Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be waterproof, period

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One of the major features Samsung touted when it released the Galaxy S5 last year was the fact that it is waterproof. Sure, it had the most annoying flap in the world that covered the charging port, but it was still waterproof (actually, water resistant is more accurate). (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 to get a dual-edge display variant

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You may be getting tired of Samsung rumours, but this one is actually very interesting. In the couple of months leading up to its launch there will undoubtedly be more, but this may actually give us some inkling as to what Samsung actually wants to do with its curved display technology.

Previously news hit the internet that the Galaxy S6 will have a variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge, pretty much in the same design as we saw with the Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Now, though, another source is claiming that Samsung’s been working on a dual-curve GS6 Edge design. (more…)

Tesla Model X will be a tow-capable vehicle

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tesla-model-x-1Elon Musk’s electrical car company Tesla will be adding an interesting model to their line up. Tesla cars are still quite expensive but they are becoming more and more affordable as time and technology advances. If you are looking (in the US that is) for something with more space than the current Model S, you might be interested in Tesla’s new rumored SUV, the Model X. Not only will it be a much larger vehicle, it will also bring some much required torque to the Tesla range. (more…)

Windows Phone 10 leaks shows new homescreen

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Alongside the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is launching their new software for smartphones. We’re not yet exactly sure what it will be called yet (the rumoured names are either Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 for phones), but a leak allegedly shows off the homescreen of the new software. (more…)

iMac concept inspired by the Macs of yesteryear

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The iMac is undoubtedly one of Apple’s more aesthetically pleasing computers. The beautiful, clean lines, big, crystal clear display and the impossibly sleek design is enough to make any tech junkie weak at the knees.

That is why it is so strange to think that the iMac we know today evolved from the first ever Macintosh computer – yes, that big, bulky, box-like computer.

However, in a bit of a past-meets-future scene, a group of designers from Curved Labs have come up with a new conceptual iMac design that that throws it all the way back. It is Throwback Thursday after all. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6’s TouchWiz to be much sleeker

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We can’t express how happy we are to hear this news. If you have followed us for some time or read our reviews about Samsung products, the overall feeling can be summarised as ‘a good device with bad software.’ We have been calling for Samsung to make changes to TouchWiz for years, and it seems like we may finally be granted our wish. (more…)

3D printed clothing and other high-tech garments on the CES runway

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3D printed dress

If you thought that the recent Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was just a place where tech junkies ca show off their latest geeky creations and inventions – essentially making it a show for ‘boys and their toys’ – think again.

This year’s CES show had another part of it – perhaps one that didn’t garner as much attention as Samusng’s latest and greatest TV or Sony’ impressive new Walkman. Although, these creations are just as impressive as all the others we were exposed to.

The runway (yes, think fashion runway) at CES this year was just as hot as the showroom floor. This year’s catwalk provided a platform for various high-tech high fashion garments to get their moment in the spotlight.

The biggest trend this year for high-tech fashion was undoubtedly 3D printed garments.  (more…)

Has the new Canon EOS 80D accidentally been spotted?

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Canon-EOS80D-rumor-1200-80Canon’s enthusiasts camera range (double-digits) is currently topped by the EOS 70D and a lot of Canon partial photographers are waiting for its successor to launch, to either upgrade their old equipment or jump onto the DSLR bandwagon. If you are one of these Cononites or just take a special interest in anything photography you will be happy to know that the EOS 80D might just have accidentally poked its head out.

The “new Canon” was spotted by PetaPixel on Canon Austria’s Facebook page, and speculation has been growing about what model it could possibly be. (more…)