Mom develops app so son can’t ignore her text messages

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Ignore No More

Teenagers; they are constantly in their own world and are only interested in texting their friends – definitely not their parents.

And for one Texas mom this was not going to fly. She got so fed up with her teenage son not replying to her text messages or phone calls, that she decided to fight fire with fire – by developing an app that would force him to reply.

Ignore No More is an app that allows parents to block their kids’ phones remotely, even when they are not in the house.

The app essentially disables the child’s phone – that is until he or she decides to reply to mom or dad. It blocks them from texting or calling anyone else (or even use the internet) except contacts listed on an emergency number list or emergency responders like the police or paramedics.

To unblock their phone, they will be forced to call their parents to receive a passcode to disable the block.  (more…)

Intel’s Pocket Avatars: Chat app that uses cartoons to mimic your face

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We would usually associate Intel with processing chips and other PC parts, not software and applications. That may be the case, but they recently released a social app for Android and iOS called Pocket Avatars.

On the surface the app doesn’t offer anything different to the hordes of other social apps out there, but it does actually have an interesting feature. With some software wizardry, the mobile app will relay your facial expressions through a cartoon avatar of your choosing.


Facebook explains why it experimented with users’ feelings

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We were all quite bemused as to the reasons Facebook would artificially change their users’ news feeds, as we reported yesterday, as was most of the world. Why exactly did the company feel the need to experiment with your emotions? One of the co-authors of the study, Adam Kramer, has come out to explain.


Could this be the simplest app in the world?

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We know there are thousands upon thousands of apps out there, and a good few of them are really very simple. However, this app could quite possibly be one of the simplest apps we’ve ever come across.

It even has a simple name; Yo. And much like it’s name suggests, all it allows you to do, is say ‘yo’ to your friends via push notifications.

You don’t have to sign in with an email address or via Facebook, either. You simply choose a username, invite your contacts to Yo and then, by the tap of a button, you can ‘Yo’ them.

However, should you want to step it up a notch, you can double tap the button to send your friends a ‘Yo Yo’ instead of just, well, a ‘Yo’.

An app like this surely has some kind of backstory? For sure.  (more…)

Twitter now supports GIFs in tweets

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Twitter certainly took their time to include one of the most asked for features to their social streams. The GIF support argument has been raging for years with users not understanding why Twitter simply don’t allow them to function properly.

The feature is now available on the web, iOS and Android. You’ll be able to watch a GIF in your timeline by clicking a play button that shows up on the image.


Facebook launches new social app Slingshot

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As if there weren’t enough social applications out there, Facebook has just launched another – Slingshot. It was tipped as a competitor to Snapchat, although the functionality seems to be a bit different, and truly unique at first glance.

Snapchat had become a massive hit due to the idea that messages, apps and videos being shared would expire after a certain amount of time the recipient looking at the message. As you can imagine, this lead to some of the internet’s more ‘adult-friendly’ activities seeing the light of day on Snapchat.


New emojis coming soon

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new emojis

Ah, what is a great text-based conversation without a few emojis? Emojis have become an integral part of our texting life, and if we can get our hands on more, we’d be forever grateful.

And now it looks like that might happen in the near future.

Unicode, the industry standard that regulates text and emojis across various software platforms – like iOS and Android – updated their arsenal of emojis today to include 250 new emojis.

Of course, this is good news for any text loving person, but, it is still up the Unicode partners (i.e iOS and Android) whether or not they will implement and develop the new emojis.  (more…)

Myspace is luring users back by sending them their old photos

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Are you an ex Myspace user? If indeed you are, you can be expecting an email from the company that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Before the days of Facebook and Twitter, there was one social network that was hailed as the King of all things social on the internet – Myspace.

Founded in August of 2003, Myspace was the place to be on the net. It was the first social network of it’s kind and had a massive influence on online social interactions as well as the music scene.

Myspace almost single handedly promoted the importance for an artist or band to have an online link to their fans. Thus, many Myspace pages were created for popstars and rock bands alike.

Between 2005 and 2008, Myspace was the most visited social network in the world. However, it was overtaken by the the rise of the mighty Facebook in 2008, and then slowly began it’s subsequent demise.  (more…)