Rdio Streaming Music Service launches in SA

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For the past few months South Africa has finally gotten some decent streaming radio services – and today Rdio launched as well. Including South Africa in its list of countries means that Rdio now has more international reach than Spotify (which is still not in SA). Rdio is very similiar to Spotify – in that the focus is on music discovery, something we feel is not quite catered for on other streaming radio services in SA.

Rdio’s focus is on you following your friends, and seeing the music trends they go through. I managed to find some good new music within the first hour of using Rdio, all because I went to go look at what music my friends are listening to. Then again – you might have some friend’s with not that great music taste…  (more…)

iPad Air in SA by Early December

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If you have been holding out for the new iPad Air, you do not have to wait too much longer. Core announced their pricing and launch date for Apple’s latest tablet. The new thinner than ever iPad will be available in Space Gray and White / Silver, and will be available in a range of storage sizes: (more…)

Xbox Gold users getting Gears of War for free in December

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While we South Africans have not been blessed with the launch of the new Xbox One, the Xbox 360 is still a very capable performer – and frankly, the games are still better. All the better then that Xbox Live subscribers are getting two games for free during December.

While Gears of War is a pretty old game, it is still great. Starting Dec. 1, download “Gears of War” will be available to download. Engage in a cinematic campaign as Marcus Fenix, as well as fire team co-op and multiplayer action that features hyper-realistic and intense combat.  Experience what IGN called a “masterpiece” that “more than lives up to the hype.” (more…)

Vodacom now Best Performer on JSE Socially Responsible Investment Index

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Vodacom-Solar-Panel-RoofVodacom, South Africa’s largest mobile operator, was one of six companies recognised as a Best Performer company on the JSE’s Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index. Vodacom is the only ICT company to be recognised as a Best Performer on the SRI Index.

The mobile operator qualified as a Best Performer in the low environmental impact category. The index recognises those companies that regard society, governance and environment as an integral part of their corporate strategy, and ultimately share this information transparently in their reporting. Vodacom’s environmental efforts was recently in the news with their new solar panelled roof at their Cape Town head office.

We are particularly proud of our achievement this year as the 2013 review for the first time only considered publicly available information, in the JSE’s effort to promote increased disclosure and transparency about sustainability performance,” says Maya Makanjee, Vodacom’s chief officer for corporate affairs.  “We recognise that sustainability has long since evolved from being a corporate nice to have to a core competence that speaks directly to our bottom line. Integrating sustainability into the very core of our business is very much part of our overall strategy at Vodacom.” (more…)

Expect increase in Online Banking Attacks in Coming Months

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Kaspersky Lab has recorded several thousand attempts to infect computers used for online banking with a malicious programme that its creators claim can attack “any bank in any country”. The Neverquest Trojan banker supports just about every possible trick used to bypass online banking security systems: web injection, remote system access, social engineering, and so on. In light of the Trojan’s self-replication capabilities, a sharp rise in the number of attacks involving Neverquest can be expected, resulting in financial losses for users all over the world.

The weeks prior to the Christmas and New Year holidays are traditionally a period of high malicious user activity. As early as November there have been instances where posts were made in hacker forums about buying and selling databases to access bank accounts and other documents used to open and manage the accounts to which stolen funds are sent. Neverquest appeared on the market even earlier – an advert looking for a partner to work with the Trojan on the servers of a group of cybercriminals, with their support, was posted in July of this year. (more…)

Review: Apple iPhone 5S – should you upgrade?

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Apple’s iPhone formula has been going for quite some time now – the first one arrived in 2007, and the 3G model landed in SA in 2008. Apple has clearly had an evolutionary design theme with the iPhone, and the latest 5S model continues the tick / tock update methodology. It might look almost identical the iPhone 5, but on the inside it is a major step forward.

I ordered the 5S on Friday, and Monday morning Vodacom’s courier partner arrived with Apple’s latest phone. Out of the box I got a carrier update for a Vodacom SIM card, so clearly Vodacom has made sure the new 5S slots in well on its network.



Yes, it looks the same as the 5 – (more…)

iPhone 5S and 5C SA Pricing Revealed

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Well, the day has finally arrived for Apple fans. The new iPhone 5S is now available in SA – and Vodacom and MTN have also revealed their pricing for the new phones.

We are quite happy to see that many of the vendors have stepped with earlier hours on launch day, and needless to say lines have formed in front of the relevant stores. For example, here is Vodaworld in Midrand this morning:


First up is MTN, who seems to have pretty aggressive pricing, with decent data bundles compared to previous years: (more…)

Mxit Announces Version 7 for Feature and Smartphones

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Mxit, the South African mobile social network, today announced the release of Mxit 7 for feature phones, to be followed later in the week by versions for iPhone and iPad. The launch forms part of a phased rollout which will see Mxit 7 available on Android and BlackBerry devices in the coming weeks, and Windows Phone early next year.  Mxit 7 will run on more than 8,000 devices, including tablets and embraces the capabilities of each platform to offer an immersive chat experience that feels native to each one.

For the iPhone users, Mxit 7 for iOS has been rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 7, and features such as Doodlechat and Backdrop make for a fun and immersive chat experience.  Mxit 7 for iPhone and iPad will be available in the App Store on 15 November. We have been playing around with a pre-release version, and the new design is a massive step forward.




“Our users love to chat, so we improved the chat experience across all versions of Mxit. We’re also building on the things that made Mxit great in the first place – the fact that we can reliably deliver half a billion messages every day – and extending that with new features like group chat,” says Vincent Maher, Chief Product Officer of Mxit.

Maher also insists that feature phones are still a primary focus for Mxit, and will remain that way for quite some time. (more…)