HTC launches the One M9 – Beautiful or disappointing?

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HTC One M9_Silver_Left

The day has finally arrived – HTC has revealed its latest iteration of its flagship. The HTC One M9 is now official, after being one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year.

Just as the past week’s rumours have suggested, the One M9 we’re seeing today is the one that takes the majority of its inspiration form the One M8’s design, rather than making a radical departure into Desire/Nexus 9 territory.

It’s been a year since the HTC One M8 launched, and the Taiwanese company has spent 12 months hard at work designing the best they possibly can. Or have they? Looking at the new M9, you have to where the year of work since the previous One has gone. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge pics, finally!

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We are only a couple of days away from the announcement which will usher in the new age of the Galaxy – at least according to Samsung. We have been waiting for ages and have had to endure multiple rumours and leaks, some which turns out to be true and other that don’t.

Well, finally we get to see the device in the flesh – no more dummy casings or renders. (more…)

LG Urbane ad shows off classic design features (video)

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LG rolled out its first video for the Watch Urbane, the manufacturer’s latest smartwatch, marketed as “premium”. The all-metal watch which will be available in gold and silver trims, with LG stating that the Watch Urbane is the closest we’ll come to seeing an analogue watch face on an Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

The video also highlights the customizability of the watch, which comes with a standard 22mm band. We’ll get a better look at the Watch Urbane at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a week’s time. (more…)

Apple finally rolls out ‘racially diverse’ emojis

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Racially diverse emojis

Emojis – the tiny, illustrated pictures that can convey so many emotions nowadays, are finally getting a facelift (literally) from Apple.

We are all familiar with these emojis; the thumbs-up, fist bump, princess and the dancing lady-in-red-dress. We unashamedly use them often (or at least I do) and we also know that they are all white/caucasian.

This is exactly where the problem for Apple and the emoji makers came in – the colour of the emojis’ skin, and understandably so.

The lack of racially diverse emojis has long since been a thorn in the side for Apple, with many people complaining about the lack of ‘coloured’ emojis. Apple has addressed the issue numerous times in the past and last year, made a promise that they will work together with Unicode to create, and then implement, new, racially diverse emojis – and now the company has finally made good on their promise.  (more…)

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Review: Pint-sized power

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Over the last three to four years the only noticeable change in the smartphone market has been an increase in screen size. Sure, specs have advanced in leaps and bounds at the same time, but to the average user it isn’t completely evident – unless you buy a budget device.

In a world of ever growing screens, few have tried to make a proper flagship device in a smaller size. The only exceptions are the previous iPhone 5 models and last year’s Xperia Z1 Compact. The successor to the Z1 Compact is the Z3 Compact – Sony chose to align the naming with its bigger brother, the Xperia Z3, that launched at the same time.

Before we look at the device in more detail, check out some of the key specs and features of the Xperia Z3 Compact: (more…)

Samsung drops final Galaxy S6 trailer (video)

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Teasers for the latest and greatest smartphones have almost become as common as movie teaser trailers. Just a week before we are going to see the launch of the Galaxy S6, Samsung have released a teaser trailer video that gives us a couple of clues as to what we can expect.

If there was ever any doubt that we’re going to see more metal in the Galaxy S6, we can’t put those concerns aside. The teaser explicitly states that “tomorrow, metals will flow.” (more…)

HTC One M9 leak-based renders show beautiful possibility

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There hasn’t been a day in the last couple of weeks we haven’t heard one rumour or another about the upcoming HTC One M9, expected to be launched on March 1st. Not many have come from credible sources or offered any real details, however.

Among all the click-bait headlines of supposed ‘leaks’, there were a couple from trusted sources that have been correct more often than not in the past. This makes us sit up and notice when they quote sources ‘familiar with the company’s plans’ or get news from ‘a tried and tested source’.

One independent designer has taken these trusted sources’ leaks and rumours into account and designed an HTC One M9 mock-up based on those possible features and design cues – and we have to say it looks stunning. (more…)

Check out these cool Apple Watch app concepts

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Apple WatchApple is likely to release the long awaited Apple Watch in April this year. There has been a lot of speculation around how the watch will integrate into the iOS system. We still need to find out how the watch will perform battery wise and if it will only be another gimmick watch (as many of them seem to be these days).

A big question will be how Apple integrates 3rd part apps on the Apple Watch and how the app designers design them. Traditionally companies do a good job with their own integrated apps but either do not support or have crappy 3rd party apps avaiable on the watch platform. Well a few talented designers have given their input into 3rd party app design. (more…)