Sony launches PlayStation Music

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After first revealing the intent to create a Spotify-powered music streaming service for PlayStation consoles in January, Sony has see fit to release PlayStation Music in 41 countries as of this morning.

Previously, PlayStation users had access to Music Unlimited – a similar streaming service which Sony debuted in 2010. Sony has discontinued Music Unlimited in favour of PlayStation Music through an alliance with Spotify.


Sony unveils new Walkman ZX2 at CES 2015

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Walkman ZX2

The Walkman was undoubtedly the must-have, ‘it’ item of the early 80‘s right through to the 90’s. Everyone wanted one and, if you were left out in the dark, you probably envied everyone who had one.

The Walkman has also come a long way, evolving with the music industry. From tape cassettes to CD discs to eventual MP3 files, the Walkman has always been there – even though it became overshadowed by devices like the iPod from the 2000’s onwards.

While a Walkman is not as much of a must-have item today as it was 15 years ago, Sony is still designing and manufacturing new, improved Walkmans. And the latest Walkman, the ZX2, was just unveiled at the 2015 Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sony’s latest Walkman offering is the successor of the ZX1, that made its debut in July of last year. (more…)

appLOUD – an app that will help musicians make money

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As a musician, solo artist or band, you  essentially only have two ways of making money; album or single sales and of course, through ticket sales from live performances. Unless you’re a mega popstar or legendary rock band, these two ways of making money is your only bread and butter.

Indie or underground artists and bands that have not signed with a big label rely solely on gig money to survive. Sure, they can perhaps make money on album sales or downloads, but more often than not they choose to release these albums or singles for free in an effort to attract more people to their shows. Thus, you can imagine that these artists are constantly looking for other ways to showcase their music – and make money in the process.

And there might just be some light at the end of the tunnel thanks to a clever new startup with a clever new app.  (more…)

Video: Uber and Spotify partner up

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uber&spotifyThe potential partnership between Uber and Spotify has been cropping up the last couple of months all over the internet and it was finally made official yesterday. Uber riders will soon be able to listen to their favourite tunes whilst using Uber for their daily commute. The partnership will see an additional update to the Uber app where you can request the music that you want to listen to. When the Uber taxi arrives the music will already be playing! Sweet huh? (more…)

YouTube launching paid music streaming service

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YouTube Music Key

After what seems like years of speculation and rumours, YouTube has finally revealed that they are indeed planning to roll out a subscription-based music streaming service. 

The company confirmed yesterday that they will be launching such a service that will look to compete directly with big players such as Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music. YouTube’s version of the ever popular music streaming model will be called ‘YouTube Music Key’.

YouTube Music Key will allow users to stream high quality music and music videos that is, thankfully, ad-free. Naturally, this is not a new feature s other streaming services also offer music streaming ad-free. For a price, of course. 

YouTube’s music streaming will cost $9.99 per month – which is on parr with its competitors. Spotify also charges $9.99 per month, with Pandora coming in a little lower at $4.99 per month for the flagship Pandora One service. 

The company also revealed that a subscription to YouTube Music Key will also give users access to Google Play Music – obviously, with YouTube being a Google-owned company and all.  (more…)

Jawbone Mini Jambox Review: Your “jam” in a mini box!

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mini-app-bg2When it comes to looking for a decent set of portable speakers you are going to have your hands full. The market is saturated with way too many varieties, cheap imitations and horrible designs that makes the task of searching for the perfect product all the more difficult. First you have to decide exactly what type you want, is it going to be standing in one spot most of the time? Do you need a charging dock? Does it need to be portable with decent battery life? Does it need to be wireless (i.e. bluetooth)? There are SO many angles to consider and SO many options out there that you might just think: “Stuff it, I’ll buy the first thing that looks OK!”. We recently got our hands on a very special device by Jawbone called the Mini Jambox. It looks like an artist’s creation and sounds like a premium German sound system. I am going to try my best to convince you that the Mini Jambox is the answer to your portable speaker needs… (more…)

Taylor Swift removes music from Spotify, criticises streaming

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Taylor Swift

There are quite a bit of upset Swifties across the globe today, after mega popstar Taylor Swift removed all of her music from music streaming service Spotify.

The entire debacle started when Swift declined to have her latest album, “1989”, be added to Spotify. The company the lashed out and publicly criticised Swift for not adding her latest (much anticipated) album to the streaming service.

Swift then obviously felt pretty scorned (as she so often is) by Spotify’s critique, that she decided to up the ante and subsequently removed all of her music from the service. This included 4 previous albums.

After Swift’s decision to pull her music form the service, Spotify quickly backtracked on their public scrutiny of her. Naturally, they found themselves between a rock and a hard place, as Swift is one of the most popular artists on the platform.

In a blog post entitled “On Taylor Swift’s Decision To Remove Her Music From Spotify”, which was published yesterday, the company basically begs Swift to put her music back on the platform – and of course add the latest album.

They argued that Spotify was, alongside other streaming services, trying to build a new music economy that essentially curbs illegal downloading and ‘works for everyone.’ Their groveling even extended to the point of almost being cringeworthy when they ended their post with quotes form Swift’s own songs:

“PS – Taylor, we were both young when we first saw you, but now there’s more than 40 million of us who want you to stay, stay, stay. It’s a love story, baby, just say, Yes.”

However, Swift didn’t just remove her music from the platform because she’s pissed with what Spotify said. For a few years now, the Grammy winning singer has been vocal about her anti-streaming opinions.  (more…)

Report: Apple to integrate Beats Music into iTunes

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Beats Music

The Apple and Beats deal finally became official in August and since then, speculations have been running high as tow hat the next step is for Apple and Dr. Dre’s Beats.

Besides their business of selling high-end headphones, Beats also run a music streaming service called Beats Music, in case you didn’t know. For quite some time now, rumours have been flying about Apple planning to integrate Beats Music into iTunes.

New reports by the Wall Street Journal as well as TechCrunch suggest that the Beats Music, iTunes integration is well on it’s way, with some speculating that the new roll out might come as early as Q1 next year.

The Wall Street Journal quotes a singular source – “a person familiar with the matter” – as having confirmation of the plans to integrate Beats Music into iTunes:

“Apple is rebuilding Beats Music and plans to relaunch it next year as part of iTunes, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

But exactly why is Apple so interested in Beats Music and why would they want to incorporate it into their already highly successful iTunes?  (more…)