Is there a Facebook, Uber partnership looming?

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If recent reports are to be believed then we might see a new, powerful partnership between Facebook and Uber in the near future.

According to a report by Re/code, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg,  reportedly had a meeting with Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick about a possible partnership between the two mega companies that would reap a lot of benefits for both.

Apparently, the two discussed the possibility of integration the Uber service into Facebook’s Messenger app. This would then essentially mean that you would be able to order an Uber while you are talking to your friends on Messenger.

We already know that Facebook is very interested in turning their messenger app into something more than just (another) messaging/communication tool. And it seems that they are looking into e-commerce to expand the horizons of Messenger. (more…)

New Chapter: Cape Town Entrepreneurs’ next step

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After four years at the head of South Africa’s fast-growing eCommerce company, Cape Town entrepreneurs Wayne Gosling and Daniel Guasco have announced their departure from Groupon South Africa in search of new opportunities.

The pair first started Twangoo in June 2010 in a garage, sealing the deal to sell to Groupon USA in just 125 days and taking the company from strength to strength during their time as chief executives. In fact, now 1 in 3 e commerce transactions in South Africa take place on Groupon. (more…)

Ikhokha: Home-grown mobile card payment solution (video)

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Small businesses often don’t have the luxury of using the big banks’ card machines to further their business. More and more SME’s (small and medium enterprises) were finding it hard to compete as a result. That has started to change in the last couple of years, though.

Dozens of start-ups have sprung up around the globe to offer businesses the opportunity to move away from a cash only model without needing to invest an exorbitant amount of money. Now, another South African company is joining this very competitive market.


Merchants pay a once-off cost of R989 for the Edge Chip & PIN card reader and thereafter a flat 2.75% per transaction, there are no hidden monthly fees. iKhokha offers a 24 month rental option for merchants looking to avoid an upfront cost. (more…)

Facebook to add “Buy” button to your newsfeed

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Facebook-buy2Facebook will be taking “liking” to a whole new level by introducing the “Buy” button on their users’ news feeds. This particular function is set to make its debut on Thursday this week and will test the self control of many an online shopper.

Facebook has made several attempts at cracking into the ecommerce industry over the last couple of years. It tried the collections-feature (Pinterest-style) with buy buttons linking you to the site back in 2012. Last year Facebook introduced the Donate Button through which users could make on-site payments to charities. More recently they unveiled the auto-fill with Facebook feature that automatically enters your payment details when you’re making a purchase in a third-party ecommerce app. (more…)

MasterCard launches MasterPass in SA

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MasterPass3Online shopping has become many a customer’s first choice of access when it comes to purchasing. Unfortunately due to security concerns and legislation it sometimes takes quite a while to get through the “Checkout” counter on any given website. The experience is sometimes similar to a day at the department of home affairs. To make this process not only super quick but also easy and secure MasterCard introduced MasterPass to the South African public yesterday.

According to the MasterCard press release: “MasterPass enables consumers to make convenient, simple, fast and secure digital payments. Digital wallets accessible through the MasterPass acceptance network allow consumers to store all their MasterCard or other branded credit, debit or cheque card information, and shipping and billing address details securely in one place. This gives them the ability to make secure online payments without the repeated hassle of entering these details each time.” (more…)

Amazon’s delivery drones aren’t taking flight any time soon

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Amazon drones

In December of last year, Amazon made a big splash in the media with the announcement of PrimeAir - their all new delivery system that would see the company deliver packages to customers with the use of drones.

While the idea of drones delivering packages to people captured the imagination of many, some were impressed and others more skeptical (like this hilarious parody video proves).

However, whether you were pro PrimeAir or not, Amazon’s drones are not taking off anytime soon.

The US’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has basically concluded that delivering packages with drones is illegal – thus putting a cork in Amazon’s new age ideas.  (more…)

The most common online scams in SA (and how to avoid them)

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ClaireExperts agree that online commerce has become the norm for many South Africans, with a considerable number of the population logging onto e-tailing websites, online classifieds and other sites to buy or sell goods. While the trade has done wonders in creating jobs and new opportunities, there is a dark side – criminals are taking advantage of the anonymity of the web to run a number of scams.

Whilst many scams are easy to spot, some of extremely sophisticated, says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing, Gumtree South Africa. “Scammers will go as far as to create fake online profiles and a believable digital footprint to fool unsuspecting victims,” says Cobbledick. “That doesn’t mean that there aren’t means of catching them at it before you get duped, however.”

1.     The company representative scheme (more…)

Gumtree and OLX dominate eCommerce in SA

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Not that the news should at all be surprising, but Gumtree is the top eCommerce site in South Africa, racking up almost 30% of the total traffic to eCommerce sites. OLX is second on the list, with just over 13% of the unique visitors.

Overall traffic in the segment is growing significantly, and Gumtree is taking full advantage. Being owned by eBay, they certainly have the upper hand.

Check out the full list below: (more…)