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Ideas Ltd. Office Space, Sweden

Published by on Dec 6th, 2012, 1 Comment

Here are the offices of design studio Ideas Ltd., based in Sweden.

The 250 square meter office space holds a variety of design styles from classic large leather and velvet chairs to modern lighting fixtures and minimalist pieces. The large glass panels surrounding the space not only provide a great view but also let in plenty of natural light.

Colours, textures and quirky accessories (the grass patches, spotlight and dressmaker dummies) come together in a seemless way provided by the creativity of well known designers and the office’s own range of furniture in an environment that is inspiring, fun and innovative.

View the office photos below:


Inside Access into Google’s Data Centers

Published by on Oct 18th, 2012, 1 Comment

When you’re browsing on Google, which you are probably doing right now, do you ever think about what it actually looks like behind the scenes, that is powering one of the most powerful, organised and energised servers in the world.

Well, now Google has revealed some rare photographs of its data centres.

You’ll notice that the colours of some of the extensive piping matches those of the Google logo.

Here we go!


Inside Design Studio Ippolito Fleitz, Stuttgart

Published by on Sep 18th, 2012, No Comments

Take a look at the offices of design studio, Ippolito Fleitz based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Built on the premesis of an old factory, the new office space was designed to reflect their brand of being ‘identity architects’ and is meant to be a ‘quasi signature trademark for clients and studio staff alike.’

The predominantly white and bright office interior of the studio is a stark contrast to the building’s exterior. The fresh white walls and various pieces of black furniture are off-set by pops of colour in plants, books, carpets and other office accessories.

The use of unique light fixtures and wall and roof graphics give the office its own unique character and style.

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Inside Instant Grass, Cape Town

Published by on Jul 26th, 2012, No Comments

Instant Grass is a youth marketing, insights and word of mouth agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. When they moved into their new offices at The Foundry, they felt it needed a little bit of an overhaul. Starting out as a basic white office, with the help of designer Jaco Janse van Rensburg, Instant Grass quickly turned it into the well-designed and thought-out space it is today.

From the 36 hanging red lanterns above the communal desk to the electric guitar hanging on the wall – the Instant Grass office encourages both fun and collaboration, something that is at the core of Instant Grass’s business, while still retaining a personal and quirky touch.

With an office that is a positive space, it makes the long nights that much easier and with the soft couches dotted throughout the office – taking a ten-minute breather or sitting down to an impromptu brainstorming session is easier than ever before.

View the office pictures in the gallery below:


Inside advertising network Shinka

Published by on Jul 17th, 2012, 2 Comments

Shinka, with offices located in scenic Stellenbosch, is an advertising network made by Africans for Africans. Shinka represents the biggest mobile community in Africa and can instantly reach diverse markets, with targeted campaigns on their mobile phones.

A relatively small company, Shinka has twelve staff members with a diversity of roles that compromise of sales, marketing, graphic design, development, traffic and accounting.

Shinka’s work involves digital advertising on web, email and mobile, full colour graphical campaigns, text campaigns via tagged sms’s and they also conduct research and surveys. Currently Shinka serves a billion impressions per month and growing.


Inside the 22seven offices, Cape Town

Published by on Jun 20th, 2012, 1 Comment

Bandwidth Blog recently visited the offices of 22seven in Cape Town, to interview its founder and CEO Christo Davel. Watch the interview here.

While we were there we took the opportunity to take some photographs of the office space and share them with you.

The predominantly black and white colouring gives the space a sense of sophistication and simplicity while interesting wall graphics, accessories and art pieces add some fun and originality.

View the gallery below:


Microsoft Offices HQ, Austria

Published by on Jun 14th, 2012, 1 Comment

Take a look inside the office space of Microsoft’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The office was designed by architectural firm INNOCAD Architekur who emerged as the winners of a competition held by Microsoft last year. The open plan space offers bright colours, wide corridors and large meeting rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

With simple furniture and sleek lighting, the office is very modern while also taking on a more organic approach. The chosen colours and design reflect elements of nature with a large wooden board room, plants and hedges and aquatic wall graphics.

There is even a slide for staff to enjoy for some extra fun during the working day.

View the images in the gallery below:


Inside Cerebra, Johannesburg

Published by on May 31st, 2012, 8 Comments

Cerebra, founded in 2006, is a full service award winning communications agency that helps customers build successful communications campaigns across traditional, social and digital media.

Here, we take a look inside its offices based in Fourways, Johannesburg designed by South African designer, Ivan Kirstein.

It’s clear from the images below that the space was designed to create a relaxed, inspirational and unique working environment. Interesting furniture pieces, open-plan layout (with a large glass walled boardroom in the centre) and what looks to be a great view certainly lends itself to a place you want to get up and go to every day.

We love the mix of colourful earphones hanging above each desk!

View the Cerebra office pics in the gallery below: