TomTom launches Runner Cardio GPS sport watch

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image001TomTom has launched the Runner Cardio GPS sport watch with cutting-edge heart rate technology. The Runner Cardio has a built-in Heart Rate Monitor, eliminating the need for a separate chest strap.

The TomTom Runner Cardio is available at selected retailers with a RRP of R3799.00. There is also a Multi-Sport Cardio sport watch available at selected retailers with a RRP of R4599.00. The Multi-Sport Cardio Bundle which includes Altimeter, Cadence and HRM is available with a RRP of R5599.00

There are some other interesting features as well, including: (more…)

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Alpha (video)

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The much rumoured and leaked Galaxy Alpha has been officially announced by Samsung. It is basically a lightly stripped-down version of the Galaxy S5 flagship with a metal frame. As expected, it sports a substantially different, less rounded design than the GS5, and rather resembling the iPhone 5S, to be honest.

The Alpha is also much lighter and thinner than its big brother at a mere 6.7mm and 115 grams. Samsung said it took a “fresh approach” with the new handset’s looks, something it vowed to do in the face of a steep downturn in sales. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z3 confirmed specs?

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xperia_z3_rumorContinuing with some more news regarding Sony devices, the never ending smartphone cycle is turning again with reports of the new Sony Xperia Z3 specs. Sony is just a few weeks away from their event at IFA in Berlin (one of the largest global trade shows for consumer electronics). Rumors are starting to gain momentum as we get closer to the event on just what the Z3 will offer. Sony is already working on a Z3 Compact (see leaked pics here) as well as another Xperia tablet, but the news everyone is waiting for fall around the flagship Z3 and yesterday a couple of extra rumors emerged that give the reported specifications some credibility. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact leaks in pics

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Because Sony’s launch cycle has been drastically shortened over the last couple of years the Xperia Z3 is almost on its way. There was no time for Sony to release a smaller version of the Xperia Z2 like we saw with the Xperia Z1 Compact, which was a smaller version of the Xperia Z1 but still had premium specs.

It was the first of a kind to deliver the same top specs seen in its bigger flagship brother and we thought it was a great phone (see the review here).

So now we are skipping an Xperia Z2 Compact altogether and flying straight to the Xperia Z3 Compact. Some pics have been leaked and it’s giving us some interesting insight into what to expect. (more…)

Detailed pics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leak

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We’ve heard a lot of whispers about what the Galaxy Note 4 could look like and be to use on a daily basis. Partly because it’s a Samsung device and partly because it’s a Galaxy Note. It is a highly anticipated phone. At least we won’t need to wait long to see what it is all about – it’s launching next month.

We’re hearing news of next-generation SoC chips, Quad HD displays and even some sort of wrap around screen as we saw with Samsung’s Project Youm: (more…)

Meta M1 looking to steal some Pebble customers

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Before wearables became “the next big thing” as manufacturers believe they are today, a company called MetaWatch (which spun out of Fossil) had the market all to itself – albeit a very small one. Then came Pebble and changed the game completely.

The Meta M1, designed by Nokia and Vertu legend Frank Nuovo is launching this September. The prices start at $249, and goes as high as $449 depending on the configurations and finish material you decide to go for. The Meta M1 comes with support for iOS and Android smartphones, giving users the ability to check their notifications on their wrist. (more…)

Have a look (and listen) to this 3D printed saxophone

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3D printed sax

We’ve heard of all kinds of 3D printed things, including 3D printed musical instruments. However, this is the first time we have come across a 3D printed saxophone.

Considering the fact that traditional saxophones are made of brass, it is essentially this metal that gives it its unique sound. What then would a 3D printed plastic saxophone sound like? Surprisingly like a sax.

This plastic sax was made by Olaf Diegel, who already dabbles in making ‘high-end’ 3D printed guitars under the name ODD Designs.

His version of a saxophone is made entirely of printed plastic. However, he did use a traditional saxophone to copy the various key spacings. (more…)

LG taking on the Galaxy Note with the G3 Stylus

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In what has now become pretty standard in the smartphone arena, LG have announced another version of the LG G3.

It appears that a G3 Stylus will soon join the flagship Quad HD G3 and its much smaller and lesser equipped sibling, the 4.7-inch G3 Beat. (more…)