Innovative Tech Show to disrupt the African Consumer Goods market

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YourTechLive is a new full-value-chain event set to take place in Sandton in November 2014. The first of its kind on the African continent, the show will present the latest and greatest technology & gadgets from existing manufacturers and distributors operating on the continent. More importantly, it is also a channel for manufacturers looking to enter the world’s fastest growing consumer electronics market and will challenge the industry to lose its complacency and give consumers what they know their counterparts in Europe and the US are already using.

A 2012 Deloitte & Touche report noted that (more…)

Shazam and Rdio team up for instant song tag and replay

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Rdio, the digital music service, and Shazam, a music tagging company, today announced an international expansion of their music discovery partnership to include South Africa. South African users of the Free and Encore version of the Shazam App for iOS and Android are now able to instantly listen to entire songs after tagging them by clicking the “Listen Free on Rdio” link within the app.

By connecting Shazam to Rdio in a few simple steps, listeners can also create an playlist on Rdio called “My Shazam Tracks.” This playlist automatically updates with every new song tagged in Shazam, making it easy to relive an amazing night out, track for track, through the Rdio app. The exclusive partnership which started late 2012 in the United Sates, is now live in South Africa and an additional 28 countries around the world. (more…)

Review: HTC One Mini

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In past reviews we made several references to the HTC One as probably the best Android phone on the market. With a decent aluminium build, stonking performance and gorgeous screen, it is decidedly more upmarket feeling device than its competitors.

But the current trend to keep on supersizing phones is not for everyone. Case in point – the iPhone continues to sell well, despite just about every other competitor releasing ever bigger screens. HTC is smart enough to note this, and have released a smaller version of its terrific HTC One.

The One Mini is somewhat smaller than the One, but also trades its high end components for some more affordable alternatives. But has this more mid range components taken away the shine of the One range? Lets see. (more…)

75% of companies in SA believe that BYOD is a Threat to Business Security

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iStockphotoiDevicesMost companies see the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, where employees use their personal mobile devices for work purposes, as a growing threat to business. Yet, the percentage of companies taking measures to minimise this threat is relatively small, according to the results of the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey, conducted by B2B International in collaboration withKaspersky Lab. This survey involved interviews with representatives of companies in 24 countries, including South Africa.

Respondents in Japan expressed the most concern about this growing trend and its associated threats: 93% agreed that BYOD is a threat to their businesses. Companies in North America (69%) also voiced a high level of concern, as did those in the Middle East (65%), South Africa (75%) and Western Europe (62%). Russian companies were the least concerned, with 57% of participants acknowledging any threat posed by a BYOD policy.

At the same time, most companies do not plan to introduce any prohibitive measures against the use of personal devices at the workplace. On the contrary, about 21% of respondents locally said they plan to encourage the use of personal smartphones and tablets at work, while another 34% said they did not believe that prohibitive measures would prevent employees from using their own devices. (more…)

Nokia Lumia “Black” Software Update Rolling Out in SA

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The Lumia Black software update is starting to rollout for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 owners in South Africa. The update brings new features, improvements in imaging, new apps and app updates from Microsoft and Nokia to make the Lumia smartphone experience even better.

So far we have not gotten the update on our Lumia 1020 review unit – which is getting some pretty great updates for the camera itself.

Luckily, there are updates to almost all reasonably current Lumia phones. The main features brought along with the update from Nokia include: (more…)

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile 3.0

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MEF’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey was launched in December, and they have gone through the effort to re-mine the data to create this infographic that looks specifically at the emergence of “Mobile 3.0″ – a new emergence that is charactarized by “Super” apps displacing traditional pay once models with subscription models like Netflix, as well as in-app purchases.

In addition to the growth of the super-app, there has been a shift down in terms of volume of goods purchased and a shift up in their value with mobile users migrating their spending on big ticket items from online and the high street to mobile. [MEF’s 2013 Global Consumer Survey shows that the high spend threshold grew to 39 per cent in 2013 (up eight per cent from 2012) on items over $151].

To see the full infographic, see below: (more…)

LG announces Flexible Curved Television

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There are two big trends at CES this year – wearable electronics, and high end TVs with curved and QHD displays. While curved televisions look cool, it does kind of make you scratch your head and say why? The idea is that these new ultra high resolution displays can be put closer to the viewer, and a curved display allows for a more immersive experience.

LG Electronics today took the cover off the world’s first Flexible OLED TV at CES in Las Vegas. With this revolutionary TV unit, viewers can control the angle of curvature for the ultimate viewing experience that was only available in the realm of science fiction.

“LG’s Flexible OLED TV is a product that has to be seen to be believed, because it defies description,” said H. H. (Hyun-hwoi) Ha, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “What curved is to flat, flexible is to curved. LG continues to lead the evolution of televisions into the next generation.” 

What separates LG’s Flexible OLED TV from every other TV set in the world is that the curvature of the display can be altered using the TV remote to suit the viewer’s preference. The range of curvature was determined by taking into account key factors that affect the viewing experience such as screen size and viewing distance. Since the viewer can adjust the curvature, they can enjoy the best TV viewing experience, tailored to their tastes, every time.

The 77-inch TV unit is the result of technological integration encompassing all aspects of producing a product as innovative as this TV, such as design, displays, quality assurance, etc. The Flexible OLED TV has been subject to tens of thousands of hours of tests to ensure the reliability and durability of its unique display. With the introduction of the Flexible OLED TV, LG now has achieved a major grand slam, having introduced its share of world firsts in the OLED TV space — flat, curved and now flexible.

What did South African’s Search for on Google in 2013?

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2013 is finally drawing to a close, and Google has just released its “Zeitgeist” report to see what was on our minds this year.

This year marks Google’s most global Zeitgeist to date—with 1,000+ top 10 lists across categories like Trending People, Most-Searched Events and Top Trending Searches from 72 countries, including South Africa.

Julie Taylor, Head of Communications for Google Sub-Saharan Africa, said, “Every day, around the world and across South Africa, we search. We want to find out more about people who are making an impact on the world, to learn about events that are making headlines, or just to settle a dinner table dispute between friends. In our annual Year-End Zeitgeist, we reflect on the people, places, and moments that captured the world’s attention throughout the year.”

South Africa’s Biggest Moments

Our South African hero, Nelson Mandela, comes in at number one this year after the news of his death that shook not only South Africa, but the world.  Other news headlines that have tugged at the heart strings and voices of many South Africans over the year: the court appearance of Oscar Pistorius and death of Vuyo Mbuli feature prominently in this year’s lists. Melissa Bachman raised many eyebrows after her South African hunting experience, resulting in a roar of heated social media debates around the topic – she comes in fourth to Margaret Thatcher, Kim Kardashian’s baby (named North West) and South African model, Reeva Steenkamp. (more…)