you ever thought of slapping a full Android phone to the back of your device? If you have, Eye – a new smartphone case now funded on Kickstarter – does just that.

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Here’s the crazy thing – one might expect that a smartphone case might lack the same chops one might expect from a premier Android device. That’s not the case (get it?) here – the Eye smart iPhone case arrives with specs to make even Samsung tremble.

Let’s run through what ESTI, the name behind the Eye smart iPhone case, claim – for the pledge of $95 USD, users can expect an Android rear with a 5″ FHD display, wireless charging, an Always On display, up to 256GB of storage, and even a 3.5mm headphone jack to replace the one Apple removed.

Eye smart iPhone case

Beyond that, the Eye case arrives with Pure Android 7.0 Nougat, 2x SIM slots, a 2,800mAh battery and support for NFC and Infrared.

One of the primary selling points of the Eye will be the ability to use an iPhone’s rear camera to take selfies; the case will automatically mirror the view from its attached iPhone’s camera app on the Android-driven rear screen.

The Eye will accommodate two different models, with support for the iPhone 7, 6s, and 6, as well as the iPhone 7 Plus, 6s Plus, and 6 Plus.

ETSI claim that consumers who back the Eye will be given the option to wait until Apple releases its next iPhone, which the company claims that “will be supported a month after its launch.”

If you can’t believe what we’re writing here, go ahead and check out the Eye’s official Kickstarter page, where ETSI has successfully raised its goal of $95,000 USD.

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