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Could there be an Apple drone in the works?

Published by on Mar 24th, 2015, 1 Comment

Apple Drone Concept

We know that drones are slowly but surely taking over the world. The influx of drone use over the past year and a half has been nothing short of a phenomenon and almost everywhere you look, a drone is sure to hover.

Many tech giants have also started dipping their toes in the drone pool. Amazon wants to deliver your packages via their Prime Air delivery drones, and Facebook and Google want to connect more people to the internet by using drones.

One tech company that has been keeping mum on drones, however, is the almighty Apple.

Until now, that is. (more…)

Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus is coming along nicely

Published by on Mar 23rd, 2015, 1 Comment

Apple Spaceship Campus

When you’re the biggest company in the world and the money just keeps rolling in, you most certainly deserve massive, grand-scale, completely-over-the-top headquarters.

Apple’s so-called ‘Spaceship Campus’ has been under construction for over a year now, and by the looks of things, the mega tech company is definitely not playing around with construction and looks set to meet their deadline.

The plans for Apple’s huge new campus was only approved a mere 18 months ago, but by the looks of things you would think that the grounds have been under construction for much longer. The company has said that they hope to officially open the doors to Apple’s new home in 2016. (more…)

Meet our Alcatel Onetouch Idol Alpha winner!

Published by on Mar 23rd, 2015, 1 Comment

Denise Francis2Congratulations to Denise Francis! She is the lucky winner of the Alcatel Onetouch Idol Alpha smartphone. I went to deliver Denise’s prize over the weekend and it was great to meet some of our fans.

The BWB team wants to thank Denise and all of our avid readers for the great support you have given us! We grow as a site everyday and hopefully will one day become the number one go-to website for all your tech news and reviews. (more…)

5 reasons why you should watch Microsoft over Apple

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Less than 5 years ago, Microsoft was an ailing giant.

Following nearly a decade under Steve Ballmer (by that point), the company itself was actually a financial success, which had managed to triple its revenue following the departure of Bill Gates as CEO in 2000. However, when pitted against the company’s greatest rival – Apple – Microsoft’s successes paled in comparison, delivering meandering successes with Xbox and Windows sales while Apple enjoyed runaway success with the iPod, iPhone, and later, iPad.

For those years, Microsoft was a largely reactive company, working frivolously to outdo Apple in spheres where the Cupertino behemoth was seen by the public as the great innovator. The pitfalls the company reached with it’s Zune media player and the release of Windows Vista were seen by many as the company’s darkest period.


Microsoft set to launch Windows 10 come mid-2015

Published by on Mar 18th, 2015, No Comments

windows10The announcement of the latest Windows platform last year was received with some trepidation and it naming it Windows 10 (where ‘s 9?) didn’t help with some of the confusion. Never the less Microsoft has been working hard getting W10 ready.

After a less than satisfying Windows 8 release the tech giant will aim to get similar buy-in and appreciation that Windows 95 (back in the day) and the bit more recent Windows XP received. Well, we are set to find out by the middle of this year… (more…)

Microsoft’s Cortana coming to iOS?

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We all know that Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana and Apple’s equivalent, Siri, are fierce competitors. So much so, in fact, that Microsoft has even mocked the rivalry in an advertisement for Cortana.

So you can imagine our surprise when we heard that there are rumours doing the rounds that Cortana may soon be available on iOS – and for good measure, on Android, too!

According to a report by Reuters, Microsoft is planning on making Cortana available as a stand alone app that both iOS and Android users will be able to download.  (more…)

Help NASA discover new asteroids with new software

Published by on Mar 16th, 2015, 2 Comments

asteroid_nasaI have always been fascinated by space, the stars and the infinite nature of our universe. A career in astronomy has always perked my interest but never seemed to work in my head for some reason. Well now there is a way for me, and you, to get involved with the work that NASA is doing.

You can now help NASA find new asteroids. At South by Southwest yesterday, the space agency released its asteroid tracker desktop software, produced in conjunction with asteroid mining company Planetary Resources in an online competition.You can get exploring right now… (more…)

Top5: iPhone 6 tips and tricks

Published by on Mar 13th, 2015, No Comments

iphone tipsHaving a smartphone and using a smartphone are two different things. You might own an iPhone 6 but do you really know what it can do? Many smartphones have so many features that some users don’t ever learn to use them before moving on to the next model. There are literally hundreds of tips and tricks around the internet that will guide you to become a more effective user of your iPhone, these are the our Top 5 tips and tricks for the iPhone 6. (more…)