Why Wearable Tech Just Isn’t Ready

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“Gimmick” is a strong word that’s all to easily thrown around when talking about technology. As consumers, we’re quite quick to disregard any new product on the market as a shameless cash-in preying on ignorance and hype. Even the greatest bard of them all, Shakespeare, was quick to weigh in. As his eponymous character, Richard the III, says of wearable tech in his famous monologue, Deformed, unfinish’d, sent before (its) time. Into this breathing world, scarce half made up. And that so lamely and unfashionable, That dogs bark at me as I halt by them 

OK, I hear you. Shakespeare decidedly never raised his voice on wearable tech. However, I shall – and I decree the entire category as gimmickry released before its time. Allow me to explain. (more…)

Smartphone Etiquette: The do’s and don’ts

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Smartphone EWe live in an interconnected world. We have information at our fingertips, can communicate with anyone in the world instantly and digitally capture and share memories and feelings for all to see. What is even more amazing is that we can do all of this from just one device. Yes, many products these days allow for a better experience in one of the aforementioned categories but no device currently available does it with the ease, mobility and speed that the modern day smartphone offers.

It has become an essential tool for the everyday individual. With technology becoming smarter and easier to produce, even very low income groups have the ability of owning a smartphone. The little device has become our constant companion, eating electricity at night to be able to obey your commands during the day. But has this ever present companion taken its toll on our social abilities and the way we interact with those around us? (more…)

Will Google and Samsung’s relationship last?

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It is no secret that Samsung has been a big part of Android’s meteoric rise to dominance. In fact, the utter dominance that Samsung enjoyed in the Android market had Google worried. So much so that Google had to personally meet other manufacturers and help them to step up their game to compete with Samsung.

The reason for this is of course the eventual intentions of Samsung to leave Android behind altogether for their in-house operating system, Tizen. Samsung also changed the Android interface so much with the launch of the Tab Pro and Note Pro tablets at the beginning of the year that it lead to Samsung execs flying out to South Korea to confront Samsung. Subsequently Samsung has vowed to drop this Magazine UI in favour of something more traditionally like Android. (more…)

Google Nexus is no more: Welcome Android Silver

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There have been talks about Google ending the Nexus for the last couple of years, but now we finally know the beloved Nexus brand has come to an end. It was thought that the Nexus 6 would be the last Nexus phone, but it has been confirmed that the Nexus 6 has been cancelled and we will have our first Android Silver device this year.

What is Android Silver?

When it all comes down to it, Android silver isn’t very different than the Nexus program. The Nexus smartphones were so adored, at first by us geeks but later many more, because it delivered the quintessential Google experience. It is how Android is supposed to be, according to Google’s engineers. (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Sucks: 5 Reasons Why

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The Galaxy S range from Samsung has become the biggest thing in smartphones since the smartphone – a la iPhone. There are many reasons why, including marketing and mass appeal. There are many reasons to love the device (which we will get to later), but also many reasons to hate it.

We are waiting on Samsung SA for an official review unit, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had any time with the new iteration of Samsung’s blockbuster phone. In our first hands-on experience we could easily and quickly come to some dire conclusions. The phone will sell extremely well, but we don’t necessarily agree with the general public, and here is why…

1. Design (more…)

How to hack flow and be up to 5 times more productive

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Would you like your team to be 5 times more productive?

How about a team that learns between 2 and 3 times faster and is 7 times more creative?

According to research done by McKinsey and the US military these are some of the results you can expect if you get good at cultivating a state of flow in your teams.

I recently wrote an article on the 12 skills you need to build a great digital product but I left out the 13th and probably the most important skill:

Hacking flow states.

Why is flow state hacking so important? Because it acts as a multiplier of all the other skills.


Horrible LG G Flex commercial airs (video)

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Oh, the humanity! LG is trying to sell the G Flex as the ‘most human phone ever’, but the advert to bring their point to light is utter rubbish. In trying to be wacky and different they created something that is just painful to watch.

Many tech companies have made horrible commercials in the past couple of years, but this must surely take the cake.

Source: LG

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What about unlocked phones in SA – do I need a contract?

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The cell phone market in South Africa is a strange beast, and even more so the smartphone market. Yes, there are many types of phones being sold – different form factors, different price points, and different manufacturers – but what people see most of the time is only what the large telecoms companies advertise to you.

The fact of the matter is there are pros and cons to getting a two year over paying for a device outright in cash. In our market it is mostly the cheaper devices, or feature phones, that get sold in cash to customers at prices below R1000 and they can then do with it as they please. They are then free to choose the best prepaid plan for themselves, according to the best prices they can find in their area. Most people don’t even consider about doing this with the latest and greatest smartphones, opting for the two year contract instead of forking out a bit more upfront. But why should that be? (more…)