Phones with the game ‘Flappy Bird’ for sale on eBay


Just yesterday we reported on the saga that is the mobile game Flappy Bird. It seems that people were very quick to see a new opportunity to make a quick buck off old phones. The mobile game has been removed from the respective app stores, reasons not being very clear. In all likelihood there are some legal issues, as the pipes used in the game looks awfully like the pipes from the Mario Brothers games.

Now some folks will still be able to get the game if they missed out on the phenomenon the first time around. Dozens of people are selling their old phones on eBay that has the game installed on it. That added value apparently warrants a massive premium on the old devices, if you look at the prices. Some have been listed for more than R20 000.


It doesn’t look like people are actually bidding for the phones, though. Perhaps that’s because Flappy Bird is more frustrating than fun, or perhaps it’s because a single app isn’t that valuable to the average buyer. We doubt that this game will become a collector’s item, so we’re not expecting these prices to attract willing customers. However, it does say a lot about what certain people believe a simple application is worth. This probably isn’t the last time we’ll see something like this.

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  • Shiv179

    If you have an Android device, you can easily sideload the APK.
    As for Apple, well…. no doubt there will be people stupid enough to buy those phones with the game preloaded.