Sony not planning QHD screens on flagships

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The newest iteration of Sony’s flagship, the Xperia Z4, has already been unveiled and it left many people asking why they didn’t opt for the Quad HD screens like some of their competitors. The design and internals of the Xperia Z range hasn’t changed much over the many iterations – the Xperia Z3 was once again an incremental improvement – and some think this would be the next logical step from the Japanese company. (more…)

Lenovo unveils the first dual-screen smartwatch

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Just earlier this week we spoke about electronics manufacturers that always believe more is better, as is evident with the upcoming dual battery Gionee smartphone. Smartwatches aren’t a necessity like a smartphone is (yet), but Lenovo believe they need to get ahead of the curve by offering a smartwatch with two screens. Well, sort of… (more…)

The first car with Android Auto launches – and it’s a Hyundai (video)

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Even though Google announced Android Auto quite some time ago, it has taken a while to bring it to market. It seems the world isn’t ready for cars truly integrated with the mobile world, as Apple’s CarPlay is taking longer than expected as well.

That begin said, Hyundai has just made it official that it will be the first automaker to launch the service on its 2015 vehicles, and the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata will be the first model to include it. Owners of existing models will also be able to get the service through the Hyundai online service software update. (more…)

Opera Max launches with free data compression

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Opera Software, the company that brought us Opera Mini, Africa’s most popular mobile browser, has today launched the new Opera Max. Opera Max compresses all data sent through Android smartphones with world leading image and video compression technology, so users can get the most from their data plans.

Originally launched in Africa with Samsung, the app has seen huge popularity, with Nigeria being home to the most Maxers globally to date. Now launching in 135 countries around the world, it is available free for all Android users via Google Play. (more…)

New Nexus details emerge ahead of Google I/O

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With Google I/O around the corner anything that has to do with Google is taking centre stage. The Nexus line will be refreshed in the latter part of the year, but we’ll receive no news from Google at the conference regarding the hardware. Rather, it seems they will share some interesting news regarding its software policies.

According to reports, Google intends to use the update’s release to set up an official policy for how long Nexus devices are entitled to updates. This is regardless of the manufacturer or form factor. (more…)

Android M gets a codename – new version’s name revealed?

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It’s that time of the year again – Google I/O is around the corner and that means everyone is expecting the newest version of Android to make an appearance at the developer’s conference, probably still as Android M.

As usual a couple of leaks have hit the web, and some claim that we already know Android M will be released in a couple of days and we may know what its name is going to be. (more…)

The world’s first dual battery smartphone is on its way

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The world of technology and gadgets changes at a pace unknown to most industries. Companies try to push the realms of possibility with extremely expensive research and development programmes in order to find that next big thing that will line its pockets with cash.

Many manufacturers have found that having more of one of something can often bump up the usability or performance of devices, like dual cameras, duel SIM cards and of course dual-core processors, which is soon to evolve into a 10-core setup in smartphones. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy A5 Video Review – Bandwidth Blog TV

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There once was a time in smartphone history where the line in the sand was clearly drawn. On one side stood Apple, with a beautiful but limited operating system housed in a premium and stylish aluminium frame. On the other was Samsung, with a gaudy but incredibly flexible Android system stationed in enough plastic to make tupperware jealous.

Fast forward, and that axis still exists… arguably. Yet how times have changed; as Apple slowly and carefully extends iOS’ reach, Samsung have made the leap from plastic to metal; and what a fantastic leap that is. The Galaxy A5 is the second Samsung smartphone to stand on this precipice and reap the results. (more…)