Microsoft is reportedly buying ‘Minecraft’ developer Mojang (Updated)

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How much would you guess the developer famous for creating the indie game ‘Minecraft’ is worth?

Well, according to sources Microsoft is interested in buying Mojang for a massive $2 billion! Microsoft approached Mojang as early as three months ago and the purchase should be finished by the end of this month. (more…)

‘SimCity BuildIt’ brings city planning to mobile

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While this is not new to the franchise, SimCity will be bringing a new city simulation game back to mobile devices. You’ll get another crack at metropolis building pretty soon on your smartphone or tablet on iOS and Android.

Details are pretty scarce at the moment, but it does look like quite a step up from the previous mobile version of the franchise, SimCity Mobile. It looks very much like the PC counterpart actually, which is simply called SimCity. (more…)

Turn any Android device into a PC gamepad (video)

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Playing something like a platformer on a PC can be quite cumbersome with a keyboard and mouse, and Ideum believe they have the answer. It has created an Android app called GestureWorks Gameplay which is used as a virtual controller, letting you use your phone or tablet to steer the action instead of either a real gamepad or on-screen buttons. (more…)

Call of Duty: The Documentary (video)

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An homage for fans of the Call of Duty series is heading our way. The documentary looks to take fans behind the scenes of “one of the most successful video games ever produced”.

Legal battles, eSports mega game and a foundation helping war veterans is only a small part of the documentary that will be released soon.

Called CODumentary, it “has been made for COD (they used the large O, not me) and gaming fans everywhere in the world. I just felt it was important to make a film about such a great game and how it’s just got bigger and stronger. There is also a strong moral side to the narrative and we portray the whole picture from the early days right up to 2014 “, says Jonathan Beales, producer of CODumentary. (more…)

Flappy Bird is back – and he brought his family

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Flappy Bird Family

We are all pretty familiar with the Flappy Bird spectacle. After becoming an overnight hit and then subsequently being pulled form app stores after it’s creator had a bit of a meltdown – no one can say there hasn’t been drama with Flappy Bird.

And now, after months of speculation and waiting, Flappy Bird has finally returned and this time around he brought some of his family members.

Flappy Birds Family is the latest version of the addictive game to come from it’s developer, Dong Nguyen. However, there is a catch – Flappy Birds Family is not available to everyone. In actual fact, it’s only available to a very select group of people; namely those who own a Amazon Fire TV.

For reasons that are not yet known, Flappy Birds Family is only available to download on Amazon’s Android app store and only works with Amazon’s Fire TV. According to The Verge, the app won’t even work on an Android phone.  (more…)

Xbox Live and Playstation Plus games for August

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Sony and Microsoft have just announced what the deals will be for the month of August. There are some great picks, and others that most won’t really be interested in. If you have an Xbox Live or Playstation Plus account be sure to check them out. (more…)

Gamer discovers and races deceased father’s ghost car

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PBS recently released a video about how games can be spiritual experiences, and below that posting was commented by a person with the handle 00WARTHERAPY00. He/she wrote a touching story in the comments about the time they spent gaming with their dad.

This person went on to say that when he or she was four years old, they’d play Xbox with his or her father and had tons of fun up until a few years later when their dad passed away. According to the commenter, it was a decade before they could bring themselves to switching on that Xbox again, but when they did there was a surprise waiting for them. (more…)

World’s largest video game collection sold for $750k

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A couple of months ago we told you about the world’s largest video game collection and that is is going on auction. It has been sold for a whopping $750,250 after going on auction for $1. When we last reported on it, the bid was around $50,000.

The bidder has bought himself the largest private collection of video games, said to be around 11,000 games in total.

Source: GameGavel