Google releases free I/O 2015 app

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IO-2015-AppNext week sees Google hosting their annual developers’ conference with the keynote presentation kicking off events. News and rumors have slowly been building in anticipation of the conference where it’s likely we’ll be seeing high-profile releases at the conference – such as of Android M and other cool and innovative launches.

Many people will be tuning into the goings-on of the I/O event. Whether you are lucky enough to be there or following events on line, Google has released their official Google I/O 2015 app to keep you in the loop. (more…)

Elon Musk delivers inspiring Tesla Battery keynote

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Elon-Tesla-BatteryKeynote presentations have become a bit of an art in the tech industry over the past decade or so. The late Steve Jobs probably still holds the crown for the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 but we see more and more inspiring presentations from CEO’s these days.

Step up Elon Musk. The real life Tony Stark and CEO of Tesla introduced the company’s new battery system last week Thursday in an inspiring presentation in California. Jobs was introducing a better smartphone, but Musk introduced the possibility of a better future… (more…)

Latest news from Microsoft Build 2015 conference

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microsoftThe 2015 Microsoft Build developers conference started yesterday and is currently in full swing. Yesterday Microsoft offered fresh details on its vision of Windows 10 as one operating system that consumers will use across PCs, smartphones, tablets, and the Xbox One game console.

The conference is broken down into key presentation segments that look at Windows 10 as an OS, the Office suit as well as all of Microsoft’s side projects like the HoloLens. Read on to get a recap of announcements made on day 1… (more…)

HTC One M9 – SA Launch Event

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IMG_0265An out of season thunderstorm greeted me whilst I was making my way from Jozi CBD towards the Ten Bompas Hotel to attend the South African leg of the HTC One M9 launch. The wet weather couldn’t extinguish the excitement I felt to get up close and personal with the new HTC flagship.

Those of you who read my HTC One M8 review in August last year will know that I am a BIG fan of the HTC franchise. Yes, I am still an Apple user, but this little guy nearly converted me to Android last year. Here’s what happened at the HTC One M9 SA launch… (more…)

Apple reveals eye-watering Apple Watch prices

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apple-watch-67-970-80Today is a good, no make it great day for Android Wear. The Cupertino boys officially revealed the Apple Watch types and prices at their “Spring Forward” event. Needless to say the Samsung, Motorola and LG teams are high-fiving each other after Apple revealed their crazy Apple Watch prices.

You will be able to buy (or finance) one of three Apple Watch types, the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Here is all you need to know about pricing… (more…)

Apple Watch battery life to be better than expected?

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applewatchbattery-780Today is Apple’s “Spring Forward” event and there is a buzz of excitement among the tech inclined (read our event preview here). The star attraction however is definitely the Apple Watch. There are three big questions on everyone’s mind – When can we buy it? What will it cost? And of course, what will the battery life be like?

From what we have seen so far of the Apple Watch indicates that the wearable will be tethered to the wall quite a lot. Or has Apple managed to improve the situation over the past couple of months since its big reveal? (more…)

Sony MWC 2015: Joburg Launch Event

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Sony took centre-stage at the Reef Hotel in central Johannesburg on Thursday morning, bringing a slice of Mobile World Congress (MWC) proceedings to South African press teams as the conglomerate showcased a flurry of newly-announced devices: The Xperia Z4 tablet, the entry level E4 and E4g, as well as the mid-range M4 Aqua.

Sony kicked off the event, with introductory speaker Mark Fenzel, the Communication Sales Director of Sony Middle East and Africa, recapping Sony’s statement of direction the company presented at MWC.


Blackberry unveils the “Leap” and plans for 2015 at MWC 2015

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Blackberry2Blackberry has been very dormant over the past couple of years, only releasing a product here and there. So it came as a surprise to a lot of people that Blackberry is planning to release a flagship smartphone this year. At the company’s Mobile World Congress press conference Blackberry revealed that it plans to launch a new touchscreen slider device later this year. The new phone doesn’t have a name, price, or exact release date but it will take on the big boys of 2015… (more…)