Infographic: The Rise of Mobile 3.0

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MEF’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey was launched in December, and they have gone through the effort to re-mine the data to create this infographic that looks specifically at the emergence of “Mobile 3.0″ – a new emergence that is charactarized by “Super” apps displacing traditional pay once models with subscription models like Netflix, as well as in-app purchases.

In addition to the growth of the super-app, there has been a shift down in terms of volume of goods purchased and a shift up in their value with mobile users migrating their spending on big ticket items from online and the high street to mobile. [MEF’s 2013 Global Consumer Survey shows that the high spend threshold grew to 39 per cent in 2013 (up eight per cent from 2012) on items over $151].

To see the full infographic, see below: (more…)

Pocketography: the democratization of photography

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Almost everyone now has a smartphone, each equipped with a camera that can be used with a variety of photo editing apps available, offering effects and filters that make sunsets look like 7th heaven and ‘selfies’ look like pieces of art.

As a result, life and history are being documented in a totally different way, by everyone (with smartphone sales to surpass regular phone sales this year for the first time), right from their pocket. And don’t forget the rapid rate at which these images are being shared globally.

This is the democratizaion of photography where everyone is a photographer and the best camera is really the one you always carry with with you.


wiGroup tracks growing mobile phone transactions in SA

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Mobile phone-based transactions are booming in South Africa, with wiGroup’s transaction platform wiPlatform at the centre of a growing ecosystem that processed over R1.5 billion during the first 10 months of 2013.

“The number of mobile transactions through wiPlaftorm grew by over 500% in the first six months of 2013, and that growth is strengthening each month,” says wiGroup CEO Bevan Ducasse. “The market has clearly realised the value of the open platform approach, which makes it easy for retailers, app developers, agencies and brands to work together, without having to make expensive and difficult changes at the point of sale.”


‘Age of Internet Empires’ reveals most visited websites in the world

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internet-worldIf the internet was a monarchy and the world could be divided into  empires based on the websites they visit most, who do you think us South African’s belong to?

Well, a new study has done just that. The University of Oxford has released an “Age of Internet Empires” map, that illustrates which website is the most visited in each country.

Aside from the clever name, the “Age of Internet Empires” map is actually very interesting.

Although, it might be obvious which two websites own the most empires; the divine Google and unconquered social media site, Facebook.

Google’s immense power over the worldwide web is evident in the study.  (more…)

The World as 100 People

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Graphic designer Jack Hagley has created “The World as 100 People,” an infographic that illustrates global breakdowns of language, religion, gender, literacy, and more using 100 people to represent percentages.

For you daily dose of perspective, check out the infographic below. Simply click on it to enlarge.

The World as 100 People

by JackHagley.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

In Numbers: My ANC app on Mxit

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mxit-logoIn July 2013, The ANC ran a campaign featuring a new app available on Mxit called ‘My ANC’.

The app was launched in May of this year, by the Western Cape ANC as a means to communicate with the province’s youth ahead of the 2014 elections.

With its core youth market, 1 million active monthly user reach and cost effectiveness, Mxit was the ideal platform with which to launch such an app.

According to Mxit, the app produced some staggering numbers from enthusiastic subscribers during the campaign, pushing the app as a new entry to the number 10 spot on the Mxit Brand Index.

The infographic below illustrates these numbers providing insight into advertising generation, unique subscribers as well as its presence across various social networks.

Take a look below for these and more:


Women24 survey reveals online behaviour in SA

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women-24-logoWomen24 recently conducted a survery with 2 000 of its readers, the aim of which was to help marketers and ad agencies discover what makes South African women tick through their online behaviour.

The survey findings reveal that Women24 readers are highly engaged online. 83% of the respondents said they used the Internet to gather information, 78% of them regularly take online reviews into consideration when shopping and 33% watch online videos at least once a week. 21% also spend more than 3 hours a day on their phone or mobile device.

This active engagement online is reflected in Women24’s Effective Measure numbers. Women24 features as the biggest female focused website in the Unique Browser category (Effective Measure’s benchmark of choice) with an average of 267 689 UB’s per month over the last 3 months. The site also recorded a total average of 1 846 845 Page Impressions over the last 3 months.

“Women24 is the top website for women in South Africa, consistently occupying this top spot in the benchmark measurement categories for the industry, proof that the content policies are meeting the needs of female readers” says Gustav Goosen, CEO for The SpaceStation, the digital media sales agency that exclusively represent Women24.


Infographic: Which cloud storage option offers the best deal?

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Free Cloud Storage-01

By Stefan de Klerk for moneysmart

What would you do if your laptop were stolen or your hard drive crashed and all your beloved photos, videos and important documents were wiped out, never to be found again?

Backing your files up on an external hard drive could have prevented this scenario, but that too can crash or be stolen. And besides that, external hard drives tend to be on the more expensive side.

So what would be the best way to avoid this unfortunate situation? Store your files online, or as is more popularly known nowadays “in the cloud”.