BWB TV Review: The Brilliant LG G3

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Last year LG released one of the most critically acclaimed smartphones of the year, the LG G2. After rebranding the old Optimus brand, the LG G2 was the successor to the Optimus G, at least in spirit. The LG G2 completely set itself apart from the Optimus G, though, and quickly became LG’s best-selling smartphone.

Now LG brings us the LG G3, available in South Africa from 1 August, and it’s trying to take everything on board from fans and critics alike and apply to the design of its latest flagship to appeal to all. Does it succeed in improving everything we didn’t like about the G2 while consolidating its successes from that device?

You can find the in-depth written review here. Find out more in our video review below:


Cortana keeps getting smarter

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CortanaMobile voice assistants are becoming much more than a party trick nowadays. The modern voice assistant approach allows the service to emanate from an online cloud perspective. Thus the developers can update the service with more features when ever they are developed. Recently both Google and Apple has been furiously updating their voice assitants (Google Voice Serach and Siri) to try and gain an edge in the market. Microsoft has also joined the party by recently launching new updates to Cortana. And they have a few neat tricks up their sleeve… (more…)

Winners Announced: myPrepaid Electricity vouchers

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Image 1

Last week we brought you an exclusive competition to win one of five R300 prepaid electricity vouchers. We got some great feedback and with the electricity price increasing in July many were hoping to walk away with the one of the prizes.

The winners have been announced and notified, and they are:

Wayne Hurst
Moegamat Yusuf Abdullatief
Mike Lamprecht
Justine Spilsburys
Ruan Barnard

According to Domenico Deidda, Director of myPrepaid, “Consumers can expect a substantial saving on electricity spend if the basic electricity saving tips are implemented and strictly adhered to. As of 2015, we can expect electricity price increases generally in line with inflation which means that, if you have not already incorporated electricity saving tips at home or even in your business, there is no better time to do so than now.”


First Data acquires Gyft, founded by SA born entrepreneur

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Payment technology solution provider First Data has acquired mobile gift card platform Gyft, which was founded by SA born Vinny Lingham. It offers a mobile app that lets consumers organize, shop for and send gift cards to others. The company first launched its service in 2012, with its then iOS-only mobile gift card “wallet,” which has since expanded cross-platform to Android and the web, while growing its service to include cards from over 200 retailers.

The deal has been in the works for a couple of months, and was valued at under $100 million. Check out the full press release below: (more…)

Samsung to open Television Manufacturing Plant in South Africa

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Samsung Electronics South Africa announced its plan to open a television manufacturing plant in The Dube Trade Port, Durban by end of this year. With total investment of 20 million USD until 2018, the plan demonstrates the company’s effort to satisfy customers in South Africa. (more…)

The UAE wants to go to Mars

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dubaiThe United Arab Emirates is synonymous with wealth, luxury and world firsts. The Middle-Eastern country boasts some of the most extravagant and expensive things in the world. There you will find the world’s tallest building, indoor skiing in the middle of the dessert, camel polo games and of course ATM’s that deal in gold! All of this is thanks to the massive energy wealth enjoyed by the UAE. Now they want to attempt the next big thing. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (the UAE vice president) has decided that the UAE will launch a spaceship to Mars… (more…)

Report: Apple acquires talk radio app, Swell

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Swell app

Apple seems to be continuing their recent shopping spree and is reportedly closing the deal on acquiring talk-radio app, Swell for a cool $30 million.

According to a report by Re/code, the talks between Apple and Swell are nearing an end and the official acquisition will go through soon.

Swell, which has been described by many as a ‘Pandora for talk radio’, is essentially a podcast app that you can tailor to your personal needs. The app claims to learn the listening habits of the user and then makes suggestions based on previous content.

Swell will the start building a personalized radio service just for you, so you can listen to the thing that interest you most. However, should you not want to listen to a specific podcast Swell chose for you, you can easily move on by simply swiping it away.

Swell is mostly designed for listening in your car.  (more…)

Your smartphone will replace room keys at Hilton Hotels by 2016

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HiltonThe age old tradition of checking in at the Hotel counter is on its way to become a thing of the past. The Hilton Hotel group own around 4,100 properties world-wide and they plan to let their customers access their hotel rooms with their smartphones at most of their hotels by the end of 2016. This move will see the evolution from room keys to plastic room cards and now online smartphone access. They are also promising mores customer focused improvements… (more…)