Samsung announces Galaxy A-series for South Africa

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We were wondering if Samsung would bring these devices to the country, and we are so glad they did. South Africa seems like the perfect market for this device.

The Samsung A series is Samsung’s newest and slimmest smartphone range. It consists of the Galaxy A3 and A5. The range offers a trendy design and interesting functions to support social networking for young users. (more…)

Apple CEO reveals Apple Watch launch date

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We can all stop speculating and piling together various rumours in order to paint a coherent picture – Tim Cook has revealed the date that Apple Watch devices will start shipping to customers.

He snuck the announcement in at the earnings call this week. Apple have had their best quarter in history and are hoping that the Apple Watch will drive the profits of the Cupertino company even higher. (more…)

Huawei SA to focus on Premium Mid to High-end Products

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Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) today announced its 2014 financial performance. Total sales revenue increased 30% year-on-year to USD 12.2 billion, crossing the 10 billion mark for the first time. Shipment grew by 7.8% to a total of 138 million devices in 2014, including 75 million smartphones, representing a year-on-year increase of 45%.

“Our strategy of focusing on premium mid- to high- end products has borne fruit, with 2014 resulting in significant achievements in a number of areas including product R&D, brand awareness, channel development and growth in market share which further consolidated our number three position in the global smartphone market. The global influence of our brand has continued to grow, and Huawei has become the first mainland Chinese company to successfully enter Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands of 2014 list,” said Mr. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG. (more…)

Touch-free, smart thermometer takes temperature without contact

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Stick the word ‘smart’ in front of any household item and you are bound to come up with something interesting these days. Some are quite strange, though, such as the Parrot Flower Power Wireless Plant Sensor. Other times, they can be extremely useful and help make some difficult tasks a little bit easier.

One such device is the Wishbone, by Joywing Tech, who just launched a campaign on Kickstarter. While there are other devices such as this on the market, Joywing claim that “Wishbone is the world’s smallest and easiest-to-use smart thermometer. It can accurately check body, object or environment temperature.” (more…)

Surface Pro 3 scores big for Microsoft in latest results

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The last week has been quite a big one for Microsoft. They showed off their first concept for the augmented reality device HoloLens, delved deeper into the new Windows 10 and also unveiled their brand new browser, project Spartan (although the name will likely change before release).

We think there are plenty of good reasons to get excited about where Microsoft is going next, but this week they got extremely excited about what is probably their first major success story when it comes to its own hardware, Nokia excluded. (more…)

Apple’s next iPhone to be powered by Samsung chips

Published by on Jan 27th, 2015, 8 Comments

A man walks at the Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul

The Korean giant Samsung may have pulled off another great move to boost its electronics business. That’s not the devices division, however, but Samsung chips will reportedly power the majority of the next-generation iPhone.

The report says that Samsung will claim 75% of processor chip production for Apple’s next smartphone. Samsung are one of a few companies that have the scale to provide high-end processors in the numbers that Apple needs for its iPhones. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Battery Life Tips

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This is somewhat of a contentious issue when it comes to smartphones these days, with many of the new devices truly disappointing when it comes to battery life.

While the Galaxy Note 4 has a large battery by today’s standards, it also has to push a lot of pixels in that QHD display, and has extremely beefy specs. Also, TouchWiz is a bit of a battery hog, though it is getting slightly better with time.

As we stated in our review, the battery performance on the Note 4 isn’t quite as good as the Galaxy Note 3. Heavy users might probably won’t need a charge during the day, but here are some tips to make sure you don’t. (more…)

Asus Fonepad 7 Review: Budget Decorum

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Before we begin, let’s take a moment to consider how utterly absurd the FonePad moniker is. For a modern line of slates that’s aimed at a budget consumer, the title FonePad harks back to the golden age of deliciously named noughties mobile phones – simply think N-Gage. Far better crowned, one could argue, would perhaps be Alcatel’s OneTouch competitors.

Luckily, corporate naming aside, ASUS’ latest outing, the newly refreshed FonePad 7, brings decorum to the budget end of the tablet spectrum that truly stands out as affordable and pleasing to use. (more…)