Asus Fonepad 7 Review: Budget Decorum

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Before we begin, let’s take a moment to consider how utterly absurd the FonePad moniker is. For a modern line of slates that’s aimed at a budget consumer, the title FonePad harks back to the golden age of deliciously named noughties mobile phones – simply think N-Gage. Far better crowned, one could argue, would perhaps be Alcatel’s OneTouch competitors.

Luckily, corporate naming aside, ASUS’ latest outing, the newly refreshed FonePad 7, brings decorum to the budget end of the tablet spectrum that truly stands out as affordable and pleasing to use. (more…)

HTC sends out MWC invites – new HTC One M9 coming soon?

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While HTC did unveil the Desire 826 at CES this year, they didn’t really have a massive presence at the trade show. Last year HTC announced the HTC One M8 at a standalone event, and not at MWC as they had before, but this year might be different.

Reports point to a possible HTC flagship launch at MWC 2015, called project “Hima”, which is rumoured to be either the HTC One M9 or the HTC One M8 Max – the massive phablet successor to the previous One Max. (more…)

Windows Phone 10 leaks shows new homescreen

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Alongside the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is launching their new software for smartphones. We’re not yet exactly sure what it will be called yet (the rumoured names are either Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 for phones), but a leak allegedly shows off the homescreen of the new software. (more…)

Xiaomi tease super-thin smartphone

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The name may not ring a bell, as we don’t see their devices in SA, but Xiaomi is actually one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. They are Chinese, and have been selling smartphones in their millions. (more…)

New iOS 8 update coming this week

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iOS 8.1.2 was rolled out about a month ago, which added some minor features and fixed bugs, most notably the WiFi connection issues some of the new iPhones were experiencing. It wasn’t really anything major, but Apple continue to make the experience as good as possible. (more…)

Audi’s new Q7 supports Android Auto and CarPlay

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Apple and Google (among others) are vying to be the operating system of your next car. The support for the operating systems geared towards motoring is growing quickly and you can expect the new generating of cars to always be connected in some way or another. (more…)

LG announces the G Flex 2 at CES 2015

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The LG G Flex was one of the more interesting devices in 2014. While it was certainly flawed in many ways, it did give us something new to consider in a smartphone market that seems to be getting more humdrum every year as innovation dries up.

Now, LG have announced its successor, the aptly named G Flex 2. It is a truly striking device to behold, unlike anything else on the market. While the G Flex wasn’t a particularly good looking device, the G Flex 2 has been designed to resemble the LG G3 and it has certainly worked in the looks department.

The device will come in some nice colours as well, with platinum silver and white resembling that of the G3, but also with an additional vivid red. (more…)

Microsoft launches the Lumia 215 – the world’s cheapest internet phone

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In a move we have come to expect from Microsoft since acquiring Nokia, they are continuing to focus on affordable devices rather than flashy flagship smartphones. In this case, however, the Lumia 215 is the cheapest of its kind.

Yes, it won’t win any performance awards, but it is aimed at emerging markets where people might be getting the capability of connecting to the internet with a phone for the first time, and of course for very budget-minded folk. (more…)