Cougar’s First Gaming Mouse Wins Design Award (video)

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If you are a gamer you need to see this new gaming mouse. While there are other peripherals with a striking design, we feel this one certainly stands out.

Cougar is a new gaming peripheral brand soon to hit South African shores. The German based company started in 2007 and wanted to establish a professional team at the forefront of technological advancements in the gaming field. Over the years they adhered to the design philosophy of technology focused on human use and aesthetic perfection. This combination lead to products that met the global demand of high-end professional gamers.

One such product is the company’s very first gaming mouse, the 700M. Cougar’s computer peripheral engineers spent over two years creating the first aluminium framed gaming mouse which went on to win the iF (International Design Award) of 2014 as well as the COMPUTEX Design & Innovation Award of 2014. It will go on sale in SA for R934. (more…)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Clueless Gamer Review

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The latest Call of Duty game has been released, and as it has been every year in the last couple, it’s a big deal. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have a relatively inexperienced gamer’s perspective.

There is something truly satisfying about watching comedian Conan O’Brien playing video games – mostly because he doesn’t know how. The Clueless Gamer series of shows he airs on his late night show parodies the ultra geeky and the noobs alike, and it’s really entertaining. (more…)

Internet Arcade puts 900 classic arcade games at your fingertips

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ArcadeWhether you have been craving to play those old coin operated arcade style games for years, or just looking to procrastinate some more at work, the Internet Arcade is the place to be. This new online gaming platform brings back the heyday of arcade games. You can find a crazy 900 coin operated arcade games from the 70′s and 80′s and they are all free to play right on your web browser! Global business efficiency might just take the biggest step back since Facebook was launched… (more…)

Microsoft’s RoomAlive turns your livingroom into a game level

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Roomalive1Gone are the days where we enjoyed playing games with just a few hundred pixels of graphics. The modern gamer needs to be totally engrossed in the experience, forget 2D flat screens or even the latest HD display. Forget just one controller or even two, you need to be the controller, you need to be the character. Microsoft has over the years poured a lot of energy and money into developing the latest and greatest gaming experience (e.g. Kinect series) and now they present their latest offering in the making. IllumiRoom 2.0, now called RoomAlive pairs multiple Xbox Kinects with projectors to extend your TV onto a wall, with immersive (and hallucinogenic) effects… (more…)

‘Angry Birds’ studio Rovio announces layoffs

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Angry Birds maker Rovio is laying off 16% of its staff, admitting that the company’s headcount had swelled based on ‘assumptions of faster growth than have materialised’.

Chief executive Mikael Hed announced the news publicly in a blog post, revealing that a maximum of 130 staff will be affected in Rovio’s native Finland. (more…)

Ms. Pac-Man joins the breast cancer fight

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Ms. Pac-Man

October month is breast cancer month and this year we will see an activist of note when it comes to fighting for the cause.  Ms. Pac-Man herself will be fighting alongside millions of women diagnosed with the disease.

In an attempt to help boost the awareness of breast cancer, game developer house Bandai Namco, set out Ms. Pac-Man as their mascot.


Microsoft launches Xbox One in China

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After an extremely long wait, Microsoft has finally launched its Xbox One video game console in China. It is actually a first for Microsoft, since Chinese gamers have had to wait 13 years for a console ban to be lifted in their country. (more…)

Sony offers free access to the online multiplayer features of PS Plus

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Something we never grow tired of is free stuff. In the gaming world you will very rarely find something for free (unless you are talking about casual, mobile games), so to see this offer from Sony is great, even if it isn’t for very long.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has today announced an offer for gamers that will see free access to the online multiplayer features of PS Plus for all PS4 users for a full weekend from 09.00 on Friday 26th September to 09.00 on Monday 29th September. (more…)