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Sony Xperia Z4 leaks in Sony hack

Published by on Dec 19th, 2014, 3 Comments

z4-spectre-1We know that the next Xperia flagship smartphone is right around the bend. Sony’s crazy 6 month release schedule will see the Xperia Z4 be released somewhere early in the new year. CES 2015 is just a couple of weeks away and I bet we are going to see Sony release their latest installment at the event. Leaks and rumors have touched upon what we might expect for the past month or so now, but now a big one may have just emerged from the recent Sony Pictures hack… (more…)

Instagram rolls out 5 new filters

Published by on Dec 18th, 2014, No Comments


Just in time for the holidays – that will no doubt consist of more than a few Kodak moments – the world’s largest photo-sharing app has rolled out some exciting new features, and by features we mean filters.

Instagram has just released a major overhaul on their ever-popular app. In fact, this is the biggest update for Instagram in quite some time and the first time they have added new filters in two years.

The update features five new filter option, each with their own ambiguous, typical Instagram name. You can now choose to filter your photos in either ‘Aden’, ‘Crema’, ‘Ludwig’, ‘Perpetua’ and ‘Slumber’. (more…)

Uber to introduce biometrics and lie detection to screen drivers

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uberlogoUber has recently come under huge fire for their inability to protect passengers from bad-guy drivers. The company, worth an estimated $40 billion, is determined to improve its worldwide reputation and they are more than happy to introduce some unusual methods. The ride sharing company’s recently hired Head of Global Safety, Philip Cardenas, tells customers that Uber is exploring numerous techniques for verifying drivers, such as biometrics, voice fingerprinting and lie detector tests. (more…)

Twitter might team up with Foursquare in 2015

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twitter-foursquarePartnerships between different app companies are becoming more and more frequent these days. Recently we saw Spotify and Uber team up to provide an enhanced ride service with your favorite songs playing. Now it seems like there are two more high profile companies that want to go into business in 2015. According to a report from Business Insider, Twitter and Foursquare might be going into business together… (more…)

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter

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It’s a battle for the social media throne and it looks like the almighty Facebook has the monopoly.

There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook is the King in the ring of social media networks and platform, and now, as Facebook-owned Instagram released their latest user numbers, it has become almost impossible for any other, competing social giant to dethrone the Zuckerberg empire.

It’s hard to think that Instagram is only 4 years old. One can hardly imagine a world without a filter on your favourite selfie. However, it is pretty remarkable to see what the company has achieved in a mere 4 years.

In a post published on Instagram’s blog recently, CEO Kevin Systrom broke the news that the photo-sharing app has surpassed that 300 million active user mark. This number now makes Instagram a bigger social platform than Twitter. And that’s saying something.  (more…)

Latest Samsung Galaxy S6 benchmarks leaked

Published by on Dec 11th, 2014, 4 Comments

Samsung-sign1Rumors are heating up surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6. Instead of stuff like curved screens, we are looking at straightforward benchmark data. According to PocketNow’s sources, the handset sure looks like a solid one and avid Samsung customers can expect a jump in specs in all areas. The spec-sheet is compiled from mainly benchmark data but usually these leaks are relatively close to the final product. (more…)

Watch the biggest internet moments of 2014 in this YouTube Rewind video

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YouTube Rewind 2014

The YouTube Year in Rewind video has been a tradition since 2010. Since then, every year the company compiles a mash-up video of all the greatest, biggest and most viral internet moments of the year.

The videos tend to get better and better every year, as we spend more and more time (read: too much) on the interwebs.

From hit songs, to viral videos, memes and prominent internet bloggers and figures almost everything that captured our attention and imagination on the internet this year is briefly mentioned in this rewind video.

This year’s one, however, is pretty damn epic. (more…)

President Obama learns to code

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Obama Codes

The president of the United States of America is looking to give the Zuckerberg’s of the world a run for their money.

Not really, but president Barack Obama recently did dabble in writing some code – no doubt becoming the first US president to write a line of code.

It is custom for the president of any country to regularly attend special events that are aimed at inspiring the nation, especially the youth, and this event that Obama attended was no different – except for the fact that he buffed up on his computer programming knowledge.

The ‘Hour of Code’ event, that was held at the White House and saw 20 middle school students meet the president ad code for an hour, is aimed at encouraging students to try their hand at just one hour of code. By doing so, they are able to see what just one hour of code can accomplish and that coding can be very simple, you just need to start.  (more…)