Nokia announces Mobile Maths for Grades 10-12

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Momaths questionNokia and the Department of Science and Technology have announced the general availability of Nokia Mobile Mathematics, a mobile phone service that helps learners from grades 10 – 12 better understand Mathematics.

Any person with a data enabled mobile phone can now access more than 10 000 exercises of varying difficulties and collaborate with others, compare achievements and get guidance on how to progress. The service also gives teachers the ability to better understand learner’s competence and areas of improvement.

“We launched the Nokia Mobile Mathematics pilot in 2009 after a request by the then Deputy President of South Africa on how we could better use mobile technology to speed up learning,” said Gerard Brandjes, Vice President, Nokia South and East Africa. “With more than five years of listening, learning and adapting the service, we are now ready to make it available broadly.”

The new service is fully browser-based and works on any phone, tablet or PC without needing to download an app. After a quick sign-up process, students can practice problems in a number of categories like finance, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. While working on questions, learners can read background theory, see examples of solved problems and engage with others. Points are awarded for successfully completed exercises and, if a learner chooses to, they can share their points and compete with other students. (more…)

The Careless Majority – More than half of Android Users use No Security Software

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android-malwareAccording to a recent survey conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, over 50% of Android-based smartphone and tablet owners do not use any security software to protect their devices against cyber-threats. Meanwhile, Android has long been the most popular platform for ordinary users and the cybercriminals who use malware to steal from them.

Only 40% of smartphone and 42% of tablet owners participating in the survey stated that they have installed a security solution on their devices and are now using it. Other respondents are content to rely on the limited security features integrated in the OS, or trust their own instincts to keep them safe.

Meanwhile, for cybercriminals Android is well-established as the top target among all mobile platforms. According to the Kaspersky Lab cloud service Kaspersky Security Network, which accumulates data about urgent cyber-threats, 99% of current malware samples targeting mobile devices have been developed for the Android platform. And this threat is growing: Kaspersky Lab specialists detected 35,000 malicious samples for the whole of 2012, while the figure for the first half of 2013 was over 47,000.

There are two main reasons why cybercriminals are interested in the Android platform: popularity and functionality. (more…)

Jack Daniels launches Online Store for SA

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Jack_Daniels_LogoUp until now, the only place to purchase bespoke Jack Daniel’s fashion wear or collectable items was by making the trip to the JD Hardware Store in Lynchburg Tennessee.  Now, local Jack fans can do their online shopping and enjoy free delivery to anywhere in South Africa, from Sandton to Springbok, thanks to the newly launched JD online store.

Located on the local Jack Daniel’s Facebook page,, the retail store – called The Jack Daniel’s Hardware Store – is the first of its kind within the South African liquor market.

The store sports a range of branded men’s and ladies fashion clothing and other specialty items from custom-built jukeboxes to the classic Jack Daniel’s T-shirt. Marketing Manager for Jack Daniel’s South Africa, Dino D’Araujo says the online store is the answer to the countless fans who’ve wanted to buy genuine JD-branded merchandise, “The store provides a great range of high end clothing and memorabilia, catering for both casual shoppers looking for interesting gifting ideas, as well as the serious Jack collector”. (more…)

Nike announces new Fuelband SE

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The original Fuelband was quite a good little device (see our review here) – while it had minimal features, it did benefit from a simple design and good software, even though it was iPhone only. But since its release, the market has heated up significantly with new competitors from Fitbit, Withings and Jawbone. Most of these competitors had some rocky starts, but have since refined their products significantly.

For the Nike’s follow up to the Fuelband they stuck to the original look – it has the same barebones black strap look, but with some new colour accents within the strap. All in all, you need to look pretty hard to see whether a Fuelband is indeed a SE version. The big changes are instead on the inside – it has improved sensors which allows for more accurate measurements, and is apparently more difficult to fool. Nike has also improved the build quality on the new one, with improved water resistance, but is still not water proof.

Fuelband SE colours


Should Companies Outsource IT Security Training?

