Motorola modular phone prototype is almost ready (video)

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This concept has come a very long way in a short space in time. How it all happened behind our backs, we are not sure. But according to Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, Project Ara – which only came to light a bit more than a month ago – is nearing completion. Well, at least the prototype is almost ready.

“The idea is you have a skeleton that holds together a set of components and the components slide in and out,” Woodside told YouTuber Brownlee, explaining the modular cell phone project that was revealed in October. The CEO said that a prototype is “pretty close” to being ready. He adds that it will be sold through its Moto Maker platform, which it is currently using for selling the Moto X and the Moto G in the United States and Canada. (more…)

Steve Woz: “Lots wrong” with ‘Jobs’ movie

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Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, gave an interview to Bloomberg where he spoke about many a topic. It varied from Larry Ellison and his comments on Apple without Steve Jobs, companies’ roll in innovation for consumers and also the film ‘Jobs’, starring Ashton Kutcher as the eccentric visionary.

“There were a lot of things wrong,” he said in a televised interview Friday. Wozniak says that the film glorifies Steve Jobs, and inaccurately portrayed him; not showing the flaws inevitably lives within any human being. He also added that the film didn’t give the credit due to a lot of people that were involved in the early Apple.  “I didn’t like seeing a lot of people I know not get the respect they deserve,” he said. (more…)

2013 Net Prophet Conference Round-up

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The 2013 Net Prophet conference, that recognises the importance and need to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship took place in Cape Town in May. It saw industry leaders, online professionals and successful entrepreneurs both local and international, take the stage.

Each added value to the event, presenting various relevant and insightful topics where they shed light on where the industry is at, especially in South Africa, shared their own experiences and journeys, highlighted various trends and gave advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to make their mark.

The event was headlined by TechCrunch editor in chief, Mike Butcher, a leading journalist who serves on the Mayor of London’s Smart London Board. Butcher, named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology, chose the topic The need to replicate Silicon Valley during which he addressed the audience on startup communities, building bridges and his own personal experiences taking on various startups in Europe and Silicon Valley.


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Christine Meintjies of The Pretty Blog

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Bandwidth Blog interviewed Christine Meintjies, co-founder of the popular women’s lifestyle website, The Pretty Blog at this year’s Net Prophet conference in Cape Town.

In the short interview, which you can watch in the video below, Meintjies shares some information about the site, online trends and how Net Prophet has inspired her.



Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Jess Green of Perk

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Bandwidth Blog TV was invited to the 2013 Net Prophet conference where we met up with entrepreneur Jess Green, CEO of Perk Mobile and eCommerce as well as a board member of the Silicon Cape Initiative.

Green provided some insight into his own background, Perk , an app that lets retailers engage with their customers while they’re in the store and Walkbase, that is currently in development.

Watch the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Stuart Forrest of Triggerfish Animation

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CEO of Triggerfish Animation, Stuart Forrest was interviewed after his presentation at this year’s Net Prophet conference on the topic How doing 7 ordinary things can lead to 1 extraordinary result.

Watch Stuart’s presentation here. 

In the interview, Forrest shares some of his journey through the business known as ‘the Pixar of Africa’ that has finally lead him and his team to local and global success and talks about digital animation in Africa and how aspiring digital animators can break into this growing industry.

Take a look at this and more in the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Justin Stanford of 4Di Capital

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Justin Stanford of 4Di Capital, an early stage venture capital fund based in Cape Town, took part at the 2013 Net Prophet conference during which he spoke on the topic VC in SA: Where are we now?

You can watch his full presentation here.

In the short interview clip, Stanford provides some insight into the venture capital ecosystem in South Africa versus the rest of the globe and shares how the Silicon Cape Initiative came to be.

Watch the full interview below:


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Mike Szymanski

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Prior to his presentation at the 2013 Net Prophet conference in Cape Town, Director of Business Development for the MEST Incubator Mike Szymanski sits down for a brief interview.

Szymanski talks about the MEST seed fund in Accra, Ghana, which he also manages, that offers a three-phase entrepreneurial program designed to foster the growth of globally successful software companies from Africa.

For over six years, Szymanski has focused his career in emerging markets, working to grow early stage companies, attract investment and catalyze economic development.