Namaqua Wines choose HoneyBee for Mobile Sales

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The Honeybee application is a new sales app by Stellenbosch based Field Office. Recently Namaqua Wines have trialled and implemented the Honeybee tablet application for sales staff.  Not only has South Africa’s biggest wine distributor increased its sales calls by over 25% per month but also – and because of its increased sales – it’s now added more people to its sales force. Namaqua Wines’s focus on using new technology solutions is part of the reason they chose the HoneyBee solution.

This android application nallows for instant information sharing, but also the management of customers and contacts.  But HoneyBee focusses primarily on what is important – sales.  Honeybee is specifically designed to help sales people be more effective, because they can showcase their products and generate quotes and orders, while they’re still at a customer’s premises. All the while, the sales management office has an interactive and bird’s eye view of every single sales activity so that sales efficiencies can be measured 24/7. (more…)

MTN Business Apps of the Year Announced

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SnapscanFollowing on from the build up, and the intense judging process that has taken place over the last few weeks, the MTN Business App of the Year Awards event took place last night, at The Venue in Melrose Arch, and saw SnapScan being awarded the title of Best App of the Year for 2013.

Says Nomalanga Nkosi, GM: Enterprise Marketing at MTN SA; “On behalf of the MTN Business team, we would like to congratulate the SnapScan team for walking away with the Prestigious Best App title this year. This team demonstrated a solid passion for application development, and this, along with their innovation and understanding of what a mobile user really wants from an app has led them to receiving this.”

Research states that the estimated number of app users worldwide will hit more than four billion by the end of 2017. Such a figure not only indicates the growing demand for mobile applications, but the reality that mobile content is shaping the way people utilise their mobile devices. Says Nkosi; “The apps that are successful are the ones that are able to integrate completely into our ‘mobile lives’ and the Awards ceremony last night highlighted the incredible work being undertaken locally to truly drive content in innovative ways.”

MTN Business is the headline sponsor of the 2013 MTN Business App of the Year Awards. Adds Nkosi; “The calibre of entries received this year was truly amazing with 250 entries received overall – the panel of judges certainly did not have an easy task deciding upon a winner”.

With various award categories throughout the evening, winners included: (more…)

Mobility, Consumerization seen as Top Tech Trends in 2013

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BYODConsumerisation and mobility will continue to be the top trends driving technology in 2014 and beyond, says Gartner research vice president Chris Howard – and the continuing growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ extends the human-machine relationship.

“For many years IT has been mainly about managing infrastructure and operations, ” says Howard. “Now the pendulum is swinging back towards the ‘creation of the digital enterprise’, and managing (and monetising) data is the new key requirement.”

Big data will get even bigger with the influx of new information from the ‘Internet of Things’, says Howard. “It’s not necessarily about your fridge being connected to the Internet, which has been hyped for over a decade now,” he says. “It’s about the critical mass of sensor networks that already exists, largely in industrial and commercial spaces like utilities, mines and refineries. We have machines communicating with each other, making low-level decisions on their own and feeding appropriate data back to humans to enrich our knowledge. We are also seeing devices and locations gaining ‘histories’ based on human social network engagement.” 

WiFi the most Cost Effective Solution for Africa?

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Wifi_Window_StickerAcross Africa demands are changing, access models are changing and consumers are blurring the lines between corporate and personal spaces – becoming more vocal in terms of what they want, says Ruckus Wireless. And what they want is access.

With more than 650 million mobile users in Africa and with 50% of Internet connections being exclusively channelled through mobile devices, Africa is the second biggest mobile market in the world and the fastest growing. With this growth, the expectation of increased capacity and coverage by users is exploding, but as more traffic, devices and concurrent connections hit mobile networks, the cost for transporting these bits rises. As a result, these trends are driving a new networks strategy that reduces OPEX and CAPEX, using Wi-Fi to offload non-essential traffic from cellular networks as well as scaling coverage and capacity quickly, using smaller cell sizes.

“As a result we are seeing a lot more free Wi-Fi, larger hotspots and Wi-Fi solutions being used in different verticals such as education – and most importantly, interest from service providers as to the viability of Wi-Fi as an alternative means for their users to access data,” says Michael Fletcher, sales director for Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa. “In fact, Wi-Fi represents one of the most expedient and cost-effective ways to increase both capacity and coverage of cellular networks, with a tight focus on where traffic is heaviest.” (more…)

Nokia teams up with Zound for colourful new Headphone Range

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Nokia’s new Coloud Boom, Knock and Pop headsets, developed in collaboration with Zound Industries, are now available in South Africa. Zound Industries is well known as the group behind Marshall Headphones, Molami, and Urbanears.This exciting line of high quality yet affordable headsets, each with a unique design and feel of their own, are currently available in store. The range consists of the Coloud Boom, the Coloud Knock and the Coloud Pop:

Coloud Boom


Boom is all about what Nokia calls “coverage”. (more…)

Elon Musk reveals “Hyperloop” Travel Idea

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Elon Musk is the South African born CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors – two highly innovative companies that are currently shaking up their respective industries. He also co-founded Paypal, which is the defacto standard of paying online. His companies have done some pretty amazing things, but his latest idea is truly mind boggling.

Musk’s latest vision is a high speed vacuum tube which transports passengers (and or vehicles) in a capsule, at terrifying speeds. Musk proposes speeds up to 800 mph, but he says the G-forces will not be any more vicious than getting into a fast car. The capsule is lifted similiar to how a puck moves on a air hockey table. The actual tube also has a reduced amount of air, but the big innovation lies in how the capsule moves forward in the tube. (more…)

Vodacom launches new Budget Android Phone

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Vodafone-Smart-MiniVodacom today launched the new Vodafone Smart Mini, an affordable and easy to use entry level smartphone which does not compromise on performance.  This value for money android phone is now available at Vodacom World in Midrand and from other participating outlets.

The Android Jelly Bean 4.1, handset offers a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera, 1GHz processor and 4GB storage. The phone offers high quality at an attractive price point when compared to other low cost smartphones.

Customers that sign up on a Top Up 135 plus contract at R149 per month will receive two Vodafone Smart Mini handsets for the price of one. The deal also includes R135 worth of airtime, 100MB of data per month and a free Starter pack for the second phone. (more…)

How to setup your US iTunes account and buy vouchers (Updated)

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We non-US Apple fans have a bad of a hard deal – all of the best media and many of the top apps just do not show up in the SA iTunes store. Even though movies and music is finally available in SA, we still do not get TV series or games. So if you are really desperate to get Angry Birds, the only way to get hold of an iTunes voucher is to make Apple believe you live in the US. Luckily that is not too hard, and I will explain to you how to do that here.

Before you get started, you have to know that in order to buy content from the US iTunes store, you will need to buy iTunes vouchers. Your non-US credit card will not work with the US store, but luckily it is easy enough to buy vouchers through sites like WildTwig. But first you need a US iTunes store account:

How to Open Your US iTunes Account:

1) First off, you obviously need iTunes, and an internet connection. Grab the latest version, this guide is based on iTunes 11 and iOS6.

2) Open iTunes, then go to the iTunes Store. On iTunes 11 you will find that with a button on the right hand side of the screen. On previous versions it can be found on the left sidebar.