Apple considering iTunes Store for Android

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The only problem with iTunes as a place to get cheap music is that you have to have an Apple device to take advantage of it (if you don’t have a Windows PC). There are multitudes more Android devices out there than Apple devices, and Apple might look to take advantage of the vast numbers. (more…)

Samsung launches Milk Music

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 Milk Music

Samsung has finally decided to jump on the bandwagon (literally) that is music streaming. The company announced on Friday that they have launched their very own music streaming mobile app.

Milk Music is Samsung’s latest development that allows Samsung Galaxy owners to stream different Internet radio  music channels from their smartphone.

Although the project was solely developed by Samsung, the app is not available to all Samsung phone users.

Milk Music is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and S4 Mini, as well as the Galaxy Note 3, Note 2 and the Galaxy Mega. The app will also be made available to Galaxy S5 users when it launches in April. (more…)

iTunes Radio streaming in Australia. Where next?

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iTunes radio

It was only a matter of time before iTunes Radio became available outside of the United States. The first country to receive the music streaming service outside of the US is Australia. Listeners on the island nation can get the same personalized radio streams as their American counterparts, and they can get rid of all the ads if they fork out $35 AUD per year for an iTunes Match subscription.

It seems that the service will become available to the UK, New Zealand and Canada next, with no word on further expansion plans. Other European countries are surely to follow shortly thereafter. We have no idea if Apple is planning to bring iTunes Radio to Africa at all, but as soon as we do we will report on it. (more…)

Shazam and Rdio team up for instant song tag and replay

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Rdio, the digital music service, and Shazam, a music tagging company, today announced an international expansion of their music discovery partnership to include South Africa. South African users of the Free and Encore version of the Shazam App for iOS and Android are now able to instantly listen to entire songs after tagging them by clicking the “Listen Free on Rdio” link within the app.

By connecting Shazam to Rdio in a few simple steps, listeners can also create an playlist on Rdio called “My Shazam Tracks.” This playlist automatically updates with every new song tagged in Shazam, making it easy to relive an amazing night out, track for track, through the Rdio app. The exclusive partnership which started late 2012 in the United Sates, is now live in South Africa and an additional 28 countries around the world. (more…)

Rdio Streaming Music Service launches in SA

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For the past few months South Africa has finally gotten some decent streaming radio services – and today Rdio launched as well. Including South Africa in its list of countries means that Rdio now has more international reach than Spotify (which is still not in SA). Rdio is very similiar to Spotify – in that the focus is on music discovery, something we feel is not quite catered for on other streaming radio services in SA.

Rdio’s focus is on you following your friends, and seeing the music trends they go through. I managed to find some good new music within the first hour of using Rdio, all because I went to go look at what music my friends are listening to. Then again – you might have some friend’s with not that great music taste…  (more…)

Danny K launches app alongside new album

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South African singer, Danny K, has just launched his latest album called ‘Good Look’ and with it, an exciting app that was developed with the help of Wonderland collective and Samsung.

On 21 November, Danny K held an exclusive listening session of ‘Good Look’ at Taboo nightclub in Sandton. Not only was his new music put on display, but the app was also unveiled.

Director of  Mobile Communications Samsung Electronics South Africa, Craige Fleischer first took to the stage to embrace the partnership between Samsung, Danny K and music.

Business Development Director of Wonderland Works, Graeme Lipschitz, also had the chance to showcase their latest work by introducing the app to the guests, by taking them through the unique design, layout and features. (more…)

Spinlet Music Platform launching in SA

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We always appreciate any new online music service in South Africa – and the latest entrant is a Finnish company called Spinlet. On a mission to make music fully mobile, affordable and heard,Spinlet will shortly launch its revolutionary music platform in South Africa. This will be the company’s second launch on the African continent. Spinlet’s SA office, based in Cape Town, will drive the company’s expansion into sub-Saharan territories where it will derive its growth from two streams – the music fans and the music artists.

The digital entertainment company was founded in Finland in 2006, and was subsequently acquired by Verod Capital in 2011. In the same year it moved its headquarters to San Francisco in 2011 and opened a marketing and distribution office in Lagos, Nigeria where it has been enthusiastically welcomed by fans and musicians alike.

In the short time it has been operating in Africa, Spinlet has established itself as a serious player in a highly competitive market. “As smartphone and broadband penetration increases and data costs reduce across Africa, we have noted that the appetite for the type of entertainment services which Spinlet can provide has significantly increased” says Neil Schwatrzman, Group CEO of Spinlet. “This has endorsed our decision to target emerging markets in Africa and we look forward to seeing similar levels of enthusiasm from South African music lovers when we launch our download site and mobile app”.

One third of global industry revenue was derived from digital music in 2012, (according to the IFPI, the organisation that represents the music industry worldwide) and this is set to increase year on year. With this in mind, Spinlet has chosen the perfect time to enter the market in Africa as the desire for African grown music continues to expand.

Focused not only on providing music, Spinlet also gives music fans what they want, when and how they want it. This, and the fact that its focus is on growing new music artists and sharing revenue with performers, is what makes Spinlet such an attractive and unique proposition.

Spinlet is uncovering new music talent every day thanks to its ‘Spinners’ – the girls and guys on the ground who are sourcing and recommending new artists and sounds and crowdsourcing relevant and desired content. (more…)

YouTube planning on launching subscription service

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Soon music lovers across the globe might get to experience a better YouTube, if their reported subscription service is to come to life.

According to reports, Google is busy working on a YouTube subscription service which would supply subscribers with on-demand videos and offer them unlimited access to artists and their albums.

The idea is to make the YouTube subscription similar to the likes of popular music streaming services like Spotify or Except, of course, with video.

Although Google have already launched their own music platform, ‘Google Play Music: All Access’ in May of this year, it seems they want to do something similar with YouTube.

Google acquired YouTube in November of 2006. (more…)