Cortana keeps getting smarter

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CortanaMobile voice assistants are becoming much more than a party trick nowadays. The modern voice assistant approach allows the service to emanate from an online cloud perspective. Thus the developers can update the service with more features when ever they are developed. Recently both Google and Apple has been furiously updating their voice assitants (Google Voice Serach and Siri) to try and gain an edge in the market. Microsoft has also joined the party by recently launching new updates to Cortana. And they have a few neat tricks up their sleeve… (more…)

Kim Dotcom offers whistleblowers $5 million to help his case

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There is no doubt that Kim Dotcom is in a world of trouble. He is being charged with the largest piracy case ever brought to court. Luckily for him, he hasn’t gotten to court yet. His file sharing site, Megaupload, was shut down in 2012. He believes there’s a subtext to what really happened and is looking to anyone to prove him right.

He claims to be the victim of a “corrupt” plot between the US authorities and the movie moguls of Hollywood. These authorities allegedly, according to Dotcom, backed Obama in his latest presidential run and struck a deal with Hollywood to take down his site for copyright abuse. Dotcom will now have to prove this in the New Zealand court if he is to avoid being extradited to the US. He is offering a lot of money for anyone willing to help with supporting evidence. (more…)

Dropping Dropbox? Here are Five Alternatives.

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Dropbox is the King of cloud storage. As any King might tell you, their temptation to become a tyrant is high. This is the dilemma that Dropbox finds itself at the horns of. It’s becoming clear now that the intrusive inspection of users’ private files that happened at the end of March was only the tip of the tyrannical iceberg.

Last week Dropbox announced that former US Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice has joined the company’s Board of Directors. This would be troublesome news because of her involvement in building the case for invading Iraq under false pretenses. It would even be unconscionable considering how she made government sanctioned torture a reality. But what makes this utterly shocking is that she is one of the minds behind the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping policies that have lead to the widespread intrusions into our privacy by the likes of the NSA and GCHQ.

The rise of Dropbox was based around an incredibly simple idea: seamlessly store and share files online. The unprecedented way that the service integrated into a Mac or PC seemed magical. With the dawn of the new age of smartphones, their iOS and Android applications further cemented Dropbox as the cloud storage service of choice. Success, as we know, blazes a trail for competitors to follow. Startups like SugarSync and Box along with tech heavyweights like Google and Microsoft all want a piece of the cloud storage space. (more…)

Google wants cross platform Android and iOS games

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Google wants to make the development of mobile games that work across platforms easier, seeing more potential with in-app purchases. This would make the efforts of making games, especially multiplayer ones that work across platforms worth the developer’s time.

At the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google have outlined its plans to make this a possibility. (more…)

Lean Startup Conference to take South Africa by storm

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This weekend-long event is an absolute must for the motivated entrepreneur and gives invaluable insight into building a successful business. While many new ventures fail because they’re focused on developing a product or service that doesn’t have a market, the Lean Startup Machine (LSM)  shows participants how to first discover what people want. (more…)

Office 365 Personal now available for $7 p/m

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Microsoft has announced that their leaner version of the subscription based Office 365 is now available for $7 per month or $70 per year.

The new package lets you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access on one Mac or Windows computer and one tablet. There is also the possibility of mobile access. This comes in the form of Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. (more…)

Google beat Facebook to the punch in Titan Aerospace acquisition

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Last month we caught wind that Facebook wants to buy Titan Aerospace in order to bring internet to more people around the world. The company’s solar drones would be able to stay in the air for years at a time and deliver satellite internet from above.

Google has beaten Facebook to the punch, though. Google has just agreed to buy Titan Aerospace and according to the Wall Street Journal Mountain View hopes to use these long-lasting autonomous vehicles to assist its Project Loon project, which would have been a direct competitor to the solar drones.

Facebook, on the other hand, went ahead with another drone company called Ascenta. Check out the official press release from Titan Aerospace: (more…)

More ads coming to your Twitter feed

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Adverts in social media are simply unavoidable, and we should all just accept it. But is there a point when you say “Enough is enough”?

According to reports, we might be seeing a lot more ads on Twitter before the end of the year. Twitter plans to debut 15 new types of ad products over the next six months as a bid to gain more advertising dollars and mobile game developers over to its side. (more…)