OnePlus gives Two arrival date – may also be smaller

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While having the OnePlus One was a pipedream in South Africa, we still found it intriguing. It is a very affordable device with top of the line specs, and it had the craziest marketing push ever.

However, we now hear news that OnePlus is already looking on to what’s next for itself, talking about plans for a OnePlus Two. In a new Reddit AMA, a couple OnePlus employees have been sharing a few details about what the company has in mind for its follow-up. (more…)

Google reveals possible Andriod L names

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We are very close to the public release of Android L – or at least, we are pretty darn sure we are – but strangely we still don’t have confirmation from Google as to what it will be called. We have heard multiple whispers from so-called “sources”, ranging from Android Lemon Meringue Pie, to Android Lion.

Now we get some concrete evidence that we can expect it to be called either Android Lollipop or Android Layer Cake (yeah, we know). (more…)

LG designing a 3G-connected smartwatch

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The smartwatch market is still in its infancy and still many questions remain about why we would actually want to use it on a regular basis. One of the arguments put forth by manufacturers is that it can completely replace your smartphone, and wouldn’t need to be tethered to one.

Samsung believe there is a market for such a device and has already launched the Gear S (pictured above), a 3G connected smartwatch that can make phone calls and it brings basically all other smartphone functionality you would need (i.e. email, maps, etc). (more…)

You can swap out Project Ara’s modules without turning off the phone

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project-ara-9A month ago we reported that Project Ara is becoming more and more of a reality. Throughout 2014 we have also seen different functions and features of Project Ara come to light. In April this year the Model Developers Kit revealed that the phone’ battery will be hot swappable, enabling the user to replace it without switching off the device. What is even more incredible is that this hot swappable feature will extend beyond only the battery component. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy A-series details leak

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We were very happy to see Samsung release the Galaxy Alpha, as it was the first metal rimmed Samsung ever brought to the masses. While we feel Samsung is thoroughly flogging the horse with the Galaxy branding, we now have details of a completely new Galaxy range, of which the Galaxy Alpha will be part. (more…)

Nexus 6 reportedly will look like oversized Moto X

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Google’s next smartphone, the Nexus 6, is almost here. New details from 9to5 Google suggest it’ll come with a QHD display and 13 MP camera. Codenamed Shamu, the Nexus 6 is expected to be built by Motorola and looks quite a bit like the new Moto X. (more…)

HTC to return to tablets with Google’s Nexus 9

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HTC has been rumoured to be partnering with Google on the next Nexus tablet for a while now, and today we’re hearing more confirmation on that front. It has actually been three full years since the last time we saw a tablet from HTC, and they haven’t made a Nexus device since 2010!

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter, claims that Google has selected HTC over other manufacturers for its upcoming tablet, with HTC executives flying to Google’s Mountain View headquarters to work on the project. (more…)

Huawei boss says Tizen won’t be successful (Updated)

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Although few and far between, there are some people out there who are fans of anything other than Android or iOS. Many were happy to hear Tizen would add more flavour to the mobile operating system market, but unfortunately it has seen a rocky start to get off the ground.

In an interview, Richard Yu (who heads up the company’s consumer business group) spoke about the company’s plans regarding Tizen, Windows Phone and a long-rumoured homegrown OS, and basically said they were all doomed. (more…)