Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Stuart Forrest of Triggerfish Animation

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CEO of Triggerfish Animation, Stuart Forrest was interviewed after his presentation at this year’s Net Prophet conference on the topic How doing 7 ordinary things can lead to 1 extraordinary result.

Watch Stuart’s presentation here. 

In the interview, Forrest shares some of his journey through the business known as ‘the Pixar of Africa’ that has finally lead him and his team to local and global success and talks about digital animation in Africa and how aspiring digital animators can break into this growing industry.

Take a look at this and more in the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Justin Stanford of 4Di Capital

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Justin Stanford of 4Di Capital, an early stage venture capital fund based in Cape Town, took part at the 2013 Net Prophet conference during which he spoke on the topic VC in SA: Where are we now?

You can watch his full presentation here.

In the short interview clip, Stanford provides some insight into the venture capital ecosystem in South Africa versus the rest of the globe and shares how the Silicon Cape Initiative came to be.

Watch the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Mike Szymanski

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Prior to his presentation at the 2013 Net Prophet conference in Cape Town, Director of Business Development for the MEST Incubator Mike Szymanski sits down for a brief interview.

Szymanski talks about the MEST seed fund in Accra, Ghana, which he also manages, that offers a three-phase entrepreneurial program designed to foster the growth of globally successful software companies from Africa.

For over six years, Szymanski has focused his career in emerging markets, working to grow early stage companies, attract investment and catalyze economic development.


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Erik Jan Bijvank

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Erik Jan Bijvank, co-founder of FONK, was interviewed before he took the stage at the 2013 Net Prophet conference on the topic Tangible Magic in a Digital Era.

In the interview Bijvank, who flew in for the event from Amsterdam, touches on human behaviour in a digital era and how, based on this, FONK is working on making the digital more tangible and tactile and how the company aims to help consumers by creating technology that will be even more part of our world  to make a better life.

Watch the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Stephen Lund

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Stephen Lund, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. was interviewed at this year’s Net Prophet conference in Cape Town.

Alongside one of his colleagues, Lund explains the company’s goal of growing the economy in Nova Scotia, in the Eastern part of Canada by working with local startups and providing them with the finances needed to reach out to the rest of the world. The company also works to attract other companies into the province that have included major players in various sectors.

Find out more in the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Andre de Wet

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Andre de Wet, General Manger of online shopping and price comparison directory PriceCheck, was interviewed at the 2013 Net Prophet conference held in Cape Town.

During his talk, de Wet discussed his entrepreneurial background with the audience where he shared the adventures and challenges of his own experiences that are open to aspiring entrepreneurs today.

De Wet was in his third year of medical school when the entrepreneurial bug bit him and the rest, as they say, is history.

Watch the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Mike Butcher

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TechCrunch editor at large, Mike Butcher was interviewed at the 2013 Net Prophet conference held in Cape Town where he addressed the audience on startup communities and building bridges.

Butcher, who has also been named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph, gave his thoughts on the startup ecosystem in Cape Town as well as Eastern Europe and the nature of entrepreneurs all around the world.

Watch the full interview below:


D11 opening interview with CEO Tim Cook

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was the opening speaker at the D11 conference that kicked off on Tuesday.

At D11, Cook sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher to answer questions about  the tech Apple has in the works, the declining stock price, its competitors, acquisitions, Apple TV and the on-going Apple/Samsung patent wars.

Apple recently made headlines when the company faced The US Senate (watch it here) about its very clever but questionable tax strategy, also addressed in the interview on stage.

Mossberg and Swisher dive right in  - overall, if Apple is in trouble, Cook says “absolutely not” noting Apple’s astounding sales figures including 85 million iPhones sold last quarter and customer satisfaction numbers being “off the charts”.