Twitter testing new “Quality Filter” which will remove abuse from your timeline

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Twitter_Abuse2Social media has become a platform where everyone can speak their minds without worrying too much about the consequences. Twitter wars and abuse has become common place and sometimes it just isn’t worth it to open up your timeline and spoil your day.

Well, after admitting that it’s failed to adequately combat abuse and harassment, Twitter has been moving swiftly to weed out its worst users. Or at the very least making them much easier to ignore… (more…)

Facebook developing virtual reality versions of their apps

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Facebook_VRVirtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) seems to be the latest tech trend these days. From crazy headgear like the Oculus Rift to the “do-it-yourself” Google Cardboard VR. To support these viewing technologies you have to have the software side come to the party as well.

Facebook is currently developing VR versions of their apps. Speaking at Recode‘s Code Media conference in Dana Point, CA, Chris Cox, the company’s head of product, Facebook’d VR app versions are well on its way, but shouldn’t be expected to see the light of day very soon. (more…)

WhatsApp releases web client for Android and Chrome

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WhatsAppIn an effort to have you always connected with your friends or colleagues, WhatsApp has a new trick up its sleeve. WhatsApp is coming to the desktop, thanks to a web client that launched today for Chrome and Android. WhatsApp recently confirmed earlier rumors that they designed a new live webpage called ““. This new feature will enable you to chat over WhatsApp using your Chrome browser.  (more…)

Facebook (finally) launches Facebook At Work

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Facebook at Work

Are you feeling guilty about spending so much time on Facebook while you are at work? Well, you don’t have to be. Soon you’ll have a perfectly legitimate reason to mindlessly scroll through your newsfeed – sort of.

Back in November, we reported on Facebook’s plans to launch a totally separate, ‘new’ Facebook that is specifically geared towards using the platform at work

Facebook at Work (first believed to be called ‘Facebook for Work’) had a relatively hush-hush, soft-launch on Thursday’. While the platform has not been released entirely to the public just yet, the new, ‘productive’ version of Facebook has been launched to a few partners for testing. And while there will be different versions for desktop as well as iOS, it’s only the app (for iPhone, iPads) that has launched.

So, just how exactly will Facebook at Work, work? (more…)

Google Translate can now translate in real time through your camera

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Translate apps are cool right? With recent updates and innovations these apps are becoming more and more useful by the day. Long gone are the early days of typing in the words you want translated, you can now speak them. But what if you need a quick translation of an information board without you having to type in whole sentences or try to speak that particular foreign language? Well Google has enabled real-time translation with its latest update to Google Translate. (more…)

Report: Facebook to launch new platform, ‘Facebook for Work’

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As if you don’t spend enough time on Facebook, especially at work (am I right?), the social giant is reportedly looking at broadening their horizons once more with the launch of an entirely new platform called ‘Facebook for Work.’

The new platform is basically exactly as the name says: it’s Facebook, but for work purposes. Facebook for Work will essentially compete with other work-focused social networks like LinkedIn.

According to a report by the Financial Times, ‘sources close to the matter’ has revealed that Zuckerberg and his minions are trying to break into a market that they have yet to enter.

They’ve got the messaging part down now, after their record-breaking acquisition of WhatsApp and the recent launch of their own, stand-alone Messenger app (which the company says has more than 500 million monthly active users) so it’s only natural that they would be looking at other avenues to generate even more revenue.  (more…)

According to Facebook, 500 million people are using Messenger monthly

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FB Messenger

Remember a few months ago when Facebook forced it’s mobile users to download the new standalone Messenger app in order to read their Facebook messages? It was a controversial move by the company that seemed to leave a lot of people rather annoyed. 

However, all is fair in love and war and it seems that most Facebook mobile users have succumbed to the social networking giant’s, uhm, subtle implementation. 

The company has recently revealed that, despite public opinion, a lot of people have now downloaded the Messenger app and use it actively. 

In a recent Q&A that revealed quite a bit of inside info into the inner workings of the world’s largest social network, founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that half a billion – yes, you read that right – people have moved over to the proverbial dark side – or should I say, Messenger blue. 

Zuckerberg revealed that the Facebook Messenger app now has over 500 million active monthly users, which is really impressive when you think of how many people were less than impressed with the whole ‘forceful’ adoption strategy.  (more…)

Apple releases web tool to deregister iMessage

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iMessage2This issue has been doing the rounds for years and for the life of me I don’t know why there hasn’t been a larger outcry from angry ex-Apple users. Many former iPhone users have in the past reported issues with receiving text messages from their friends (who use iPhones). As most people correctly summised the issue lies with iMessage and Apple has recently and very quietly released a web tool which rectifies the issue. (more…)