Acer Iconia Tab 8 Review: Affordably premium

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Iconia Tab 8_A1-840FHD_wp-09

The tablet market has stopped growing as a whole and is flooded with Android devices of all shapes and sizes. Many still believe that there is a place for more affordable tablets, built with premium materials and with great performance. That is what the Acer tablet strives for.

With a recommended retail price of only R2,900 does this aluminium clad tablet offer the bang for your buck you are hoping for? (more…)

Sony Xperia Z4 leaked: Business as usual for Sony

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Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z4 has been leaked in renders showcasing the front and rear of the device. According to the leaker, the renders in question are for use within Sony to highlight what the handset will look like. Spoiler alert – it isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. (more…)

How awesome are these Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Edition designs?

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It seems Marvel and Samsung have some interesting partnerships on the horizon. The massive blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released in May, and Samsung will be releasing their own blockbuster Galaxy S6 range in a matter of weeks.

So, of course, it makes sense that the two team up to give us these great looking Galaxy S6 Edge devices, which will be known as the Avengers edition. (more…)

LG G4 leak shows a subtle curve

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A couple of leaks have hit the internet showing the upcoming LG G4 flagship device from the Korean electronics company in a completely new light. If these leaks turn out to be true, it marks a major step forward for LG and their ambitions.

Other companies like Samsung have only flirted with the idea of having a curved screen smartphone on the flagships – they continue to be alternative models to the flagship proper, in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and before that the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. (more…)

Apple confirms storage for all three Watch variants

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Apple confirmed that all three editions of the Apple Watch will ship with 8GB of internal storage.

Apple Watch users will be limited to up to 2GB of songs and up to 75MB of photos that are locally stored on the device and can be listened to or viewed without a paired iPhone. Songs can be synced using the Apple Watch companion app on compatible iPhones running iOS 8.2 or later. (more…)

ASUS shows why you should buy ZenWatch over expensive Apple Watch Edition

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ASUS has published this rather humorous image on Twitter, showing the social network why they should choose the ZenWatch and not the Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple reveals eye-watering Apple Watch prices

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apple-watch-67-970-80Today is a good, no make it great day for Android Wear. The Cupertino boys officially revealed the Apple Watch types and prices at their “Spring Forward” event. Needless to say the Samsung, Motorola and LG teams are high-fiving each other after Apple revealed their crazy Apple Watch prices.

You will be able to buy (or finance) one of three Apple Watch types, the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Here is all you need to know about pricing… (more…)

Samsung breaks pre-orders record with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

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The last 12 months haven’t been the best for Samsung, with sales starting to dry up amid stronger competition from Chinese manufacturers and heavyweights alike. It picture may be a little more rosy for the Korean company in 2015, though.

Citing a major mobile carrier in Europe, The Korea Times has revealed that pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have allegedly hit 20 million from retailers, 15 million being for the Galaxy S6 and 5 million for the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is the most pre-orders the company has ever received from retailers worldwide. (more…)