Apple’s Spring Forward Event: What to expect

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Apple is set for a date with the public on March 9th, where the company is expected to primarily focus on their imminent release of their own wrist-worn wearable – the Apple Watch.

Additionally, speculation is rife that Apple will also use the opporunity to showcase other new additions to their hardware lineup, including a formal reveal of the company’s plans regarding the Beats Music streaming service.


12.9-inch iPad is coming later this year

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Previously we heard that the jumbo-sized 12.9-inch iPad would start production in Q1 2015, but plans have changed due to some unforeseen production problems. The timeline has shifted to September of this year, according to inside sources. (more…)

Apple, Google and others cough up $415 million in employee poaching scandal

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Employee_lawsuitThe technology industry is a cut throat world where everyone needs to have an edge to stay ahead. Over the past 5 years the big tech companies have had many a court battle where they accused each other of patent infringement, competition law breaking and various other legal skirmishes. Now though it seems like they are facing an attack from a different source, their own employees. (more…)

Google reportedly preparing Android Wear for iOS

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Google is reportedly preparing to release an Android Wear app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, according to a French technology website.

The report claims Android Wear with extended iOS support could be announced at Google’s I/O developer conference in late May, although Google may push the agenda depending on sales of the Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple releases Photos for Mac in newest OS X Public Beta

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Apple have seen fit to release a premier version of the forthcoming Photos for Mac app alongside the newest release of the OS X Public beta.

While the app was first seen in the Developer Preview version of OS X which was released in February, yesterday marked the first release of the new photo organiser to the general public through the Cupertino firm’s new AppleSeed program.


Poll shows Apple users would prefer a thicker iPhone with more battery power

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apple_batteryAh battery life, the bane of a smartphone user’s existence. Clearly classified as a first world problem, but can give you grey hairs and increased blood pressure any day of the week. A recent poll of over 3,100 9to5Mac readers indicates that most are not satisfied with current-generation iPhone battery life.

Although the iPhone 6 has come a long way since the almost continuously tethered iPhone 5, it is still miles behind something like the HTC One M8 which can easily last up to two days. (more…)

Apple finally rolls out ‘racially diverse’ emojis

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Racially diverse emojis

Emojis – the tiny, illustrated pictures that can convey so many emotions nowadays, are finally getting a facelift (literally) from Apple.

We are all familiar with these emojis; the thumbs-up, fist bump, princess and the dancing lady-in-red-dress. We unashamedly use them often (or at least I do) and we also know that they are all white/caucasian.

This is exactly where the problem for Apple and the emoji makers came in – the colour of the emojis’ skin, and understandably so.

The lack of racially diverse emojis has long since been a thorn in the side for Apple, with many people complaining about the lack of ‘coloured’ emojis. Apple has addressed the issue numerous times in the past and last year, made a promise that they will work together with Unicode to create, and then implement, new, racially diverse emojis – and now the company has finally made good on their promise.  (more…)

Apple’s Oscars ad beautifully showcases the iPad Air 2

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Apple Oscars Ad

Last night was the most glamorous, star-studded and over-the-top night in Hollywood. The annual Academy Awards were held last night and celebrated the best in all aspects of film.

Just like other big events in America – the Superbowl, Grammys et al – the Oscars offers prime advertisement slots to the highest bidder, and that being big American companies, including the biggest of them all, Apple.

Apple has a long history of debuting new ads at events such as the Oscars. back in 2010, the very first iPad ad made it’s debut at the star-studded affair and in 2007, months before the actual debut of the very first iPhone, Apple aired an ad for the phone that simply read “Hello.”

Thus it came as no surprise that this year Apple chose to showcase one of their newest devices with a special focus on movies and the film industry as a whole. (more…)