U2 working with Apple on ‘secret project’ to curb piracy

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U2 Apple BFFS

Legendary rockers, U2, made quite the splash recently thanks to their partnership with Apple. The rollout of their latest album, ‘Songs of Innocence’ that was given away for free to iTunes users, placed them in the spotlight again – even though the reception was less than favourable.

After Tim Cook announced that every iTunes user or iPhone owner will be able to download ‘Songs of Innocence’ for free, the internet and social media exploded with a lot of WTF’s. We get it, not everyone is a U2 fan (except perhaps my dad).

The outcry (dare we say disgust) was so bad, that Apple had to release a support guide to help users get rid of the unwanted U2 album.

However, Apple’s partnership with U2 goes way beyond free albums and awkward finger-fives. It’s also common knowledge that Apple has partnered with U2 frontman, Bono, in the past to collaborate on his (RED) initiative that helps fight HIV/AIDS.

Who can forget the stunning, shiny red Mac Pro Jony Ive designed for the (RED) auction last year.  (more…)

U2 releases free album on iTunes

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U2 AppleOK, so everybody can breath again. Apple day is over, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been announced alongside the really good looking Apple Watch. You have to say since the passing of Steve Jobs, the annual Apple event has lost some of its charm and excitement. Not that Tim Cook isn’t good at hosting the show, he just isn’t Steve Jobs. So to make things more exciting and to cap of last night’s evening Apple had “one more thing” to share with the audience, U2, and they came bearing gifts… (more…)

Have a look (and listen) to this 3D printed saxophone

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3D printed sax

We’ve heard of all kinds of 3D printed things, including 3D printed musical instruments. However, this is the first time we have come across a 3D printed saxophone.

Considering the fact that traditional saxophones are made of brass, it is essentially this metal that gives it its unique sound. What then would a 3D printed plastic saxophone sound like? Surprisingly like a sax.

This plastic sax was made by Olaf Diegel, who already dabbles in making ‘high-end’ 3D printed guitars under the name ODD Designs.

His version of a saxophone is made entirely of printed plastic. However, he did use a traditional saxophone to copy the various key spacings. (more…)

Apple to lay off nearly a third of Beats employees

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Beats-AppleIt must be quite exciting to be an employee of a company being bought by a colossus of such as Apple. That’s until you hear that nearly a third of the workforce will be cut when the giant takes over. And you might just be one of them. The Apple blog, 9to5Mac, has learned that Apple plans to lay off a large portion of Beats Electronics and Beats Music employees when the acquisition is complete. (more…)

Shazam now available for Mac

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Shazam for Mac

Popular music recognition app, Shazam, is now (finally) available as a desktop app for your Mac. This means that you can now enjoy all the functionality of Shazam without having to use your phone.

The app was officially released today and is free to download on the Mac App Store. Windows users are not that lucky I’m afraid, as the app is only available for Mac – or at least for now that is. According to Shazam’s chief product officer, Daniel Danker, other desktop versions could ‘potentially’ come to Windows sometime in the future.

But, nevertheless, Mac users can look forward to a smashing Shazam experience on desktop that will no doubt be equally as enjoyable as the mobile app.

Much like mobile app, Shazam for Mac runs inconspicuously in the background of your computer. It will then automatically recognize any song that is played on – or even near – your computer.  (more…)

Google buys Songza music service

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With music services becoming ever more popular, rumours were rife of an impending acquisition from Google, as we have known for quite some time they want to better their music streaming capabilities. As they are so often in the tech industry, the rumours were correct and Google have announced their acquisition of Songza.

Having built a reputation for delivering curated playlists ranging from broad genre themes, Songza also focused on lists based on your mood. Google want the company’s knowledge to better the Google Play Music offerings. (more…)

3D printed ‘guitar cushion’ will protect your tender fingers

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If you have ever tried to play the guitar – be it a few simple chords or trying to imitate Jimi Hendrix – you would know that your poor, tender fingers end up getting hurt.

Sure, Hendrix and co had developed strong fingers and over time the pain would wear off. However, for newbie guitarists, this contraption might just be the thing you need to protect your fingers from string inflicted wounds.

Meet the ‘Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard’. Albeit it’s ridiculously long name, what this thing does is actually fairly simple.

Designed by Don Bacon, a guitarist himself who struggled with sore fingers which resulted in demotivation, the keyboard is currently running a Kickstarter campaign with a $15 000 goal. (more…)

Amazing performance synchronizes dance and tech

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 dance & tech

We always get really excited when we see technology being integrated into any form of performance art. It elevates the entire performance and (literally) gives it a whole other dimension.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across the gem. A dance piece titled ‘Ljós’ by Italian creative studio, Fuse.

It features a beautiful dancer, Elena Annovi, suspended several feet above the ground and literally hanging from a harness. While this in itself is really impressive, what ensues next will take your breath away.

As Elena dances – or rather moves around in the harness – a backdrop of moving lights matches her movements. It also vibrates according to the tempo and beat of the music. (more…)