Afrihost to launch Afrihost+

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Internet service provider, Afrihost, recently sent out an email to its client asking if a new service called Afrihost+ will be a wise move.  The new service will give consumers more data benefits as well as access to Simfy Africa Music.  This will be an add-on to your existing service with Afrihost.


RSAWeb launches CityFibre – a high-speed, low-cost internet alternative

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Businesses straight across the country will soon be able to put the woes of slow internet behind them, after the launch of RSAWeb’s CityFibre internet alternative.

CityFibre is an ‘incredibly fast internet connectivity product’ as the company says, and will allow businesses in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to work at speeds that have previously been unheard of. No doubt that this will be a changing point in the way businesses use the internet.

With CityFibre, internet users can expect incredible speeds of up to 200Mbps for both downloading as well as uploading. To put that into perspective for you, that is roughly 50 times faster than a standard, 4Mbps ADSL line. Are you getting excited yet? (more…)

Web Africa reduces capped ADSL packages to as low as R1.50 per GB

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As of today, Web Africa custmers can expect reduced costs of their capped ADSL packages – some from as little as R1.50

In January we reported on Web Africa’s drastically reduced prices for their uncapped ADSL customers; and now it seems that the customers on capped ADSL packages will also welcome new, lower prices.

CEO of Web Africa, Tim Wyatt-Gunning, was adamant that the price reductions is not just for promotion, but rather here to stay:

“This isn’t a short-term promotional exercise…[sic] these price reductions are so deep that we believe they will convince many consumers and businesses, who previously felt it was simply too expensive, to switch to ADSL. Each Rand now buys between two and three times more data than before thereby allowing users to start using the internet to its full potential as an affordable alternative to data hungry applications such as TV, DVD’s, CD’s and photos” he said. (more…)

Web Africa slashes uncapped ADSL prices

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Internet service provider, Web Africa, has just announced huge price reductions to their uncapped internet access packages for January.

Starting today, Web Africa will reduce their uncapped ADSL prices for both residential as well as business customers by between 12 – 62 percent. That is some serious savings.

Residential Web Africa customers can expect to see price cuts of their monthly subscriptions of up to 62%.

Business customers will also have reduced prices, but will continue to pay a premium for any additional services and privileges that they would require. This includes prioritized bandwidth.

Tim Wyatt-Gunning, CEO of Web Africa, believes that with Web Africa’s reduced prices, they will be able to cater to a wider audience:

“Web Africa caters to everyone’s needs; from serious data-junkies with 20 Mbps VDSL for R999 per month, whilst keeping basic home use at R179 per month,” (more…)

MWEB customers get exclusive access to world’s largest WiFi network

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MWEB has announced an exclusive partnership with Fon, the world’s largest WiFi network.  The deal gives MWEB ADSL customers, with a Fon – enabled router, the opportunity to join a global community of 12-million WiFi users who act as a hotspot and a growing local community who share their connections with each other.

Fon, the global WiFi network, founded in 2006 in Spain but now represented on four continents, is made up of Fon community members, who share a part of their bandwidth as a separate WiFi signal. In return, Fon members are able to securely access any other Fon WiFi hotspot both locally and globally.

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB, “We have been looking for a way to broaden our customers access to WiFi beyond their home or office network without compromising the quality of internet access that they’ve become accustomed to.   The new Fon relationship will complement our existing WiFi zones and will give our customers access to cost effective, quality mobile Internet access and a growing network.” (more…)

ABSA partners with Telkom on Mobile, ADSL

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Two of South Africa’s oldest and largest institutions, Telkom and ABSA, have joined forces on Telkom’s ADSL and prepaid Telkompackages.

According to Telkom, ABSA customers will now receive cash rewards when they purchase airtime for the newly launched Telkom Mobile or when subscribing to Telkom ADSL contracts.

In a statement released on Monday, the South African communications giant said that they believe ABSA customers are a source of “quality customers” and that their loyalty will give Telkom a “long tenure”.

The cash rewards tie in with the ABSA Rewards Programme. This is a bank rewards initiative that, unlike other South African banks, offers it’s customers real cash back for swiping their ABSA card. (more…)

FNB launches free uncapped ADSL rewards

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fnb-adslFirst National Bank (FNB) has announced the launch of their Uncapped ADSL product with discounts of up to 100% that aims to secure its position as a key player in the data provision space and contribute to increased internet penetration in South Africa.

The new offering will give discounts of up to 100% on monthly subscription fees applicable for qualifying customers who sign up from 8 August 2013.

Qualifying Personal Cheque Account holders and FNB Private Client customers can receive between 10% and 100% off on some of the most competitive uncapped ADSL rates through FNBs internal Internet Service Provider, FNB Connect. Customers can reach the 100% discount through banking efficiently and electronically, and holding qualifying products with FNB.

According to Farren Roper, HEAD of FNB Connect ISP, “FNB has always been the leader in terms of data rewards offered to customers. We have embraced the trend towards uncapped ADSL and wanted to offer a long term deal which will distinguish FNB from the other players in the market. No other ISP gives their clients up to 100% discount off their monthly Uncapped ADSL subscription.”


Bandwidth Confessionals

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By Wimpie van Rensburg, Systems Engineer, Riverbed Technology

Have you ever upgraded your bandwidth, even though you knew it wasn’t going to solve your latency problems?

If you said yes, it’s okay. Everybody has done it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your intentions were good, and besides, it gave you a reprieve from all those user complaints. But then, after awhile, they started again, didn’t they?

And now you are right back where you started from, thinking about going back to bandwidth. Do you really think things will be different this time? Sure, there will be the honeymoon period, but eventually you will be right back where you started, broken promises and shattered dreams. I’m begging you, don’t do it, don’t go back to bandwidth!