ClickStick – a smart deodorant device (no jokes)

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Try and think of the most ridiculous invention you can come up with. Got it? Ok, but whatever it is, I am convinced that your ridiculous idea won’t beat this idea.

Say hello to the ClickStick – a smart, electric deodorant device that looks to revolutionize the way we think bout and apply deodorant. And as if the subject in itself is not kind of awkward enough, the marketing pitch for this device is down right cringeworthy.

The aim of the ClickStick – per their Kickstarter campaign – is to deliver the right, or rather perfect, amount deodorant every time you want to mask your sweaty pits. No fancy ingredients or some out-of-this-world feature, just the fact that it delivers the perfect amount of deodorant every time.

Have you ever…

The ClickStick was developed, surprisingly enough, by two Ivy League students who are basically rocket scientists in the making. They are students at Princeton University’s mechanical ad aerospace engineering department. (more…)

Microsoft Band & Health Launched (first by the App Store and then by Microsoft)

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Ever had that one story you felt was yours to tell and then later discovered that it became public knowledge without you knowing about it?  Microsoft fell victim to this type of announcement of their latest product.


So how does downtime affect Facebook?

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facebook-crashNo one will argue that we find ourselves in an integrated social network loving community that relies on constant contact with friends, colleagues and family through various social platforms. Just the thought of those services being down sounds like a decent horror movie script and most can’t believe why companies like Facebook would go down or take soooo long to get back online. Well, I can tell you that, like any company, Facebook does not like not being able to provide its service, but just how badly are they affected? (more…)

255Tbps: Scientists carry entire world’s internet traffic through single fibre

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Researchers in the US and Netherlands have managed to transmit data at 255Tbps across a single strand of fibre cable over a kilometre, about 2,500 times faster than any commercial fibre. That is equivalent to around 32 terabytes per second — enough to transfer a 1GB movie in 0.03 milliseconds, or the entire contents of your 1TB hard drive in about 31 milliseconds. (more…)

Oppo R5 is the world’s thinnest phone, at just 4.85mm

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Many companies think that thinner is better, with many Asian brands having launched the world’s thinnest phone over the last couple of years. Apple also believe in this philosophy, but the new thinner iPhone 6 is simply fat when compared to the new Oppo R5. (more…)

SA startup creates app to help fight Ebola

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Ebola Care App

As everyone knows, the current Ebola crisis in West Africa is about as serious as things can get. It is estimated that more than 10 000 people have been infected with the deadly virus, and aid workers around the world are doing everything they can to help.

However, these aid workers also need help in managing their response quickly and most importantly, efficiently. And this is exactly where a innovative South African startup comes into play.

Journey is a South African tech startup from Cape Town that has just developed an app that aims to help aid workers in West Africa deal with the increasing pressure in assisting those infected.

The Ebola Care app was developed by Malan and Philip Joubert – the two young South African founders of Journey.

The Joubert brothers recently took their startup to San Francisco, to expand it in Silicon Valley. It is here, in the heart of the tech industry, amidst thousands of other tech startups, that they became aware of the Ebola crisis and just how quickly it is escalating.

They then decided that, with Journey, they could do something to help fight the disease.  (more…)

Facebook’s profits grow, thanks to mobile users

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Advertisers are once again attracted to advertise on Facebook.  This is thanks to an increased number of mobile users who are using the platform at record rates.

81% of the 864 million people accessing the service daily, did so from their mobile phones.  Mobile users now represent an even larger share of the 1.35 billion people who access Facebook each month.


Google researching sci-fi like medicine

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google_dnaSo Google has long since left behind their days of only operating online and even the days of just dabbling in IT technologies and products. Google’s special research division called Google X is now pushing the boundaries of medical science as they strive to find a cure for death. The head of the life sciences division, Andrew Conrad, announced yesterday that they are working on a project that would use nanotechnology to identify signs of disease. (more…)