Uber starts making deliveries with UberRUSH

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Uber has now become something more than just a taxi company (albeit an ultra-modern, very successful one), and is now also starting to make package deliveries.

Uber NYC’s Josh Mohrer said that the service is called UberRUSH, and local same-day delivery will cost users between $15 and $30, depending on the distance it has to travel. (more…)

Windows Phone coming to cars with co-pilot Cortana

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windows in your car

Major moves from Google and Apple to bring their software to the automobile industry has inevitably led to Microsoft also having to push in that direction. Windows have no equivalent to Apple’s CarPlay at the moment, but that might change real soon.

In a presentation at the Build conference, the software giant showed off Windows in the Car. It is still a conceptual platform, but with massive potential it seems. It would adapt Windows Phone’s apps and basic functions to in-vehicle interfaces. (more…)

App Store users, get ready for a price increase thanks to the new digital purchases law

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Apple and App Store users, unfortunately I have some bad news for you. As of today, prices in the South African App Store will be raised – and no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

Today, Apple sent out an email to all developers explaining that the prices of cotent and apps in various App Stores will be raised as of April 1st.

A total of 5 countries are being affected by the new price increase. These countries include India, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey and the good ol’ RSA.

Apple hasn’t made it clear as to exactly how much the prices will increase to.  (more…)

Microsoft Office for iPad finally launched

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office for iPad

After years of rumour upon rumour, Microsoft has finally put the endless speculation to rest and announced the launch of Office for iPad. 

Julia White, General Manager of Microsoft Office, finally gave avid iPad users what they have been waiting for at an event held in San Francisco yesterday. Here, Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad for the very first time – and we must say, it’s really quite impressive.

Office for iPad is available as three different apps – Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. (more…)

WeCam – video calling app that connects all your social networks

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WeCAm Chat

All you social networking addicts, listen up – this new app is right up your alley and will definitely make your life easier.

Meet WeCam; a new, video calling app that connects all of your social networks in one place. Yes, that’s right, with WeCam you can have all your social networks in one place, and chat to your friends face-to-face.

WeCam is any social networking junkie’s dream. It allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts in one place, while giving you the option to live video chat with your friends.

The video chat function is integrated with these social networks when you sign in with your account. With this activated, you can chat, face-to-face with any of your contacts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (more…)

Candy Crush maker’s IPO valued at $7 billion

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king ipo

The company that created that vastly popular Candy Crush mobile game, King, has filed for its IPO. It is tipped to be one of the bigger internet IPOs this year, but questions were immediately raised. Other mobile game companies like Zynga, which created Farmville, have lost most of its value on the stock exchange due to the inability to retain profitability once a game falls out of favour.

Nearly 100 million users play Candy Crush every day, and while the company’s titles remain free to play, it depends on virtual goods. (more…)

HTC’s BlinkFeed coming to all Android devices

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HTC Sense is our favourite Android skin, with a brilliantly thought out feature set complementing the inherent capabilities of Google’s software perfectly. It’s clean, beautiful and simple to use. One of the most impressive features of Sense is called Zoe, which takes the videos and photos you have shot with the device and creates a ‘story’ of that event – a video homage created automatically.

We knew HTC would like to bring some of these features to other devices, but we weren’t sure how they would do it. (more…)

Apple considering iTunes Store for Android

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The only problem with iTunes as a place to get cheap music is that you have to have an Apple device to take advantage of it (if you don’t have a Windows PC). There are multitudes more Android devices out there than Apple devices, and Apple might look to take advantage of the vast numbers. (more…)