Google researching sci-fi like medicine

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google_dnaSo Google has long since left behind their days of only operating online and even the days of just dabbling in IT technologies and products. Google’s special research division called Google X is now pushing the boundaries of medical science as they strive to find a cure for death. The head of the life sciences division, Andrew Conrad, announced yesterday that they are working on a project that would use nanotechnology to identify signs of disease. (more…)

Google Fit launches for Android

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It has been quite some time since we first heard about Google Fit, the fitness application that will be launched on all Android devices pretty soon.

The Google Fit app, the company’s answer to Apple Health, is now available for download, compiling all of those collected fitness stats in the same spot. By leveraging your phone’s sensors, the software monitors walking, running and cycling activity, allowing you to set specific goals and benefit from some friendly advice. (more…)

Android Wear to become cross platform?

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Making a platform that is consistent among many different smartwatches is the biggest stepping-stone for Android Wear. Implementing it has gotten off to a rocky start, but with every update Android Wear is improving.

At this stage, the biggest limitation for Android Wear is the prerequisite of having an Android phone to pair it with. (more…)

Google gives NGO’s real-time satellite data for free

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A couple of the acquisitions Google has made over the last 5 years have yet to be revealed to the market in any consumable form as most companies were bought to integrate its patent arsenal or use its intellectual expertise. But this isn’t true of Skybox, a satellite startup that Google acquired earlier this year. (more…)

Android 5.0 Lollipop release date revealed

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android-5-0-lollipopSo the long anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop is nearing the end of its development cycle and is preparing to launch as the latest public version of Google’s mobile operating system. As with previous Android releases the Nexus range (in this case Nexus 6 and Nexus 9) will run Lollipop straight out of the box. Updates for the existing Nexus devices will follow closely and the other OEMs (Samsung, LG, Sony) have already started planning their individual releases for the all new OS. So when will Google get the ball rolling?


Google updates email with the launch of Inbox (video)

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It’s somewhat unnerving to think that Gmail is over ten years old, but it is. The service spread like wildfire and Google boasts billions of active accounts around the world. But now, Google is taking a fresh look at the emailing services available to users, and introducing a new service designed to merge email with all the modern conveniences, called Inbox by Gmail. (more…)

Gmail to become all-encompassing email app?

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The application Google created for their Gmail service is already extremely simple and easy to use, and great at linking multiple Gmail accounts (especially on Android). With a new version of the app on the horizon, we weren’t quite sure what we could expect in terms of new functionality. (more…)

The Science of Talking to Computers (video)

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It is quite staggering how quickly computing has evolved. It has changed almost every part of our lives, from the mundane to extremely exciting.

Voice recognition and communicating with computers have been staples of science fiction for many years, but it turns out that it is actually one of the harder things to do with a computer. In part, because language is extremely complicated when it comes down to the mathematics, it is much more difficult to teach a computer to speak to you than it is to play chess (and very well), for example. (more…)