Could this be what the iPhone 6 will look like?

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With the build up to the official debut of the new iPhone 6 growing stronger and more intense everyday, it’s no surprise that Apple fans, designers and tech sites and journalists will come up with their own idea of the iPhone 6.

Imaginations have run wild over the past few months, with dozens of people submitting their interpretation (or rather, expectation) of the iPhone 6 to various websites.

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you designer Sam Beckett’s vision of an iPhone Air. While Beckett’s version of the ‘new’ iPhone went viral, many more followed suit and came up with their own ideas.

The latest mock-up to hit the interwebs, is this one by popular technology website, Macrumors.  (more…)

Report: Apple to start manufacturing iPhone 6 screens in May

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iPhone 6 Screens

With the build up to the release of the new iPhone 6, more an more information is beng leaked about how far into production the phone actually is, and of course, when we can finally expect it to be launched.

Another tidbit of information joining the iPhone 6 build-up, is the reported production time for the phone’s screens. As we already know, the iPhone 6 will be available in two sizes; a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.5-inch screen.

According to reports by Reuters, suppliers are to start manufacturing the new iPhone screens next month, in May. Reuters claim that this information was obtained by supply chain stores who (obviously) requested to stay anonymous. (more…)

Office Mobile now available for free on iPhone and Android

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Not only has Microsoft made Office available on the iPad this week, but they have also announced that it is now available for free on iPhone and Android devices.

If you’re a home customer, you can both edit and read documents without paying for an Office 365 subscription. (more…)

Apple’s “Healthbook” Screenshots Leaked (Update: Recreated)

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Everyone seems to be focussed on the iWatch as Apple’s latest revolutionary product – but it turns out that the software around it might be the truly revolutionary aspect of wearables. While most “wearables” seem to focus on only certain aspects (like movement), it looks like Apple will be building a much broader platform.

Healthbook is Apple’s latest project which seems to work in a similiar fashion to the current underutilized Passbook interface. The app is divided into “cards” that keep track of key elements of your health – like heart rate, weight, activity etc. 9to5Mac managed to recreate many of the screenshots that can be expected. (more…)

Apple adds ‘selfie section’ to App Store

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Apple Selfie ection

Once again, the selfie has proved that it is here to stay. Of course we’ve heard presidents and the Pope use the word ‘selfie’, but it seems now that even mega tech companies are (finally) formally recognizing the word and the impact it has had on the world.

Yesterday, Apple’s App Store introduced a whole new section to it’s app listings. The new section, called ‘Sharing Selfies’, groups together apps that are best suited, or cater solely, for selfies.

Whether it’s apps that are mostly used for selfie sharing, ala Snapchat and Shots, or even selfie editing apps, they are all aligned neatly in the new section.

The section is visible on both the mobile and desktop versions of the App Store. (more…)

Pretty cool: an ‘iPhone Air’ concept

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iPhone Air

For as long as Apple promises new iPhones, people from all across the globe will let their imaginations run and come up with their own iPhone concepts.

Some are great and very inspiring, while others are far fetched and well, downright ugly.

However, this new concept from designer Sam Beckett, falls under the ‘great and inspiring category.

Beckett’s concept is for a proposed iPhone Air. Now, there have been no official reports or claims of a possible iPhone Air in the pipeline, but considering the fact that Apple has launched an iPad Air along with it’s MacBook Air, the idea is not as far fetched.  (more…)

Want to wake up to the smell of bacon? With this app you can

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The world (or at least most people) have somewhat of an infatuation with bacon. The smell, the taste, the texture; people just love bacon. Of course, if you ask any bacon lover if they would want to wake up to the smell of bacon, they would say yes.

Brace yourself, bacon lovers, because now that can become a reality – all by using a app and a special iPhone dongle.

The Wake Up and Smell The Bacon app, is essentially a alarm app. However, it works in conjunction with a iPhone dongle that (literally) releases the smell of bacon once the alarm goes off. (more…)

Investigators meet with Apple US about Oscar Pistorius’ iPhone

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As Oscar Pistorius’ trial date draws closer and closer, investigators have finally secured a meeting with Apple in California, to help them unlock Pistorius’ locked iPhone.

According to FOX news, investigators met with Apple at the headquarters in California yesterday, in an attempt to retrieve more evidence from Oscar’s iPhone.

Since last year, investigators have had somewhat of a headache with the locked iPhone. Oscar, of course, said that he could not remember the passcode to unlock his iPhone – thus the locked phone has been with investigators ever since, where they have tried numerous times to by-pass the security code.

However, unlocking the phone proved more difficult than initially thought, and investigators had to secure help from Apple officials in California. (more…)