Terminally ill woman takes finals walks with Oculus Rift (video)

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There are so many gaming devices out there that can have far reaching uses – much more than merely gaming and home entertainment. This week we have seen a noble use for the Oculus Rift. A terminally ill woman’s wishes were able to come true one last time.

Roberta Firstenberg’s cancer treatments failed last year, and she was told she had just a few months to live. Her granddaughter Priscilla (Pri) is a gamer, and the devastating news prompted her to send a note to the Oculus Rift support team, who quickly decided to send a developer’s unit. (more…)

Age of Empires: World Domination coming to mobile (video)

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If you grew up playing the Age of Empires games, this might give you a massive kick of nostalgia. The RTS game from Microsoft was a massive success, and developers from Redmond are hoping that they can relive that success on the mobile platforms.

That’s right, an AoE game is coming to mobile. More specifically, it will be called Age of Empires: World Domination. The trailer below shows very little gameplay, and we have no idea as of yet how the gameplay will work. What we do know, it that it will be coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Check out the trailer below: (more…)

Sid Meier’s new Civilization game heads to space (video)

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We were so happy to see that legendary game developer Sid Meier is once again venturing into space. Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming in the second half of the year, and we can’t wait.

The last time Meier created a game set in space it was a huge success – Alpha Centauri did really well. Publisher Electronic Arts still holds the rights to the Alpha Centauri name (which was a Civ spin-off), so this is developer Firaxis’ effort at a sequel. (more…)

Microsoft name new Xbox head Phil Spencer

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Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

The new leader for Microsoft’s Xbox team was announced yesterday by CEO Satya Nadella, longtime Microsoft Studios leader Phil Spencer.

One of the first things Spencer was asked was what would be the immediate focus of the Xbox team, as there is so much to oversee within the world of Microsoft gaming. “I’m gonna lead with a gaming focus and making sure that’s where we’re led. That’s the North Star for the organization,” he said. “Winning with the gamer first is gonna be something that drives the organization.” (more…)

Candy Crush maker’s IPO valued at $7 billion

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king ipo

The company that created that vastly popular Candy Crush mobile game, King, has filed for its IPO. It is tipped to be one of the bigger internet IPOs this year, but questions were immediately raised. Other mobile game companies like Zynga, which created Farmville, have lost most of its value on the stock exchange due to the inability to retain profitability once a game falls out of favour.

Nearly 100 million users play Candy Crush every day, and while the company’s titles remain free to play, it depends on virtual goods. (more…)

Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

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Facebook has been on a massive spending spree in months of late, and they aren’t about to stop anytime soon, as their latest acquisition proves. The Oculus Rift is the only product produced by Oculus VR, a virtual-reality headset meant to change people’s immersion experiences within games. Facebook is buying to company for $2 billion in cash and stock.

In a post on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg talks at length about how Facebook plans to make Oculus a platform for “completely new kinds of experiences,” with gaming being only the first one. (more…)

Valve’s pro gaming documentary hits YouTube (video)

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Free to Play

Last month we reported on the upcoming documentary by Valve delving into the world of professional gaming. That documentary has now been released and is free to watch on YouTube, iTunes and Steam.

It depicts some of the top players in the world, playing for a $1 million top prize. Touching on their routes and origins, it shows the challenges of becoming a professional gamer, but also that anyone can do it. We have included the video after the break, so take a look and enjoy: (more…)

SimCity finally gets an offline mode

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I don’t know about you, but I love me some city building. The launch of SimCity around this time last year was a massive problem for EA, but they have listened to customers and are trying to give them what they want. In that spirit, EA has revealed that an update for the game is now available for download, which will eliminate the need for the game to be connected to the internet at all times. (more…)