This piggybacking robot feeds you tomatoes while you run (video)

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Just a couple of weeks ago, we listed our picks of the weirdest ‘smart’ devices in the world. This week, we definitely have the world’s weirdest wearable.

A Japanese juice vendor, Kagome, has teamed up with the mechanical artists at Maywa Denki to build Petit-Tomatan, a piggybacking robot that feeds you tomatoes – giving you those all-important anti-oxidants while you’re running. (more…)

Top 5: Valentine’s Apps to pretend that you care about Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love and what better way to make the day memorable that capturing those special moments. Or you realise that it’s just a capitalist scam that’ll force you to spend a bucket load of money in order to keep your other half happy.

Here are the best apps out there to do both mentioned above without breaking a sweat. (more…)

Uber Seize parody – GTA yourself to your destination (video)

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Ride-sharing service Uber is getting a lot of bad press these days. For a service that I’ve personally gotten so much use out of, it is a shame that there are so many bureaucratic issues standing in its way around the world.

That being said, we do like it when our favourite tech or software companies are poked some fun at. With many countries around the world bemoaning safety practices of Uber, The Onion created an Uber parody video making it a feature, rather than a hindrance. (more…)

The Oatmeal’s card game becomes the most backed Kickstarter project ever

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exploding-kittens-exlarge-169I don’t know about you but I am quite a big fan of the online comic “The Oatmeal“. The creator, Matthew Inman, produces satirical cartoons of a most random nature. His work consists of a mish-mash of topical issues to expressing his own personal pet peeves. It could be his love of long distance running or how Nicola Tesla was the world’s most underrated scientist, any and every topic is fair game.

Recently Inman launched a Kickstarter campaign for a card game called Exploding Kittens. He asked for a modest $10,000, but he never in his wildest dreams would have expected the backing he has received to date. (more…)

Kim Kardashian in T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial (video)

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Smartphone manufacturers have been very keen to sign big name celebrities for its ad campaign over the last couple of years, for example James Franco promoting the Galaxy Note 10.1, or Robert Downey Jr in the HTC ads. The large telecommunications companies have also been going it for some time, and Kim Kardashian is the latest celeb to feature in a big Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile in the US.

The advert itself is actually quite a smart one, check it out below: (more…)

Code your own climax with this programmable vibrator (video)

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The world of technology is certainly a weird and wonderful place. To most, the everyday goings on in the sector can seem mundane, geeky, boring and all those other cliché words that spring to mind. Often it seems like a man’s world (and certainly still is mostly with the big corporates), but every now and again a gem such as this will rear its, as it were, that could truly appeal to the general female public. (more…)

Check out NASA’s “All About That Bass” Parody

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allaboutthatnasa (1)

Well now, this isn’t really something you would expect from NASA. They have parodied Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” Ladies and gentlemen, I present “All About That Space.” (more…)

Selfie Brush! Yes, it’s actually a thing!

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What an interesting time to be alive… (he says with a “what is this world coming to” look on his face). This is now blaring through my head:

“If you ever wanted a better way to combine your hair brushing routine with all those selfies you take, it has finally arrived! Introducing, the Selfie Brush. (more…)