World’s largest Solar Power Plant up and running

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TopazElectricity is a bit of a sore spot for South Africans. Eskom’s rolling blackouts is probably the only reason why we would call today – Black Friday. There is however some people that know how to generate electricity and they are doing so sustainably. Recently the Jasper solar power plant started producing electricity (96 megawatt) in the Northern Cape but it pales in comparison to the new Topaz solar power plant which came online recently in California (US). The plant is capable of producing 550 megawatts of electricity. (more…)

Smartphone Etiquette: The do’s and don’ts

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Smartphone EWe live in an interconnected world. We have information at our fingertips, can communicate with anyone in the world instantly and digitally capture and share memories and feelings for all to see. What is even more amazing is that we can do all of this from just one device. Yes, many products these days allow for a better experience in one of the aforementioned categories but no device currently available does it with the ease, mobility and speed that the modern day smartphone offers.

It has become an essential tool for the everyday individual. With technology becoming smarter and easier to produce, even very low income groups have the ability of owning a smartphone. The little device has become our constant companion, eating electricity at night to be able to obey your commands during the day. But has this ever present companion taken its toll on our social abilities and the way we interact with those around us? (more…)

Infographic: Our universe in a calendar year

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Master_Universe_by_ANTIFAN_REALIt is so easy to get lost in the small details of our life and the things going on around us. The latest iPhone or new Galaxy smartphone pales into insignificance once you start thinking about our universe. Whilst we struggle to etch out a life on mother earth we are but microscopic specs compared to the vastness of our universe. Man has been captivated by where we come from how the universe started and just how we got to where we are today. This infographic shows the birth, growth and significant events of our universe from inflation and the big bang up until now… (more…)

Infographic: New Windows Phone 8.1 Features

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With the official Windows Phone 8.1 update continuing to roll out for all Windows Phone 8 devices, we thought it would be cool to share this infographic on some of the new features to expect. (more…)

Air-powered “Bug-a-salt” rifle to kill flies

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bug-a-salt3Summer in South Africa is a great place to be. Having a braai and a few cold ones with friends is a favorite past-time of many a Saffer. Unfortunately the smell of deliciously prepared meat and side dishes attracts a host of our bug-eyed friends. Companies have come up with various different products to keep away flies from the dinner table but finally one product has come around that will make you look forward to the next outdoor get-together. Introducing the “Bug-a-salt” rifle. Forget fly swatters, this air powered rifle takes out creepy crawlies with a single focused blast of salt. (more…)

MasterCard launches MasterPass in SA

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MasterPass3Online shopping has become many a customer’s first choice of access when it comes to purchasing. Unfortunately due to security concerns and legislation it sometimes takes quite a while to get through the “Checkout” counter on any given website. The experience is sometimes similar to a day at the department of home affairs. To make this process not only super quick but also easy and secure MasterCard introduced MasterPass to the South African public yesterday.

According to the MasterCard press release: “MasterPass enables consumers to make convenient, simple, fast and secure digital payments. Digital wallets accessible through the MasterPass acceptance network allow consumers to store all their MasterCard or other branded credit, debit or cheque card information, and shipping and billing address details securely in one place. This gives them the ability to make secure online payments without the repeated hassle of entering these details each time.” (more…)

Infographic: Creating visual hierarchy with type and whitespace

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Good graphic design makes information easier to consume.

One of the most important tools you can use to help your users is visual hierarchy. Good visual hierarchy draws the users attention to the most important information on the screen. It also helps group related content together.

If you would like more information I also wrote a tutorial showing each step from this infographic.


Gumtree and OLX dominate eCommerce in SA

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Not that the news should at all be surprising, but Gumtree is the top eCommerce site in South Africa, racking up almost 30% of the total traffic to eCommerce sites. OLX is second on the list, with just over 13% of the unique visitors.

Overall traffic in the segment is growing significantly, and Gumtree is taking full advantage. Being owned by eBay, they certainly have the upper hand.

Check out the full list below: (more…)