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Top smartphone manufacturers sign anti-phone theft pledge

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The crackdown on smartphone theft has jumped another level after some of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, as well as cellular carriers, signed a new pledge to combat this ever increasing problem.

The new pledge stipulates that companies who have signed, now pledge to help make it harder for thieves to steal smartphones by means of ‘kill switch’ applications.

Google, Apple, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Huawei have all agreed to build their smartphones in a way in which it would be difficult for a thief to do anything with a smartphone once the so-called ‘kill switch’ has been engaged.

The idea is that the companies will make it possible for every smartphone user to remotely block and wipe their phones, should it be stolen. This will then in turn speed up the process of blocking your phone and rendering the device ‘unusable’ to the criminal. (more…)

Chris Beard named Mozilla’s interim CEO

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Mozilla has wasted no time in finding a replacement for Brendan Eich as CEO, and has announced that Chris Beard will be the man to lead Mozilla in interim.

Still reeling from the scandal that Eich’s appointment as CEO caused for Mozilla, the company has quickly pulled things straight again and re-focused the media’s attention on their new CEO.

In a blog post published by Mozilla Executive Chairwoman, Mitchell Baker, the company welcomed Chris Beard as their new Chief Executive Officer.

Beard has been with Mozilla for a long time – a fact that should already show the media and Mozilla’s employees alike that he is suited for the job.  (more…)

Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox, and people are not happy

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Condoleezza Rice

Dropbox has made a string of important announcements over the past week. The company introduced new products and services – like Mailbox for Apple and Android as well as their much talked about Carousel app. And most people were really happy and excited about these announcements.

The one thing that Dropbox users were not too excited about, was the company’s announcement that Dr. Condoleezza Rice will be joining the company on their Board of Directors.

Like most of you will remember, Condoleezza Rice was the US Secretary of State under the Bush administration.

While we know that the Bush administration was not favoured by many millennials, there are other reasons Dropbox users did not particularly give Dr. Rice a warm welcome to the cloud-storage company.

The main reason people are not to keen on Condoleezza, according to rants and complaints on Twitter and other social media sites, is privacy concerns.  (more…)

This is where Windows XP’s famous wallpaper comes from

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Most of us will recognize the Windows XP default background wallpaper in a heartbeat. Considering that Windows XP was one of Microsoft’s best selling operating systems, that iconic wallpaper has gotten a lot of screen time all across the world.

The wallpaper is actually entitled “Bliss” – a name that very accurately describes the photo, lush green valley, blue skies et al.

Contrary to popular belief, the photo is not a fake and is, in actual fact, a real photograph. What’s even more amazing is that the photo has not been edited or Photoshopped in anyway. It’s the real deal. (more…)

A device that charges your phone in 30 seconds? Yes please

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 STOREDOT charger

One of the biggest issues for smartphone users worldwide is, of course, battery life. With smartphones offering so many different applications, its obvious that your faithful companion will run out of juice sooner than you’d want.

Having to charge your phone also takes time. Time that many of us don’t have (or have the patience for). What of there was a device that could charge your smartphone full in under a minute? Well, there is.

StoreDot is an Israeli startup that may have just solved one of the digital world’s biggest problems. The company has developed a battery that can charged, from 0 – 100%, in 30 seconds. For real. (more…)

HeartBleed bug: The Internet’s enemy

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Over the course of the Internet’s existence, there have been many a bug that threatens to disrupt the world wide web. Some are more powerful than others – and unlucky for us, an extremely powerful and destructive bug has been disclosed this week.

By now, you may of heard of the HeartBleed bug. This bug affects security on the Internet, essentially making all of your private passwords, usernames and other personal information vulnerable to attack.

While the bug has actually been active for two years, it was only disclosed to the public on Monday night.

The HeartBleed bug is a bug on the very popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. It is able to scrape an entire server’s memory where private and sensitive user data is stored such as passwords and usernames.  (more…)

Could this be what the iPhone 6 will look like?

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With the build up to the official debut of the new iPhone 6 growing stronger and more intense everyday, it’s no surprise that Apple fans, designers and tech sites and journalists will come up with their own idea of the iPhone 6.

Imaginations have run wild over the past few months, with dozens of people submitting their interpretation (or rather, expectation) of the iPhone 6 to various websites.

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you designer Sam Beckett’s vision of an iPhone Air. While Beckett’s version of the ‘new’ iPhone went viral, many more followed suit and came up with their own ideas.

The latest mock-up to hit the interwebs, is this one by popular technology website, Macrumors.  (more…)

Twitter has a new look – and it looks awfully familiar

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Yesterday,  Twitter started rolling out a redesigned look for its user profiles. While most users usually welcome a new look, we’re not so sure if they’ll be to excited about this new look – mostly because it looks exactly like Facebook.

When the first screenshots of Twitter’s redesign started surfacing yesterday, we got a little bit of déja vu. We have definitely seen the same design somewhere else before.

The new look features a bigger profile picture and also has an entirely new ‘header’ image. This header image is much like (read: exactly like) Facebook’s cover photo on their user profiles.  (more…)