3D-printed gun maker receives jail time

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3dGun2So we have known for a while that 3D printing can do just about anything, but deciding to print a fully functional firearm is not quite top of mind when you are imaging 3D printing possibilities. According to Japan News a 28-year-old former university employee was sentenced today to two years in prison for manufacturing plastic 3D-printed firearms in violation of national weapons laws. And yes, they were able to fire live rounds… (more…)

Gmail to become all-encompassing email app?

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The application Google created for their Gmail service is already extremely simple and easy to use, and great at linking multiple Gmail accounts (especially on Android). With a new version of the app on the horizon, we weren’t quite sure what we could expect in terms of new functionality. (more…) launches Puls – a smart wristband

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Celebrities seem to have a fascination with technology and in turn, putting their name on devices or services. Justin Bieber backed a social network and numerous other celebs have launched apps and the like. is the latest celeb to reinvent himself as a tech mogul with the unveiling of his smart wristband, Puls. Or rather, as he likes to call it, a smart ‘cuff’.

The Puls has been in development for more than 2 years, and is developed by –’s consumer electronics company. The Puls finally saw the light of day yesterday, after numerous delays plagued the release of the device. 

The Puls resembles a smart watch, but, as repeatedly told his rather confused audience, it is not a watch (although it can tell the time). The Puls is being marketed as a smart device rather than tying it down to the ‘smart watch’ label. 

The device can make phone calls, send text messages as well as access online services and run apps through a 3G radio service. – fashion icon and tech entrepreneur – really seems to be pushing the Puls as a ‘fashionable’ alternative to other smart watches (sorry, I mean ‘smart cuffs’.) The Black Eyed Peas singer calls the Puls a device for communicating, playing music and monitoring fitness. 

So… basically a smart watch, I hear you say? NO! It is not a watch.  (more…)

Nexus 6 goes official: newest stock Android superphone

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We don’t use the word ‘superphone’ lightly. We’ve only used the term on the highest of high end devices, and never on the Nexus line of stock Android devices.

After months of speculation and rumours, debates and leaks, to and fro in the tech community, Google has finally taken the warps of the Nexus 6, a Motorola built phone this time around. A big change for the brand, this year the Nexus 6 is a full on phablet, a 5.9-inch behemoth. (more…)

Apple Watch covers Vogue; cements itself as fashion accessory

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Apple Watch Vogue China

Many a fashion accessory got its ‘big break’ from gracing the cover of a high-end fashion magazine. The Birkin Bag, the Chanel clutch or the Burberry trench coat – all of these can thank magazines for tirelessly pushing them as the next big ‘it’ item.

And now, for the first time, a tech product has been treated the same way – say hello to the next must-have fashion accessory, the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch doesn’t launch until next year (and the official date is still undisclosed), but the device has already made its debut on the cover of the world’s so-called fashion Bible, Vogue.

On the cover of the November issue of Vogue China, you will notice something shiny on the arm of the model – an Apple Watch. The device immediately catches your eye not only because its a smart watch on the arm of a model, but because it actually looks damn good paired with high end fashion.

Inside the mag, the watch also features in the editorial spread, where it can be seen paired with different outfits. It shows the watch with different straps, each matching the outfit – which, of course was one of the main pulls of the watch, that you can choose your own strap from the various one’s on offer, to fit your own personal style or match it up with your outfit for the day.  (more…)

Apple redesigns iTunes Store

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itunes-12-aboutIt seems as though Apple wants to turn over a new leaf in 2014. We have already seen them break out of the “small” smartphone mould with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple is also set to launch the all new iPad Air2 this week and they have already debuted the new Mac OS X Yosemite. Since the release of iOS 7 we have seen design overhauls across the iphone, iPad and Mac devices, but iTunes Store remained relatively unaffected until now. (more…)

Play Store gets Material Design update

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Google is calling the design language that we will be seeing with the advent of Android L, Material Design. They have already started updating some of their stock apps to carry this same design even before Android L is released (which is likely to be this month). (more…)

HTC Desire Eye: Sexy selfie phone

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At their Double Exposure event, HTC unveiled two products: the HTC Re and the HTC Desire Eye. The Desire Eye is a unique smartphone, packing a full resolution 13MP camera on the back as well as the front. HTC has also added some clever software tricks to take advantage of this front-facer with LED flash included as well.

While we thought this device was going to be a mid-range smartphone, it is in fact almost a fully-fledged flagship device. Check out the specs below: (more…)