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Samsung officially launches the Iron-Man Galaxy S6 Edge

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Galaxy-S6-edge-Iron-Man-Limited-EditionThe long rumored Marvel Samsung Galaxy S6 is set to arrive. As part of the company’s partnership with Marvel to take Avengers: Age of Ultron to smartphones, they have produced quite the looker in this Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge.

According to Younghee Lee, an Executive Vice President at Samsung – “The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge embodies the power of the iconic Avenger with a dual-curved edge design and advanced features that will provide Marvel fans with the ultimate entertainment experience.” (more…)

Aerial footage of Tesla’s massive Gigafactory

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Tesla Gigafactory

When Tesla unveiled their plans for a so-called ‘Gigafactory’, back in September of last year, there was a lot of speculation (amidst applause) as to whether or not Elon Musk and Co. would be able to construct the massive lithium-ion plant by it’s intended operational date of 2017.

Since the announcement, curiosity has spiked over the construction of the plant on the outskirts of Nevada, with reports of vertical construction doing the rounds in January of this year.

However, now, for the first time since construction began on the plant, we can actually see the progress – and revel in the sheer scale of the plant – from a bird’s eye view.  (more…)

New Microsoft Office for Android (phones) preview app now available

Published by on May 20th, 2015, 2 Comments

Office-for-Android-640x358As part of Microsoft’s overhaul of just about everything, Android phone users will shortly have access to an improved Office experience. The update has been available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets for a while now. In this initial release, Office for Android phones is only available as a beta, or preview, with three apps in the Google Play Store – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. (more…)

Here is Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs [Video]

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Michael Fassbender Steve Jobs

If you are as legendary as the late Steve Jobs, chances are people will adore and admire you long after you have passed on. Ij the case of Steve Jobs, his legacy still lives on through the biggest company on Earth – Apple.

While each and every Apple product is, in essence, a reminder of the brilliance of Steve Jobs, books and films have long since been a way of remembering the greats. And now, another great actor is stepping into the shoes of the one great Steve Jobs.

As we all know, this is not the first time that someone has portrayed Jobs in screen. back in 2013, Ashton Kutcher played the iconic man in the movie ‘Jobs’. While Kutcher’s uncanny resemblance to Jobs was praised, the movie generally received bad reviews – although some people though it was a spot-on representation of the man we all wish we knew.

Taking on the role of Jobs this time around, is Michael Fassbender. Fassbender will play Jobs in the upcoming biopic ‘Steve Jobs.’ (more…)

What PC setup will you need to run the Oculus-Rift?

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OculusSo if the future of tech is virtual or augmented reality what exactly do we need to run the hardware? This kind of device obviously needs to be able to create highly detailed images and it was always clear that the Oculus Rift would require a high-end PC .

Oculus product vice-president Nate Mitchell confirmed this last week and on Friday Oculus published the actual recommended specs for a Rift-compatible computer. Read on to find out… (more…)

Top 5: Action / Sports Cameras

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Five-Best-Action-Cameras-Gear-Patrol-Lead-FullThe past decade or so has seen a rise in personal fitness and living healthy. Every weekend you will see runners, cyclers and other outdoor enthusiasts descend on their favorite routes or adventure trails. The tech industry has definitely capitalised on this sports / outdoors revolution, no more so than with camera/video gadgets. Who wouldn’t want to show off that sick mountain decline you mostly did just on one wheel on your mountain bike? Let’s have a look at the top 5 action / sports camera options currently available… (more…)

GoPro CEO gives $229 million to his college roommate

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Nick Woodman

Neil Dana basically won the lottery when he ended up being college roomies with Nick Woodman.

Woodman, as some of you may know, is the founder and CEO of the world’s largest action camera company, GoPro.

However, 10 years ago, Woodman wasn’t a camera wielding, billionaire CEO when he attended the University of California in San Diego with his friend, Neil Dana. He was simply a young man with a vision.

Before GoPro was known around the world, and when the company was merely in its development phase, Woodman had made a promise to his roommate. A very lucrative promise, that is.  (more…)

Microsoft set to release new Windows 10 for phones preview

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microsoftMicrosoft has been on a preview spree the last couple of weeks. Recently the tech giant released a downloadable preview of the new Office 2016. Now though, after a less than stellar reception of Windows 10 for phones a few weeks ago, Microsoft may be ready to release a preview of an improved build of the OS.

This release was anticipated to reach the Microsoft Insider program last week, but as it turns out, it might happen until this week. (more…)