Google’s space documentary is now available on YouTube

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Google Documentary

Nowadays, every major company seems to be involved with space and space exploration in some way or another. The out-of-the-universe field that was once only reserved for the likes of NASA, has now captured the imagination of (mostly tech) companies worldwide.

There is Elon Musk’s SpaceX programme, Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic and of course, the mighty Google.

As you may of heard, Google has recently launched the Google Lunar XPrize – a sort of post Cold War space race competition that challenges different teams from around the world to land a spacecraft on the moon.

18 private teams from all four corners of the Earth will go head-to-head in a bid to be the first to land a spacecraft on the moon. However, the objective is not to simply land the spacecraft on the moon, but to also let it roam for 500 meters as well as being able to send data and images back to Earth.

The winning team will then receive a grand prize of a whopping $20 million. (more…)

Startup Knight 2014 – Winners announced

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This year’s Startup Knight competition was truly fierce with various wonderful startups that once again proved the immense talent we have in South Africa.

However, as competitions go, there can only be one winner and on Saturday, November 8th, the winners of this year’s competition were announced.

The final leg of the competition was split over two days. All finalists (8 Startups and 8 Concepts) were required to attend an intensive mentoring session on Friday, 7 November. The mentors comprised of successful tech entrepreneurs who generously committed their energy to coach the finalists. The results of the mentoring were realised on the Saturday when the finalists had to give their all as they delivered their final pitches to the judging panel.

After two adrenalin filled days it was time for the results and prize giving at a cocktail function held at the Radisson Blu in Granger Bay that Saturday evening. The finalists, judges, and mentors were joined by an audience of their partners and well known industry personalities.

Tiger Bytes won in the startup phase category with their Vula Application. Vula is an online learning tool used by staff and students at the University of Cape Town. Tiger Bytes won a prize to the value of R250,000 (R150,000 for software development and R100,000 for public relations and go-to-market efforts.)

1st Runner-up, MediaBox, boasts a hardware device that is similar to the Apple TV, but runs on Android and introduces 3G integration along with more input sources. Their R50,000 prize is dedicated to public relations and software development. (more…)

Winner Announced: iToys 4-in-1 Camera Lens Giveaway!

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Accessories to your smart devices don’t get too much attention after their launch, but here we have something really interesting.

Thanks to our friends over at we are giving away the LieQi 4-in-1 Universal Clips Lens which includes a Fish-Eye lens, Wide Angle lens, Macro lens and a CPL Circular Filter lens.

pic2 (more…)

Mapping Cape Town’s top tech start-ups

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Many small start-ups have one massive problem in common – they can’t necessarily get their company “on the map”. Mapped in Cape Town is an innovative, yet simple map that allows tech start-ups to see where their peers are based.

Over the past few years, the Mother City has been strategically changing its identity into the Digital City, with edgy tech start-up entrepreneurs from all over the world jumping at the opportunity to live and work in Cape Town. (more…)

Competition: iToys 4-in-1 Camera Lens Giveaway!

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Accessories to your smart devices don’t get too much attention after their launch, but here we have something really interesting.

Thanks to our friends over at we are giving away the Universal 4-in-1 Camera Lens for mobile phones which includes a Fish-Eye lens, Wide Angle lens, Macro lens and a CPL Circular Filter lens. (more…)

SA Startup 8Bit makes the semifinals of PITCH at Web Summit in Dublin

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Local content discovery platform 8Bit was recently invited to attend the Web Summit in Dublin as an Alpha start-up and later invited to pitch with a select group of 200 start-ups from around the world in the annual PITCH competition. PITCH is described as a battle to crown the best start-up of 2014 and is present by Coca-Cola and Web Summit. The list included only 3 African start-ups alongside other leading start-ups from around the world. (more…)

Startup Knight 2014 – entries are open!

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Have you been harbouring an amazing, innovative idea that will turn the tech industry on its head? Well, tech entrepreneurs and visionaries listen up; Byte orbit’s annual startup competition, Startup Knight, is here again, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

If you haven’t heard of Startup Knight yet, then it’s time to get acquainted.

Startup Knight aims to empower and inspire up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs and visionaries in South Africa, by offer them the chance to showcase their ideas to investors and ultimately receiving a kickstart in their venture.

The competition is divided into two phases; the Startup Phase and the Concept Phase.

The Startup Phase has a prerequisite that all entrants must already have a working prototype of their product, or have their product already in the market. As for the Concept phase, this only requires entrants to have an innovative idea that is commercially viable or has the ability to attract high volumes of users.

The Concept Phase entrants will be required to demonstrate research into the concept as well as offering a revenue model and go-to market plan.

This year the theme for Startup Knight is ‘Technology That Enables’. To elaborate, this means that this year’s competition is aimed at startups and concepts that are focused on innovations that enable SMEs to operate more efficiently, more competitively and those that achieve scalability.

To give you an idea of  the kind of concepts and startups they’re looking for think DropBox, Salesforce, MailChimp, Linode and FreshBooks.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, some pretty amazing prizes.  (more…)

Competition: Hermanus Getaway & Whale Watching Trip

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Today we bring you something a bit different on Bandwidth Blog, in conjunction with our friends over at NicSocks.

Have you the need to get away for a couple of days? Then this competition is meant for you, as you’ll be treated to a luxury stay in the lovely Hermanus, a special dinner and a whale watching trip. (more…)