Spree pioneers SA shoppable magazine concept

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With the publishing world changing at a rapid pace, magazines are having to evolve to remain relevant. One of the ways in which they are doing so is through moving into digital – which has seen the rise of the “shoppable magazine”.

A concept that affords customers the opportunity to shop the pages of their favourite magazine, this foray into ecommerce is aimed at bolstering dwindling advertisement revenues.

South Africa has not missed out on this global trend. April 2013 saw the launch of, SA’s first online shop to offer a shoppable magazine experience. As part of Media24’s ecommerce division, Spree is more than just another online catalogue store having been carefully curated and styled by in-house experts.


2013 Bookmarks Awards launches official app

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The Bookmarks Awards 2013, that serves to recognise and reward excellence in digital, is now in full swing and just so you don’t miss out on the action a new app has been launched.

Bookmarks sponsor Automated Publishing Services (APS), together with The Jupiter Drawing Room, has created a Bookmarks Awards tablet app available on Android and iOS.

Users can download the apps to access information around the event, sponsors and categories, keep updated with the latest developments, find out more about the panel of judges, follow a live Twitter feed and book tickets to the workshops and awards.


Pocketography: the democratization of photography

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Almost everyone now has a smartphone, each equipped with a camera that can be used with a variety of photo editing apps available, offering effects and filters that make sunsets look like 7th heaven and ‘selfies’ look like pieces of art.

As a result, life and history are being documented in a totally different way, by everyone (with smartphone sales to surpass regular phone sales this year for the first time), right from their pocket. And don’t forget the rapid rate at which these images are being shared globally.

This is the democratizaion of photography where everyone is a photographer and the best camera is really the one you always carry with with you.


For the party animals: Jose Cuervo launches Howl app

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Popular Tequila brand Jose Cuervo has recently launched its new #PartyAnimals app, called Howl as a free download for Android and iOS.

Primarily aimed at instigators, the app gives people who know how to start a party the ability to let your friends know where you are, inviting them to join in at your favourite watering holes in South Africa.

The app is part of Jose Cuervo’s international, multi-platform ‘Who’s In?’ campaign, which celebrates its core consumers around the world.  Incorporating a range of viral videos, alongside an international programme of social media activity, the campaign also represents Jose Cuervo’s first foray into product design through the launch of Howl.


Uber arrives in Durban

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DJ Tira

DJ Tira gets a ride home from Uber

Private car hire service, Uber, that first launched in Johannesburg in early August, closely followed by Cape Town later that month, has arrived in Durban, now bringing the global service to three major South African cities.

As with previous launches, secret Ubers started roaming across the streets of the city Thursday morning.

The arrival of the service was announced on the company’s official blog and has also since been added to Uber’s list of covered cities on its website. South Africa is the first country in Africa to receive the service with plans to expand into Kenya in the future.


wiGroup tracks growing mobile phone transactions in SA

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Mobile phone-based transactions are booming in South Africa, with wiGroup’s transaction platform wiPlatform at the centre of a growing ecosystem that processed over R1.5 billion during the first 10 months of 2013.

“The number of mobile transactions through wiPlaftorm grew by over 500% in the first six months of 2013, and that growth is strengthening each month,” says wiGroup CEO Bevan Ducasse. “The market has clearly realised the value of the open platform approach, which makes it easy for retailers, app developers, agencies and brands to work together, without having to make expensive and difficult changes at the point of sale.”


Marvel’s Iron Man suit to become reality with US Army (well, almost)

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The U.S. Army believes that Marvel’s Iron Man suit worn by comic book character Tony Stark can actually be built and worn by soldiers during combat in the field.

To make what it is calling TALOS (The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) a reality, the Army’s Special Operations Command is partnering with universities, laboratories and the tech industry to design and develop the battle suit.

According to information uploaded along with a YouTube video demonstrating how the armour would work, TALOS “is an advanced infantry uniform that promises to provide superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection”.


Apple hires Burberry boss to lead retail and online stores

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Apple has hired a new SVP of retail and online stores and the position is being filled by Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts who is “honoured” to have worked at the luxury clothing brand.

However, the decision to dive into the the fashion industry for executives is not the first for Apple, having previously hired former CEO and President of Yves-Saint Laurent, Paul Deneve in July followed by Levi’s former SVP Enrique Atienza in August.

According to CEO Tim Cook Ahrendts shares Apple’s vision of the company’s customer experience and continuous innovation and is “an extraordinary leader with a proven track record.”