LG designing a 3G-connected smartwatch

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The smartwatch market is still in its infancy and still many questions remain about why we would actually want to use it on a regular basis. One of the arguments put forth by manufacturers is that it can completely replace your smartphone, and wouldn’t need to be tethered to one.

Samsung believe there is a market for such a device and has already launched the Gear S (pictured above), a 3G connected smartwatch that can make phone calls and it brings basically all other smartphone functionality you would need (i.e. email, maps, etc). (more…)

You can swap out Project Ara’s modules without turning off the phone

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project-ara-9A month ago we reported that Project Ara is becoming more and more of a reality. Throughout 2014 we have also seen different functions and features of Project Ara come to light. In April this year the Model Developers Kit revealed that the phone’ battery will be hot swappable, enabling the user to replace it without switching off the device. What is even more incredible is that this hot swappable feature will extend beyond only the battery component. (more…)

Samsung now selling a curved PC monitor

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Most people around the world still haven’t quite understood why companies are pushing the curved display as the next big thing. To be honest, we can’t see that much benefit either, but it is the latest trend to hit display technology and is likely to stay (for now, at least).

3D displays were all the rage a couple of years ago as well, but it has fizzled into little more than a memory. Samsung believes “the curve changes everything” about watching TV, and now they are making the same claim about computer monitors. (more…)

TomTom’s smartwatch designed specifically for golfers

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In perfect conjunction with the start of the Ryder Cup, TomTom couldn’t have found a better time to introduce its new GPS-powered wearable. While Europe may have won the Ryder Cup, this smartwatch has information on thousands of courses from all over the world. The watch, simply, and fittingly, named TomTom Golfer, is similar to Garmin’s Approach line, featuring data for more than 34,000 courses. (more…)

HTC action cam launching on October 8th (video)

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In a move that surprised the gadget world, we heard rumours that HTC would be delving into the world of action cameras (think GoPro). Now those rumours are seeming much more plausible with HTC releasing a teaser video of what it is all about.

The company has posted both a RECamera teaser site and a video (below) which hint that the adventure-oriented action cam should launch on October 8th, the same day as HTC’s “Double Exposure” media event.

Check out the teaser below: (more…)

Samsung Galaxy A-series details leak

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We were very happy to see Samsung release the Galaxy Alpha, as it was the first metal rimmed Samsung ever brought to the masses. While we feel Samsung is thoroughly flogging the horse with the Galaxy branding, we now have details of a completely new Galaxy range, of which the Galaxy Alpha will be part. (more…)

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s new iPhone ads (videos)

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Apple have always made short spots for TV adverts that explain what exactly makes their device(s) so great. This time around, they are doing it with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s voice talents.

To Apple fans who watched the launch event and have been following subsequent reports on the hardware, there’s not really any new information here, but the point is more to be entertained by Fallon and Timberlake’s chatter. Check out their ads below: (more…)

Samsung Power Sharing cable can help charge accessories

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While we are very excited about smartwatches becoming more readily available and being made by more companies, we definitely feel they still have some ways to go before becoming the amazing wearables we have been dreaming about since the original Star Trek series (and for some, even before that).

One of the big reasons we aren’t completely sold on them yet is battery life – these wearables just don’t have the energy capacity to get them through much more than a day of use. Samsung believe that they have one solution, charging your wearable with your phone. (more…)