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Inside online gaming company KIXEYE, San Francisco

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Online gaming company KIXEYE moved into its new 3 story headquarters in San Francisco after outgrowing its previous office space.

Designed by Rapt Studios the space reflects the gaming culture that exists within its walls among its employees. More than just decor, upon entering, the office immerses both visitors and staff in this very culture - a military bunker complete with a uniformed guard and looping alarms. The rest of the space takes inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey - stark, monochromatic and geometric. You’ll even find a character in the kitchen.

Other Rapt Studios projects include the offices for Adobe, Google, Apple, LucasFilm, Warner Brothers and Disney.

Working areas, from semi-private to larger conference rooms, are equipped with writeable surfaces that include the walls and sliding white boards to encourage collaborative thinking, share ideas and create an inspiring environment.


Red Bull’s sleek Soho headquarters, London

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With its sophisticated, sleek and playful design, I’d say Red Bull’s London headquarters in Soho, is one of the best office spaces there is, if this kind of working environment appeals to you.

Designed by Jump Studios, also responsible for the creative genius behind Google UK’s Campus in the city of London, Red Bull’s trendy space reflects the company’s youthful, edgy and adrenalin pumping image and also encourages interaction between staff and some play time for visitors.

Take a look at the office shots below:


Prince Media’s NYC loft office

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prince-media-7 (2)

Prince Media, a boutique billboard company based in New York City, operates out of owner Phillip Kafka’s SoHo loft designed by interior design firm, HomePolish that has also done work for NBC and New York Magazine.

Kafka’s bedroom is cleverly concealed behind a large screen of a black and white New York City scene that slides across the floor when needed.

According to Home Polish Kafka wanted to make sure his much loved art collection as well as other collectibles had a place amongst his living and work spaces.

This certainly takes working from home to a whole new and improved level.


Fresh, Agile & Innovative: Inside 4Di Group offices, Cape Town

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Take a look at the new office space of 4Di Group. Located in Rondebosch, Cape Town, the company took up residence on 18th February 2013.

4Di is the parent company of 4Di Privaca, 4Di Capital & ESET Southern Africa who host & manage their customer service team from the premises.

The entire space, once a building exhibition area, was redesigned and managed by Bone Studios under the supervision of Nicola Hobson & Hayley Dickson.

ESET CEO Carey van Vlaanderen says “We are so excited to take on the year in & be in such a brilliant and new environment. We can only produce fresh, agile and innovative ideas and solutions in this space.”

It’s play time at Mind Candy, London

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In April 2011, London-based gaming company Mind Candy relocated from Battersea to trendy Shoreditch into the vacated Lipton Tea Building.

According to Mind Candy, the large industrial style space has preserved much of its original character.

However, we’re sure that the building has never seen decor like this before with the creation of the company’s very own play den for staff and visitors.

The space features a tree house, picnic table, 16 foot dining table, guitar hero, colourful illustrated wall graphics, comfy couches, quirky furniture and plenty of “Glump” bean bags to chill out on.

When the hard work is done, this office space sure looks like fun.


Inside Melbourne Server Hosting, Manchester

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This is the office of Melbourne Server Hosting based in Manchester, UK. According to 360 Spin, it has been providing mission-critical hosting services since 2000, looking after over 3, 000 servers in Manchester and now operate out of what the Telegraph is calling one of the top ten coolest offices in the UK.

With rooms and areas that are designed to look like one’s home -front door, an outdoor patio,  lounge, dining room and study/den –  the almost story book like space lends itself to a relaxed and comforting feel inspiring collaborative work and time to play (see the pink pool table, flat screen TV and Narnia themed room).


Adobe Office Campus, Utah

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Adobe opened the doors to its new space in Lehi, Utah in November 2012 and its not just an office its’ an entire campus!

The campus, designed by San Francisco-based Rapt Studio and architects WRNS Studio, is now home to about 1000 Utah-based Adobe employees.

The building features a contemporary design with a 360-degree view, a lot of natural light and open collaborative spaces. We especially love the wallpaper that makes reference to computers and technology. Additional murals feature street artist El Mac and tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant.

The interior design is playful, contemporary and colourful.


Inside a Hybrid office space, Los Angeles

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This office space for a creative agency of thirty based in Los Angeles, California takes a fresh approach to the concept of the office cubicle playing with shape, texture, colour and materials.

The 6,000-square-foot space was designed by Edward Ogosta Architecture who called it a Hybrid Office where hybrid objects “exists somewhere between furniture and architecture, infusing the office functions with new iconographic presence, and abstractly reference nature and the surrounding city”.

This open plan, clean and rather stark space reveals some very clever design ideas that lend itself to a sense of calm and encourage creativity. Interaction between employees is encouraged with a number of meeting areas, a large boardroom and a gathering space surrounded by book cases called Book-Arena.