Gamer discovers and races deceased father’s ghost car

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PBS recently released a video about how games can be spiritual experiences, and below that posting was commented by a person with the handle 00WARTHERAPY00. He/she wrote a touching story in the comments about the time they spent gaming with their dad.

This person went on to say that when he or she was four years old, they’d play Xbox with his or her father and had tons of fun up until a few years later when their dad passed away. According to the commenter, it was a decade before they could bring themselves to switching on that Xbox again, but when they did there was a surprise waiting for them. (more…)

Turn any Android device into a PC gamepad (video)

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Playing something like a platformer on a PC can be quite cumbersome with a keyboard and mouse, and Ideum believe they have the answer. It has created an Android app called GestureWorks Gameplay which is used as a virtual controller, letting you use your phone or tablet to steer the action instead of either a real gamepad or on-screen buttons. (more…)

World’s largest video game collection sold for $750k

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A couple of months ago we told you about the world’s largest video game collection and that is is going on auction. It has been sold for a whopping $750,250 after going on auction for $1. When we last reported on it, the bid was around $50,000.

The bidder has bought himself the largest private collection of video games, said to be around 11,000 games in total.

Source: GameGavel

Steamboy: The handheld Steam gaming system (video)

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A while ago Steam announced that they would release a gaming operating system called Steam OS. It will be completely built around the current Steam ecosystem and be fully optimised for gaming. Manufacturers can then make Steam Machines to their heart content, and can be as diverse as any PC setup. (more…)

FNB grows gadget and gaming offerings

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If you are a tech lover and an FNB client, you must have a very wide smile on your face at this stage. FNB pioneered the online offering of smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles in South Africa to be paid over 24 months at no interest. That’s right, you can buy the gadgets you love for the same price it would be in cash, but over a two year period. (more…)

“Doom” returns to franchise roots

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doomMany would argue that the original “Doom” game was the birth of the first person shooter genre. Either way the original game (released in 1993) holds a very special place in the hearts of 90′s gamers. Last week Thursday Bethesda Softworks showed off a preview of its latest Doom game in front of a crowd of fans at the Quakecon 2014 event in Dallas. The new game will be named Doom, not Doom 4 as has often rumored. The franchise aims to to return to its roots, rediscovering the space marine who lands on Mars and finds it infested with demons who have come through a portal from Hell.  (more…)

Nvidia releasing a gaming tablet?

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NVIDIA-Shield-TabletStrong rumours have emerged that Nvidia has a gaming tablet in the pipeline. Recently the graphics chip maker has seen another one of its documents leaked on the internet providing conformation of the upcoming device. A certification registered last week with the Global Certification Forum (GCF) provides the most compelling evidence yet, as reported by Android Community. The Nvidia “Shield Tablet” might be arriving sooner rather than later…


Xbox One’s SA pricing and launch date revealed

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On the heels of the Xbox Media Briefing at E3, we finally found out when we can expect the Xbox One in South Africa and how much cash you will have to drop to pick it up.

Unfortunately, we have three more painfully long months to wait before it reaches our shores. You can expect it on the 23rd of September. Luckily, unlike some of the major overseas market, we will be able to choose if we want the Kinect with the console. It will cost R6299.99 without the Kinect, and a whopping R7999.99 with the accessory. I don’t use the term ‘accessory’ very lightly, as it is certainly a powerful piece of hardware if you can find enough use for it. (more…)