Report: Apple acquires talk radio app, Swell

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Swell app

Apple seems to be continuing their recent shopping spree and is reportedly closing the deal on acquiring talk-radio app, Swell for a cool $30 million.

According to a report by Re/code, the talks between Apple and Swell are nearing an end and the official acquisition will go through soon.

Swell, which has been described by many as a ‘Pandora for talk radio’, is essentially a podcast app that you can tailor to your personal needs. The app claims to learn the listening habits of the user and then makes suggestions based on previous content.

Swell will the start building a personalized radio service just for you, so you can listen to the thing that interest you most. However, should you not want to listen to a specific podcast Swell chose for you, you can easily move on by simply swiping it away.

Swell is mostly designed for listening in your car.  (more…)

Google buys Songza music service

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With music services becoming ever more popular, rumours were rife of an impending acquisition from Google, as we have known for quite some time they want to better their music streaming capabilities. As they are so often in the tech industry, the rumours were correct and Google have announced their acquisition of Songza.

Having built a reputation for delivering curated playlists ranging from broad genre themes, Songza also focused on lists based on your mood. Google want the company’s knowledge to better the Google Play Music offerings. (more…)

Google edges closer to becoming “Big Brother”

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google_cameras_featureAfter a few weeks of on and off speculation it seems Google has purchased a home monitoring start-up company called “DropCam”. This follows a number of recent acquisitions by the search giant especially within the “monitoring” industry. The DropCam business will be incorporated into Google’s “Nest” division under the leadership of Matt Rogers. A lot of people within technology circles are concerned about Google’s recent purchase, especially taking into account DropCam’s motto: “Don’t be evil.” (more…)

Google buys imaging satellite company for $500 million (video)

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Google, just like Facebook and Apple, is on a buying-spree at the moment. These companies are acquiring other businesses that can lend as much expertise to the various fields they are involved in, sometimes for an exorbitant amount of money.

The search-giant wants to rule the roads with their self-driving cars, the skies with the drones and now even beyond our atmosphere. They have agreed to buy a company for $500 million (in cash) called Skybox Imaging – a company that claims it’s “built and launched the world’s smallest high­-resolution imaging satellite, which collects beautiful and useful images and video every day.” (more…)

Apple reportedly buys social maps app Spotsetter

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The Maps app that Apple launched with iOS 6 was a bit of a disaster, to say the least. Since then they tried to bring in expertise from all over the place to try and rectify the problems. They hired specialist personnel and then later made efforts to acquire companies that may be able to help as well.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has now bought social maps app Spotsetter for its technology, but also for its two founders: former Google Maps engineer Stephen Tse and ex-Siemens consultant and FitFiend CTO Johnny Lee. (more…)

Apple, Beats deal confirmed

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Apple Beats

Finally! Tech journalists and industry watchers worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief as Apple has officially confirmed that they are, in fact, buying Beats electronics for $3 billion.

The company will acquire both Beats electronics and Beats Music, which will see Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine netting about $2.6 billion with a further $400 million that will vest over time.

Apple has confirmed that the Beats brand will stay separate from the Apple brand and that they (as Apple) will continue to offer Beats music streaming service as well as their popular headphones.

Dre and Iovine will now be joining Apple as a part of their team – no doubt being two of the most famous people to join the company since Steve Jobs.

When we first reported on the (then possible) Beats/Apple deal, we theorized that Apple was not only buying beats for it’s influence on the music industry, but for its design talent and resources as well.  (more…)

Is Twitter looking to buy SoundCloud?

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Rumours in the tech sector are popping up faster than startups in Silicon Valley. However, if this latest rumour turns out to be true, it could dramatically affect the future of Twitter.

According to tech website, Re/code, social networking giant, Twitter, might be looking in to buying popular music streaming service SoundCloud.

Re/code claim their sources are ‘people familiar with both companies’ and that the initial phase of setting up a deal is underway.

SoundCloud, which is based in Berlin, is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services. The site allows users to upload and share audio files; whether it’s famous singers, DJ’s or bands or underground indie artists – SoundCloud provides a platform for them to distribute their music.  (more…)

Apple reportedly in talks to buy Beats Electronics

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If these reports are anything to go by, Apple might make history in the coming weeks with their biggest acquisition to date. 

Yesterday, The Financial Times along with The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Bloomberg, all reported on Apple’s rumoured plan to acquire popular headphone manufacturer and music streaming services company, Beats Electronics.

Of course, Beats Electronics – better known as Beats by Dr. Dre – is one of the world’s foremost music focused companies.

The company was founded back in 2006 by one of the world’s biggest rap stars, Dr. Dre and world famous music producer Jimmy Iovine. Together, the two music moguls elevated Beats Electronics to become a leader in the music device industry and firmly established the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones as a ‘must-have’ item for any music enthusiast.

Recently, the company also launched their own music streaming service, much ti the likes of Spotify and Pandora called Beats Music.  (more…)