Top 5: Coolest Futuristic Car Concepts (video)

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Technology has always been part of the automotive industry, helping car manufacturers push the envelope of what is possible in your beloved chariot. Since the early 20th century manufacturers have showcased their latest ideas at motor shows. Some are outlandish, whacky and completely bonkers, and we love to see what their creative minds can come up with without needing to abide by any safety regulations.

Sometimes they even hint at what the company’s actual cars will look like within the foreseeable future. Here are some of our favourite concept cars from the last couple of years, stocked full of interesting technology. (more…)

Samsung partnering with Samsonite, making smart luggage

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Just about anything you can think of these days is getting the ‘smart’ treatment. Everything from smart chopsticks to smart cups is being created – the mundane household items we are all used to will never be the same.

It seems that the latest everyday item to get the smart treatment is luggage, in a joint venture between Samsung and Samsonite. (more…)

Microsoft making two high-end Lumias for Windows 10

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One of our biggest gripes with Windows Phone over the years have been that there aren’t enough flagship devices. Very few OEMs came on-board, something Microsoft spent years trying to remedy to no avail.

There are many hardcore Windows Phone fans out there and they almost never got anything blisteringly fast to sink their teeth into. At last, though, Microsoft appears to be catering to that need for speed. The two rumoured devices are codenamed Cityman and Talkman, for Windows 10. (more…)

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Huawei Mate 7: Apples and oranges

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Large smartphones have become extremely common and a massive sub-segment within the smartphone market. Apple is the latest company to get into the phablet game – some would say a bit belatedly – with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Huawei are trying to take the market by storm with very well received Huawei Mate 7. These devices are very different, but in some ways very similar as well. Let us see how they shape up in a head to head comparison. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy A5 Video Review – Bandwidth Blog TV

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There once was a time in smartphone history where the line in the sand was clearly drawn. On one side stood Apple, with a beautiful but limited operating system housed in a premium and stylish aluminium frame. On the other was Samsung, with a gaudy but incredibly flexible Android system stationed in enough plastic to make tupperware jealous.

Fast forward, and that axis still exists… arguably. Yet how times have changed; as Apple slowly and carefully extends iOS’ reach, Samsung have made the leap from plastic to metal; and what a fantastic leap that is. The Galaxy A5 is the second Samsung smartphone to stand on this precipice and reap the results. (more…)

BWB Monthly: Top 10 Articles of April ‘15

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While we go through our daily lives, we don’t always have the time to read up about all the interesting things we necessarily want to. While consumer technology news never really stops, hopefully your workday does, and you can take a look at ten of our biggest articles in tech news in the last month, according to our readers.

This last month’s top articles are an interesting spread indeed, with a couple of great in-depth reviews up there as well. Check out this month’s countdown below. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge – promo vid highlights curved design

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is definitely one of the more interesting devices that have hit the market in recent times. It brings a truly unique design which is something rarely these days, mostly dominated with the same flat slab of smartphone we see all the time.

Of course, you can’t talk about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge without turning your attention to its over-the-edge curved screen – it is the main thing that differentiates itself from the Galaxy S6 after all. (more…)

LG is now the world’s fourth largest smartphone manufacturer

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At the end of 2014, Chinese manufacturers were starting to take over the market share of scraps left by Apple and Samsung. Now, another traditionally strong contender has reclaimed a top 5 spot. (more…)