OnePlus gives Two arrival date – may also be smaller

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While having the OnePlus One was a pipedream in South Africa, we still found it intriguing. It is a very affordable device with top of the line specs, and it had the craziest marketing push ever.

However, we now hear news that OnePlus is already looking on to what’s next for itself, talking about plans for a OnePlus Two. In a new Reddit AMA, a couple OnePlus employees have been sharing a few details about what the company has in mind for its follow-up. (more…)

Microsoft announces Windows 10! Wait, what? (video)

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The time many of us was waiting for has finally arrived. Microsoft today announced the new version of their iconic operating system, Windows 10.

That’s right, Windows 10. While the software maker had referred to Windows 10 as codename Windows Threshold internally, today’s official naming puts any rumors of Windows, Windows TH, Windows X, Windows One, and even Windows 9 to bed. (more…)

BlackBerry to continue with ‘unconventional’ devices

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The company logo is seen at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo

In case you forgot, BlackBerry is still making smartphones. While many have written the company off, BlackBerry insist they will still be making phones.

Not only that, but they say they will keep on making ‘unconventional’ phones like the Passport below, that has just released. (more…)

Microsoft launches Xbox One in China

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After an extremely long wait, Microsoft has finally launched its Xbox One video game console in China. It is actually a first for Microsoft, since Chinese gamers have had to wait 13 years for a console ban to be lifted in their country. (more…)

Google reveals possible Andriod L names

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We are very close to the public release of Android L – or at least, we are pretty darn sure we are – but strangely we still don’t have confirmation from Google as to what it will be called. We have heard multiple whispers from so-called “sources”, ranging from Android Lemon Meringue Pie, to Android Lion.

Now we get some concrete evidence that we can expect it to be called either Android Lollipop or Android Layer Cake (yeah, we know). (more…)

LG designing a 3G-connected smartwatch

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The smartwatch market is still in its infancy and still many questions remain about why we would actually want to use it on a regular basis. One of the arguments put forth by manufacturers is that it can completely replace your smartphone, and wouldn’t need to be tethered to one.

Samsung believe there is a market for such a device and has already launched the Gear S (pictured above), a 3G connected smartwatch that can make phone calls and it brings basically all other smartphone functionality you would need (i.e. email, maps, etc). (more…)

Samsung now selling a curved PC monitor

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Most people around the world still haven’t quite understood why companies are pushing the curved display as the next big thing. To be honest, we can’t see that much benefit either, but it is the latest trend to hit display technology and is likely to stay (for now, at least).

3D displays were all the rage a couple of years ago as well, but it has fizzled into little more than a memory. Samsung believes “the curve changes everything” about watching TV, and now they are making the same claim about computer monitors. (more…)

Uber driver allegedly attacked passenger with a hammer

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Patrick Karajah, a 26-year-old Uber X driver, has been accused of attacking a passenger with a hammer and leaving him by the side of the road in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights district. Allegedly, the victim and a couple of friends were picked up at a bar around 2 a.m., and along the way they got into a fight over the route Karajah was taking. (more…)