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it-security-trainingMost companies assign their own Tech Support Department to train company employees in matters of IT security, rather than hiring outside IT consultants or asking the HR Department or Employee Development Department to commission IT security professionals, according to experts at B2B International. B2B International recently collaborated with Kaspersky Lab to conduct the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey among companies located all over the world, including South Africa.

Effective IT security training for employees is a key component of any strategy to combat cyber threats – according to the survey, four out of five of the most common internal security incidents recorded in the past 12 months were directly linked to staff actions. The figures for South Africa show that:

  • 24 of respondents reported accidental leakages of confidential data
  • 36% of respondents reported employees losing corporate mobile devices with critical data stored on them
  • 14% of companies encountered intentional staff-facilitated data leakages
  • 20% of companies had dealt with incidents when confidential data got into the wrong hands due to the improper use of mobile devices (via a mobile email client, text messages, etc.) (more…)

Start-up creates free transport information portal and App

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FindmyWayFollowing a successful beta programme in Cape Town, social transport information portal FindMyWay is launching its services to other major cities in South Africa. FindMyWay is a free service that makes commuters’ lives easier by enabling them to access public transport information from their mobile phones.

The service was launched as a beta mobi site in October 2012, where it has since provided a one-stop portal of public transport and commuter information for Cape Town. The initiative – launched by successful start-up WhereIsMyTransport – has now opened its platform to all South Africans.

The service now offers transport information for 15 transport providers across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth. In addition to the service being made available via the mobi site, FindMyWay has also made it available as a free app for BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry 7 OS.

The Cape Town-based founders of WhereIsMyTransport, Devin de Vries and Chris King, launched the platform to offer better ways of connecting people to their city’s public transport systems. It addresses the lack of a centralised place to find public transport information in South Africa. (more…)

How to Improve Your iOS7 Device Battery Life

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One of the main complaints of the modern smartphone is that their battery life seems to have just decreased over time. Yet that is not entirely true – these days phones have so many antennas and sensors, that the phone is almost constantly draining power from an ever increasing battery size. Manufacturers have had a tough time – on the one hand phones are becoming ever slimmer and lighter, with more power draining features, yet the battery life has to improve as well with every generation. So battery technology has definitely improved, but our demands are just greater than ever.

If you use your iPhone intensively, you are looking at around a day long battery life, but it can quickly run out within a workday if you are particularly busy with your phone. But there are a few things you can do to make the battery last that little bit longer.

iOS7 is a major upgrade of the operating system, and has created a few new options that can potentially hammer your battery life. The same battery tips as always will still work with iOS7 – so we included them in this post. In fact, they are just as important as ever, so we start with the big ones first.

The main idea behind these tips is that you so not have to impede the functionality of iOS7. Its a great operating system, and it would be a shame to go and switch almost all functionality.

These are the settings I use which do not limit the functionality of the device: (more…)

KFC Launches Own Mxit Game

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KFC-mxitWith a local Mxit fanbase of 269 730, the KFC Mxit profile is one of the largest in South Africa. According to World Wide Worx, 9,35-million South Africans are on Mxit and is used as a marketing tool by only one out of five large brands.

“The key to Mxit is keeping relevant with your fans and engaging them with content that resonates with them. Our Mxit fans are mainly the youth, so launching a game was a natural next step,” says David Timm, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC. “When we think youth we think – a fun, full life filled with adventure, so we used that as the premise of our game.”

The game is called Full Life, and is based on a road trip where the player gets to make choices of where they want to go and what they want to do. Along the way players are rewarded for their participation in the form of content downloads, Mxit Moola or airtime. There are 5 adventures the players can enjoy and on completing each adventure the player stands a chance to win the grand prize which is an adventure day to the value of R30,000 for themself and 3 friends.

The game will be available from 6 September 2013 – 1 November 2013 and can be downloaded at

Mxit is also in the news today because FNB CEO Michael Jordaan has joined Mxit as the new Chairman of the Board.