Start-up creates free transport information portal and App

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FindmyWayFollowing a successful beta programme in Cape Town, social transport information portal FindMyWay is launching its services to other major cities in South Africa. FindMyWay is a free service that makes commuters’ lives easier by enabling them to access public transport information from their mobile phones.

The service was launched as a beta mobi site in October 2012, where it has since provided a one-stop portal of public transport and commuter information for Cape Town. The initiative – launched by successful start-up WhereIsMyTransport – has now opened its platform to all South Africans.

The service now offers transport information for 15 transport providers across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth. In addition to the service being made available via the mobi site, FindMyWay has also made it available as a free app for BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry 7 OS.

The Cape Town-based founders of WhereIsMyTransport, Devin de Vries and Chris King, launched the platform to offer better ways of connecting people to their city’s public transport systems. It addresses the lack of a centralised place to find public transport information in South Africa. (more…)

How to Improve Your iOS7 Device Battery Life

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One of the main complaints of the modern smartphone is that their battery life seems to have just decreased over time. Yet that is not entirely true – these days phones have so many antennas and sensors, that the phone is almost constantly draining power from an ever increasing battery size. Manufacturers have had a tough time – on the one hand phones are becoming ever slimmer and lighter, with more power draining features, yet the battery life has to improve as well with every generation. So battery technology has definitely improved, but our demands are just greater than ever.

If you use your iPhone intensively, you are looking at around a day long battery life, but it can quickly run out within a workday if you are particularly busy with your phone. But there are a few things you can do to make the battery last that little bit longer.

iOS7 is a major upgrade of the operating system, and has created a few new options that can potentially hammer your battery life. The same battery tips as always will still work with iOS7 – so we included them in this post. In fact, they are just as important as ever, so we start with the big ones first.

The main idea behind these tips is that you so not have to impede the functionality of iOS7. Its a great operating system, and it would be a shame to go and switch almost all functionality.

These are the settings I use which do not limit the functionality of the device: (more…)

KFC Launches Own Mxit Game

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KFC-mxitWith a local Mxit fanbase of 269 730, the KFC Mxit profile is one of the largest in South Africa. According to World Wide Worx, 9,35-million South Africans are on Mxit and is used as a marketing tool by only one out of five large brands.

“The key to Mxit is keeping relevant with your fans and engaging them with content that resonates with them. Our Mxit fans are mainly the youth, so launching a game was a natural next step,” says David Timm, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC. “When we think youth we think – a fun, full life filled with adventure, so we used that as the premise of our game.”

The game is called Full Life, and is based on a road trip where the player gets to make choices of where they want to go and what they want to do. Along the way players are rewarded for their participation in the form of content downloads, Mxit Moola or airtime. There are 5 adventures the players can enjoy and on completing each adventure the player stands a chance to win the grand prize which is an adventure day to the value of R30,000 for themself and 3 friends.

The game will be available from 6 September 2013 – 1 November 2013 and can be downloaded at

Mxit is also in the news today because FNB CEO Michael Jordaan has joined Mxit as the new Chairman of the Board.

Microsoft welcomes back Start Button in new Windows 8.1 Ad

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One of the major bugbears of Windows 8 users everywhere was the disappearance of the Start Button on the screen – a fundamental part of Windows since Windows 95. Windows 8 instead relied on gestures or hot corners when using a mouse – while not that bad to use every day, it is not exactly the most intuitive method for people starting out with Windows 8.

Luckily with Windows 8.1 (a free upgrade for Windows 8 users), Microsoft has brought back the on screen Start button. The great thing is that 8.1 updates so much more than just the Start button: (more…)

Casey Neistat explores the “Dark Side” of People lining up for the new iPhone

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This guys sleeps inside a garbage bag waiting for the new iPhone...

This guys sleeps inside a garbage bag waiting for the new iPhone…

Casey Neistat makes some of the coolest commercials and documentary videos out there, but his latest video is something a little less promotional of our materialistic culture. He goes out to the long long lines of people waiting for the iPhone 5S and C, with a simply question – “Why?”.

It is pretty depressing to see that people cannot quite put into words the reason they are standing in line (some up to 2 weeks already). Later you do get a feel for the enthusiastic culture inside Apple stores – and I guess potential buyers cannot help but get caught up in the excitement.

He also asks what colour they will opt for – all his subjects want the gold model.

Tell us what you think: (more…)

BlackBerry Announces New High End Z30

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BlackBerry today introduced the new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, BlackBerry’s new flagship device. Featuring BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, the new all-touch BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with a 5” display and the largest battery yet on a BlackBerry smartphone.

“The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone builds on the solid foundation and engaging user experience of the BlackBerry 10 platform with features like the powerful BlackBerry Hub, its exceptional touchscreen keyboard and industry leading browser” said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry. “The smartphone rounds out the BlackBerry 10 portfolio and is designed for people looking for a smartphone that excels at communications, messaging and productivity. Having apps like the full Documents To Go suite that comes preinstalled, together with its 5” touch display, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone gives you a best in class productivity experience on the go.”

The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2. Among the key features are: (more…)

Takealot Launches new Updated Apps

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One of our favourite online stores,, has launched the first major update of its shopping app for Apple iOS and Android devices. The latest iteration has been deployed with a view to improving the overall shopping experience within the app, as well as including some groundbreaking new features.

Declan Hollywood, Chief Marketing Officer of, commented “We want to give our customers a seamless and integrated shopping experience on, regardless of the location or the device they are shopping on. The experience should look and feel the same.”

One of the major updates is that customers can pay for their goods using eBucks. “eBucks is a commonly used payment method by our customers, so we wanted to afford the mobile consumer the opportunity to cash in on their eBucks, regardless of the environment they’re shopping in. We’re the first retail app in South Africa that allows our customers to do this”, says Declan.


Conan shows how the Gold iPhone was developed

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Conan O’Brein team has come up with a spoof Apple ad that shows how Apple came up with the development of the gold iPhone 5S. It very much mimics Apple white background marketing, but then with a new VP of “Gold” telling us why they chose Gold.

Enjoy: (more…)