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Here’s an app to help get rid of your embarrassing posts on social media

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We all have one or two (or perhaps a couple) of rather embarrassing posts somewhere one one or more of our social media profiles.

Whether it’s a philosophical post by a slightly inebriated, younger version of yourself, an adolescent Facebook rant, or any ‘I-can’t-believe-I-said-that’ post – we know that while you might forget about these little gems, the internet doesn’t.

While everyone has an embarrassing post or two, and of course that’s perfectly acceptable, the problem may come in when your potential new boss stumbles across any f the aforementioned posts and then promptly decides to not hire you.

You know, first impressions…

Luckily for us all, you will now be able to get rid of these embarrassing (read: incriminating) posts way easier; because just like for everything else in this world nowadays, there is an app for that.  (more…)

WhatsApp voice call now available on iOS

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WhatsAppWhatsApp has in recent years built up a user base that numbers in the hundreds of millions, the app’s been working to expand its feature set into new modes of communication. Following a lot of hype and rumors last year, WhatsApp introduced voice call support for Android devices at the end of last month (finally to everyone). Yesterday the company rolled out this feature for all iOS users…  (more…)

Samsung drops own branding to sell Galaxy S6 in Japan

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Samsung JapanSamsung might be one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, but even they have difficulty gaining market share in some countries. Among these, the most important market where Samsung is lagging is Japan. Samsung only has 5.6% market share in Japan compared to the 51.5% Apple owns. The company is willing to do anything to gain more market share in Japan with its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, even dropping its own brand. (more…)

Watch the awesome new Star Wars Episode VII trailer!

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star warsWe are 8 months away from the release of Star Wars Episode VII and the excitement and fear is building. Excitement because well, it’s Star Wars and then of course the fear of what exactly Disney is going to do with the franchise. Luckily the director, J.J. Abrams is seen as the most fitting person to bring Star Wars into the modern age.

Here is another Star Wars appetizer. A new trailer just premiered at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, and it gives us our first look at a few of the original cast members: Han Solo, Chewbaca, and what appears to be a hooded Luke Skywalker… (more…)

Microsoft Band launches in the UK

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Just days ahead of the release of Apple’s premier wearable, Microsoft has seen fit to launch its wrist-worn Band in the United Kingdom.

The wearable, praised for its fitness-tracking accuracy and multitude of sensors while at the same time criticised for its unattractive appearance, is available for purchase from the Microsoft store at only £169.99 – nearly half the price of Apple’s upcoming premium wristwatch.


Apple Watch sells out in under 6 hours

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Apple Watch

When it comes to Apple products, it’s not unusual for new (and highly anticipated) devices to sell out within hours of its launch. iPhones, MacBooks and iPads have made headlines in the past for how quickly they sell out.

The same can be said for Apple’s most recent, highly anticipated device launch – the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch, which was announced last year along with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus,  was made available for pre-order online on Friday. And as is the case with many new Apple products, all the various Apple Watch models sold out quickly, in under 6 hours. (more…)

First four episodes of Game of Thrones season 5 leak online

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gameofthronesSeason 5 of the hit series Game of Thrones aired live this morning at 03:00. The series has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world and has become the most successful TV series of its time. so much so that people would do anything to get their hands on every single episode.

While you’d normally have to wait four weeks to see the initial four episodes of the series, they’ve been leaked to torrent sites and some fans are scrambling to download them. Having a single episode leak is bad enough, but four? You will have to stay away from the internet to avoid spoilers! (more…)

HTC One M9 – SA Launch Event

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IMG_0265An out of season thunderstorm greeted me whilst I was making my way from Jozi CBD towards the Ten Bompas Hotel to attend the South African leg of the HTC One M9 launch. The wet weather couldn’t extinguish the excitement I felt to get up close and personal with the new HTC flagship.

Those of you who read my HTC One M8 review in August last year will know that I am a BIG fan of the HTC franchise. Yes, I am still an Apple user, but this little guy nearly converted me to Android last year. Here’s what happened at the HTC One M9 SA launch… (more…)