How to hack flow and be up to 5 times more productive

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Would you like your team to be 5 times more productive?

How about a team that learns between 2 and 3 times faster and is 7 times more creative?

According to research done by McKinsey and the US military these are some of the results you can expect if you get good at cultivating a state of flow in your teams.

I recently wrote an article on the 12 skills you need to build a great digital product but I left out the 13th and probably the most important skill:

Hacking flow states.

Why is flow state hacking so important? Because it acts as a multiplier of all the other skills.


Horrible LG G Flex commercial airs (video)

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Oh, the humanity! LG is trying to sell the G Flex as the ‘most human phone ever’, but the advert to bring their point to light is utter rubbish. In trying to be wacky and different they created something that is just painful to watch.

Many tech companies have made horrible commercials in the past couple of years, but this must surely take the cake.

Source: LG

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What about unlocked phones in SA – do I need a contract?

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The cell phone market in South Africa is a strange beast, and even more so the smartphone market. Yes, there are many types of phones being sold – different form factors, different price points, and different manufacturers – but what people see most of the time is only what the large telecoms companies advertise to you.

The fact of the matter is there are pros and cons to getting a two year over paying for a device outright in cash. In our market it is mostly the cheaper devices, or feature phones, that get sold in cash to customers at prices below R1000 and they can then do with it as they please. They are then free to choose the best prepaid plan for themselves, according to the best prices they can find in their area. Most people don’t even consider about doing this with the latest and greatest smartphones, opting for the two year contract instead of forking out a bit more upfront. But why should that be? (more…)

2014 – The Year of the Data Economy

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JacquesGuest Post By Jacques van Niekerk, CEO of Acceleration

Data is the fuel that drives the digital economy. During 2014, we can expect to see more focus than ever on how brands can drive value from data for their own businesses, but in a way that also delivers massive value to their customers.

What we are seeing is a broad transformation from the wasteful, interruptive advertising models of the past to an approach to marketing that is as engaging and empowering for the consumer as it is effective and efficient for the brand. I believe that three interlinked trends in the market are moving us in this direction.

New ways of thinking about privacy (more…)

Deeper look at Telkom Mobile – A contender to stay?

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Heita, it’s 8ta… Since the launch of 8ta in October 2010, and the subsequent rebranding to Telkom Mobile during the first quarter of 2013, many are still debating whether Telkom’s mobile network is standing ground with market competitors.  Do they really offer up-to-the-standard customer service, network coverage, competitive prices, bundles and more?  I will attempt give a brief description of my extended experience with them.

In November 2013 I entered my third 24-month contract with Telkom Mobile after satisfactory service, signal quality and absolute competitive pricing during my first two contracts. (more…)

Opinion: Galaxy S4 features you’ll never use

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The latest iteration of Samsung’s TouchWiz software is packed a bewildering number of features — so many that there’s now an extra step in the setup process explaining what everything does. We have never been enormous ambassadors of Samsung’s proprietary Android skin, but it is certainly here to stay. The Galaxy S range is the theatre Samsung use to display their latest and greatest software features. The major new additions in the Galaxy S4 include Air view, Air gesture, Smart Pause and Group Play, to name but a few.

While I was doing the long term review of the device over the last three months, I couldn’t help but notice a trend in the last couple of Galaxy S devices. The plethora of features included in every new iteration doesn’t seem so useful when using the device from day to day. I just couldn’t shift the idea that these were features designed to sell me a phone in commercials and carrier stores, rather than helping me out once I’ve actually parted with my hard earned money. (more…)

8 Things You Need to Know About Storage Delivery

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By Wimpie van Rensburg, Systems Engineer, Riverbed Technology

8 ways to please your boss; keep users happy and centralise your storage.

Many enterprise CIOs today are centralising storage and backups to their core data centres, instead of allowing remote and branch offices to maintain the hardware and data. This makes sense for the sake of simplicity: who wants to manage all those devices from afar, not to mention the security risk and complexity of having multiple backup systems and dispersed data sets? And organisations with offices in sometimes unstable markets may not want any locally stored data in those offices, due to security concerns.


Opinion: Is what I e-see what I e-get?

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by Tim Wyatt-Gunning, CEO Web Africa

Many of you will have been gorging yourselves on e-commerce services for a while, downloading all the music, movies, tv series and news services that you desire. A few of you might even have paid for some of them. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? On Sunday, with only lifting a finger, I read 1 South African newspaper, 1 UK newspaper, I watched (the soporific start of) the Life of Pi which clearly reminded my simple mind of Psy, so I streamed his new Gentleman video which was so similar to his Gangnam one that I streamed that too just to check.

We all love our easy online cocooned world except for my wife who still ‘likes to get the kids out of the house’, give some loose change to the newspaper vendor at the lights on Buitengracht whilst furtively listening to some sakkie-sakkie CD in her car before returning home with four DVDs rented to suit several generations worth of tastes. For her, the immediacy of all things internet merely adds to the burden of consuming time before the kids go to bed.