LG G4 “Note” might feature a metal body

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While a possible announcement date draws nearer for LG’s (supposed) 2015 flagship, the G4, rumours circulating the internet pinpoint that LG’s forthcoming premium smartphone won’t feature a metal chassis, much to the chagrin of users who’ve felt that the current G3 is let down by a faux metal (plastic) finish.

Rather, sources pinpoint that a higher-end – or at least, larger – G4 “Note” smartphone or phablet will feature an premium metal body.


Samsung to offer pre-installed Microsoft apps

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Samsung have announced the intention to expand on a recent partnership with Microsoft, and offer pre-installed Microsoft apps on select Android tablets.

Microsoft’s entire Office suite – Word, Excel and Powerpoint –  will arrive pre-installed on Android tablets alongside the company’s OneNote note-taking app, OneDrive cloud storage facility, and the popular video-calling service, Skype.


TAG Heuer enlists Google and Intel to build new smartwatch

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TAG Heuer, the company behind some of the most sophisticated – and expensive – watches on Earth have teamed up with tech behemoths Google and Intel to bring their own smartwatch to the market.

TAG Heuer intends to produce a traditional mechanical watch with smartwatch features, which will be powered by an Intel processor and run on Google’s Android Wear operating system.


Acer Iconia Tab 8 Review: Affordably premium

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Iconia Tab 8_A1-840FHD_wp-09

The tablet market has stopped growing as a whole and is flooded with Android devices of all shapes and sizes. Many still believe that there is a place for more affordable tablets, built with premium materials and with great performance. That is what the Acer tablet strives for.

With a recommended retail price of only R2,900 does this aluminium clad tablet offer the bang for your buck you are hoping for? (more…)

Samsung quietly announces the Galaxy Tab A

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With its latest Galaxy A range, Samsung wanted to bring premium built products at affordable prices. The Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 smartphones are indicative of Samsung finally listening to consumers who want a more premium feel to their devices, rather than the cheap plastic they used to use.

Now Samsung have, very quietly, announced the Galaxy Tab A in Russia. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z4 leaked: Business as usual for Sony

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Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z4 has been leaked in renders showcasing the front and rear of the device. According to the leaker, the renders in question are for use within Sony to highlight what the handset will look like. Spoiler alert – it isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. (more…)

How awesome are these Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Edition designs?

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It seems Marvel and Samsung have some interesting partnerships on the horizon. The massive blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released in May, and Samsung will be releasing their own blockbuster Galaxy S6 range in a matter of weeks.

So, of course, it makes sense that the two team up to give us these great looking Galaxy S6 Edge devices, which will be known as the Avengers edition. (more…)

Google to open Google Now API to all apps

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In early January this year, Google initiated a pilot program to allow 40 select apps and services to integrate with the company’s Google Now digital assistant, which is available on Android smartphones on tablets. At South By Southwest (SXSW) this weekend, the company announced that it would soon be opening its Now API to any app developers which are interested.

This will ultimately enable any app to present cards and information within Google Now, and sync information across any devices using the service. This includes not only smartphones and tablets, but alerts present in Google’s own internet browser, Chrome.