Albert Cornelissen

Editor of ZADroid

  • As you may know by now, I'm Android fanboy, so the fact that I specifically asked to cover the Nokia N9 launch last week Thursday, says something about how special this device is.

  • Owning an Android device means that you'll try out a large number of applications over time. Sometimes there are so many that writing a single post for each and every one of them doesn't really make sense - so we're introducing a new series of posts that will showcase a few applications at once. This first iteration looks at a few South African centred applications, either developed locally, or targeting the local market.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (also known as the P7100) is a piece of hardware with an unfortunate story behind it. That little extra "v" means that this Vodafone exclusive differs from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that will start appearing on South African shelves in the next month or two. Will you be worse off with the 10.1v than the retooled, sleeker 10.1?

  • The Motorola XOOM was the first device to sport Google's brand-spanking new Android OS designed specifically for the tablet form factor: Honeycomb. We've managed to get our hands on one, and spend a few days with it before it lands on South Africa's shores.

  • For a while now, all signs pointed to Google gearing up to finally give us South Africans access to paid applications in the Android Market. Then, on the 11th of May, sometime during day two of Google I/O 2011, it was nonchalantly announced that an additional 99 countries would be getting access to paid applications in the Android Market.