NASA to format Mars rover’s memory from 200 million km away

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The Mars rover has been on quite a mission thus far, but it has some way to go yet. NASA has said in a statement that they need to reformat the memory in an attempt to resolve a series of recurring errors that have been interrupting its work for a day or two at a time with some frequency over the last month. (more…)

Samsung, PrimeStars educate high school students on finance

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Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced its partnership with PrimeStars Marketing for the third consecutive year, for the screening of Smartbucks “mind your moolah” initiative. This is a financial literacy programme aimed at high school pupils across the country, to educate them on the importance of being financially savvy – topics include managing debt, looking after one’s savings and spending wisely.

Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics SA: “We are delighted to be a part of this incredible project to financially prepare our youth for the future. Samsung believes in investing in educational programmes that will empower Learners to better themselves and the country at large, in the long term.” (more…)

Galaxy Note 4 teaser makes bold claims (video)

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We are only a couple of days away from the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 at Samsung’s IFA keynote. Samsung has launched a final teaser video to make sure people are as fired up as they can be before the wraps are taken off its latest phablet.

The teaser only offers a silhouette of the phone, unfortunately, so in fact there isn’t much to see in the video. But what it does tell us, or claim rather, is that the new S Pen will be more functional than ever.

Make of the video what you may, but luckily we only have a couple of days to go before we see what the new Note is all about. Check out the teaser below: (more…)

Google to reveal first Android One phones on Sept 15th

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Ever since Google announced Android One out of nowhere, we have been very interested to see it on a budget device. We might not have to wait much longer, with the first Android One smartphones rumoured to be launching in two weeks.

Google is holding an event in India on September 15th, and it seems likely that it’ll take this opportunity to focus on these new phones. Android One allows manufacturers to make phones based on inexpensive hardware designs put together by Google. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Review: Ultimate cameraphone?

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The Korean electronics giant that brought the Galaxy brand name to the world – and made it extremely successful – is trying to fill every single niche in the smartphone market and slap the Galaxy name on it. Samsung realised with the Galaxy S4 Zoom that it took the shine from its flagship device, so completely renamed it this year.

What would have been the Galaxy S5 Zoom has become the Galaxy K Zoom and it is ready to take on any cameraphone on the market. It is equipped with a 10x optical zoom and OIS and if you were to see only its back, you would hardly recognize you are staring at an Android smartphone with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen on the other side.

Check out some of the key features of the Galaxy K Zoom: (more…)

Saving the future: new technology in food (video)

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An operating system for the farm of the future. This is what scientist are after in order to save our planet. The idea is to move food production from where they are at the moment, outside cities on farms, to where we live.

With smart new technologies the city of the future is around the corner. We expect to see skyscrapers lit up with green plants sooner rather than later. Check out the full concept in the video below: (more…)

Sony teases measurements for new product launch at IFA

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IFA 2014 is around the corner as we are expecting it to be as exciting as ever. Sony has been quitter than other manufacturers before the trade show, where many have opted to announce devices before letting the media get their hands on it at IFA. Sony has gone a different route, but has now revealed a teaser of something new coming soon.

In the teaser seen above we only get two of the three measurements that make up the dimensions of a new device. So what could it be? What is more, normally it’s the thickness of a phone or tablet that’s the selling point, but here that 6.4mm measurement is clearly revealed. (more…)

Western Cape Government to launch free WiFi in Robertson

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As part of the Western Cape Government’s R1.3 billion broadband rollout plan, the Free WiFi project will be launched in Robertson tomorrow, connecting an additional 20 000 residents to free wireless internet.

It is the third hotspot launch this week. On Monday, Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities in the Western Cape, launched the Eden hotspot. Yesterday, Premier Zille, Minister Winde and Education Minister Debbie Schafer launched the Atlantis project. (more…)