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Inside Saatchi & Saatchi Atplay offices, Cape Town

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Saatchi & Saatchi, The Foundry, Greenpoint, Cape Town

Saatchi & Saatchi Atplay are the digital brains of Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa. The team is headed up by Allan Kent (not the guy from Enter the Dragon), and consists of the usual suspects – designers, developers and usability experts. They are no good at pitching a tent but are all over finding their clients an integrated digital solution. The team create digital experiences that engage and evolve. Some of their clients include the UCT Graduate School of Business, Old Mutual, BoE, Sasko Four, Nedgroup Investments, Primedia and P&G just to name a few.

For such work to take place, Atplay have the Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town head office as its working grounds. Located at The Foundry, the office space is a mix of industrial design and creative flair. Long since unused industrial equipment, exposed brick and ventilation shafts compliment animated wall graphics, cardboard cut-out screens and the playful chill-out area for brainstorming or relaxing.

The open-plan office has a number of meetings rooms (The Larry Hagman and The William Shatner Boardrooms and The Olive Room) and a recreational area for staff complete with couches, a coffee and drinks bar, foosball table and pool table. We especially love the ‘Slide to Unlock’ fridge.

BandwidthBlog previously visited Atplay way back in 2008 and so we are excited about giving you a fresh look at the space and its people.

Thanks to the Atplay team for welcoming BandwidthBlog into its space and providing readers with great local office pictures to add to the collection.

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Inside Red Bull Offices, Cape Town

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From The Red Bull Offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, its now time to offer up an extraordinary Red Bull space from South Africa. The Red Bull offices based in Cape Town were designed and created by local architecture firm COA who stated that the “office is an open, creative hub where all employees, athletes, artists, photographers, designers, DJs, musicians, producers, agencies, brand partners, journalists and Red Bull visitors are made welcome and want to hang out in.”

The graphic wallpaper, mixture of colours and textures, creative use of lighting, furniture and open spaces reflects Red Bull’s extreme, entertaining and ‘zest for life’ image.


Shaping Up: Saatchi & Saatchi Offices, Thailand

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Take a look at the office space of award winning advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi in Bankok, Thailand. The agency’s move into the Sindhorn Tower was part of parent firm Publicis’s goal to have all of its affiliated companies in one building for shared resources. Regional creative director, Joel Clement, chose Bankok based multidisciplinary design firm Supermachine Studio because he was looking for playful and unexpected design with a space “that inspires, is genuinely fun to come to everyday and that didn’t take itself too seriously.”

The tight space of 400m2 and tight budget posed challenges that Supermachine solved with bold ideas that leave much of the space open but also accented by strong visual elements. Large geometric shapes for seating areas, creative wall spaces and ceiling fixtures are balanced by circular lighting installations and bicycle wheels. Inspiration, fun and creativity are found in the the brightly coloured carpets, walls and playful furniture.

The bus-shaped reception desk and bicycle wheel boardroom table are amazing!


Inside the Vibrant Gascoigne Offices, New Zealand

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From award winning concepts and designs created for other companies around the world, here is a sneak peak inside the very offices of one of those architectural firms. Gascoigne Associates, located in Auckland, New Zealand is a multi-disciplinary design and consultancy company that integrates architecture with interior and lighting design as well as retail branding consultancy services. Clients include many of the most successful retailers from Australasia as well as several multinational corporates such as Toyota and Westfield.

They designed a space of their very own to be a “stylish, yet practical and comfortable work space that reflects the culture of the firm”. The space focusses on simultaneously creating communal work areas that are conducive for a collaborative working experience and a sense of individuality for each workstation where staff can freely share new ideas. Large glass windows and sliding doors create a sense of openness and colourful furniture pieces, cushions, carpets and walls inspire creativity and comfort.


Inside Red Bull’s Headquarters, Amsterdam

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After months of construction Red Bull’s Dutch subsidiary, Red Bull Netherlands, can finally settle into its new offices at the Media Wharf office complex in Amsterdam’s Port area. Designed by Sid Lee Architecture, the 10,763 square feet space has a theme of polarity  - light and dark, art and business, public and private. This theme is showcased in the seemingly street culture style of the walls, large ominous and angular black structures occupying the space and light wood rectangular cafeteria tables with bright orange chairs that all contrast with one another in colour, texture and meaning.

Red Bull Netherlands’s director Jan Smilde was quoted as saying that the company wanted a location with an entrepreneurial spirit where they would have the freedom to develop innovative ideas and events.


Inside Airbnb’s New Office Space, California

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Office Snapshots got an exclusive first look inside the new offices of Airbnb in San Francisco, California. The company, an online community marketplace that connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay, had its new home designed by architectural design firm, Garcia-Tamjidi.

The new space can now accommodate the company’s growing staff base which now exceeds 100 employees.  The different areas are creative, inspiring and quirky with plenty of visual stimulation and comfortable meeting areas.


What it looks like inside

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If you have ever wondered what it looks like inside the warehouses of, the world’s largest online retailer, then this will satisfy your curiosity.

These images were taken from Amazon’s Swansea fulfillment center in Wales, one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the world. As expected, all goods are precisely and systematically packaged, organised, labelled and stored for further delivery to customers. reported an annual revenue of $34, 204 billion for the 2010 financial year.

View the gallery below:


World of Transparency: Macquarie Group Offices in London

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Macquarie, a global provider of banking and investment services, needed a new group office space to hold all of its employees that were scattered around a number of different buildings in London. The company hired  West Hollywood-based Clive Wilkinson Architects, who designed their offices in Sydney, to create a brand new space in London in a project that was completed earlier this year. The company occupies 217,500 square feet on six floors in the 20-storey, LEED Platinum building Ropemaker Place in the heart of the city.