WhatsApp releases web client for Android and Chrome

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WhatsAppIn an effort to have you always connected with your friends or colleagues, WhatsApp has a new trick up its sleeve. WhatsApp is coming to the desktop, thanks to a web client that launched today for Chrome and Android. WhatsApp recently confirmed earlier rumors that they designed a new live webpage called ““. This new feature will enable you to chat over WhatsApp using your Chrome browser.  (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 to get a dual-edge display variant

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You may be getting tired of Samsung rumours, but this one is actually very interesting. In the couple of months leading up to its launch there will undoubtedly be more, but this may actually give us some inkling as to what Samsung actually wants to do with its curved display technology.

Previously news hit the internet that the Galaxy S6 will have a variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge, pretty much in the same design as we saw with the Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Now, though, another source is claiming that Samsung’s been working on a dual-curve GS6 Edge design. (more…)

HTC One M9 hardware supposedly leaked

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As we reported yesterday, we are expecting the new HTC One M9 on March the 1st. Now we have some concrete evidence from Bloomberg that we can expect some of our most wanted innards in this new flagship. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 to sport 2K display, 64-bit processor

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The last couple of months have been pretty dry as far as interesting flagships go. The year is starting to gain some momentum now, however, and even though we didn’t see a massive mobile presence at CES 2015, Mobile World Congress is around the corner and it might be a bit more exciting when it comes to flagship phones. (more…)

HTC sends out MWC invites – new HTC One M9 coming soon?

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While HTC did unveil the Desire 826 at CES this year, they didn’t really have a massive presence at the trade show. Last year HTC announced the HTC One M8 at a standalone event, and not at MWC as they had before, but this year might be different.

Reports point to a possible HTC flagship launch at MWC 2015, called project “Hima”, which is rumoured to be either the HTC One M9 or the HTC One M8 Max – the massive phablet successor to the previous One Max. (more…)

Adobe Lightroom photo editing comes to Android

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Lightroom2Long gone is the idea of only editing your photos once you get home to your desktop PC or forking out wads of cash for a powerful laptop. Professional mobile photo editing is an essential tool to professionals and even enthusiasts. Last year Adobe brought a version of its Lightroom photo-editing software to the iPad enabling on-the-go editing without pulling out the old PC or laptop. Now a version of the app is ready for Android devices and it brings all of the key features from the iOS version to those handsets running Google’s mobile OS. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6’s TouchWiz to be much sleeker

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We can’t express how happy we are to hear this news. If you have followed us for some time or read our reviews about Samsung products, the overall feeling can be summarised as ‘a good device with bad software.’ We have been calling for Samsung to make changes to TouchWiz for years, and it seems like we may finally be granted our wish. (more…)

Samsung announces Galaxy A7, and it’s thinner than the iPhone 6

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We are in the midst of a whole new design direction from Samsung, although it may not look like it on the surface. It started a couple of months ago with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, but as it turns out that was mostly a concept (a la Alpha testing) that Samsung released to mass market in order to gauge people’s interest in the new design.

It was the first modern Samsung phone made of metal, and the world has taken kindly to it. Now Samsung have officially announced the Galaxy A7, which is the Alpha’s successor in spirit, but you should think of it more as the production models of the Alpha concept. (more…)