Ubisoft to launch VR games in 2016

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ubisoftVirtual reality hardware currently has only a few applications, but come 2016 one of the primary motivations of VR hardware will become reality. Yup, virtual reality gaming! Video game publishing powerhouse Ubisoft plans to release games suited for virtual reality in 2016.

The company is currently developing “a certain number of games” that take advantage of VR, CEO Yves Guillemot told analysts on a call Tuesday. He noted Ubisoft believes in VR and wants to give gamers the chance to become more immersed in virtual worlds. (more…)

Google releases free I/O 2015 app

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IO-2015-AppNext week sees Google hosting their annual developers’ conference with the keynote presentation kicking off events. News and rumors have slowly been building in anticipation of the conference where it’s likely we’ll be seeing high-profile releases at the conference – such as of Android M and other cool and innovative launches.

Many people will be tuning into the goings-on of the I/O event. Whether you are lucky enough to be there or following events on line, Google has released their official Google I/O 2015 app to keep you in the loop. (more…)

Samsung rejects rumours of early Galaxy Note 5 launch

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This being the tech world, rumours are always abound leaving small titbits of interesting info on the internet – whether they are true or not. They problem has become that many page hit-seekers have started making up fake rumours for to gain an audience they don’t deserve. Luckily we the tech journo community have weeded out the fakes from the greats. (more…)

New Microsoft Office for Android (phones) preview app now available

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Office-for-Android-640x358As part of Microsoft’s overhaul of just about everything, Android phone users will shortly have access to an improved Office experience. The update has been available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets for a while now. In this initial release, Office for Android phones is only available as a beta, or preview, with three apps in the Google Play Store – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. (more…)

You can now tweet Barack Obama: @POTUS

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While the President of the United States (POTUS) is one of the most powerful people in the world, the government has never created its own Twitter account for the position. Until now, that is.

The White House announced today that @POTUS is the official handle for the commander in chief. Of course, president Obama has his own Twitter account (managed by his campaign workers), but whomever hold office will from now on be using the @POTUS handle to talk to the Twitter-verse.

With this new username, updates will come directly from the president himself as he continues working to make “his Administration the most open and participatory in history.” Shortly after the account was created, ex-president Bill Clinton and Obama exchanged some witty banter: (more…)

LG takes on the Galaxy Note with the G4 Stylus

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The newest flagship from LG has just hit stores internationally this week and will be on our shores soon, but they have already announced new variants of the leather-clad G4.

In addition to the LG G4, they Korean company are also taking aim at Samsung with the new G4 Stylus. As its name suggests, it also has a Rubberdium pencil for writing and other input with the screen, just like its target – the Galaxy Note 4. (more…)

L’Oreal is 3D printing skin to test cosmetics

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Since 2013, The L’Oreal Group has banned testing its cosmetics on animals in any of its laboratories. To compensate, they rely on a predictive model that utilises bits of skin grown in a lab – or as they like to call it, – “Reconstructed Human Epidermis” – to make sure their products are safe. (more…)

Rumours surface of possible early iPhone 6S launch

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appleGetting your nose in front of the competition in the smartphone market is crucial to build your customer base. But this can also have a negative side. Take the Sony Xperia range as an example.Due to their crazy almost 6-month release schedule in the recent past the company hasn’t been able to truly innovate with their products.

A few days ago news surfaced that Samsung could be looking to get a leg up on Apple by launching the Galaxy Note 5 as soon as July. Now however more rumors indicate that Apple could be planning an early launch of its own, introducing the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in August. What’s the rush? (more…)