WhatsApp will now let you make voice calls

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Today, WhatsApp begins its first rollout of a highly-anticipated feature: in-app voice calling.

The new feature – dubbed, perhaps unsurprisingly, WhatsApp Calling – is a result of prior promises from WhatsApp executives (from February, last year) that in-app voice call functionality would soon arrive across all platforms. Android users are able – as of right now – to get a first taste of the new feature by updating to WhatsApp 2.12.19 directly from the WhatsApp website.


Sony launches PlayStation Music

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After first revealing the intent to create a Spotify-powered music streaming service for PlayStation consoles in January, Sony has see fit to release PlayStation Music in 41 countries as of this morning.

Previously, PlayStation users had access to Music Unlimited – a similar streaming service which Sony debuted in 2010. Sony has discontinued Music Unlimited in favour of PlayStation Music through an alliance with Spotify.


First 24 Apple Watch apps revealed

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screen shot 2014-11-19 at 2.02.18 pm

Nearly two weeks before Apple opens pre-orders – and a month prior to general release – reports indicate that the first 24 Apple Watch apps have been approved by Apple’s App Store team.

Interestingly, all of the Apple Watch apps in question will arrive as updates to their iOS counterparts (New functionality present in a future iOS Twitter update, for example) – and will primarily bring new functions to the Apple Watch as a companion/utility device next to the iPhone.


Rumour: Could we see three iPhone devices this year?

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iPhone 6

Another day, another Apple rumour. As we inch closer and closer to the fall (or, Spring for us Southern Hemisphere beings) when new Apple products usually make their debut, rumours are starting to spread about the company’s proposed new devices.

This latest rumour comes from Digitimes, who are citing ‘industry sources’. These ‘industry sources’ are claiming that Apple is planning on releasing three iPhone devices this fall.

Expected to launch in the second half of 2015, if the rumours turn out to be true, Apple will release three new flagship iPhone models; the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus and, much to our surprise, a new iPhone 6C model.  (more…)

Top5: Most iconic mobile phones

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IconicIf you ask just about anyone today what the one gadget is that they can’t live without, 99% will answer their mobile phone. It has become our connection to the world. It carries all of our contacts, emails, to-do lists. It functions as our diary, music player, encyclopedia, personal assistant and entertainment hub.

But where did it all start? There are clear points in the history of mobile phones where you can point at a certain phone and instantly know that it totally changed the mobile phone landscape when it was released. Let’s have a look at our Top 5 most iconic mobile phones… (more…)

Facebook unveils massive Messenger update

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Nearly one year ago, Facebook made perhaps one of its most controversial moves to date: the social network forced its users to download and use the new Messenger app (a companion to the main Facebook app) to continue sending and receiving private correspondence on a mobile device.

Yesterday, at the company’s own F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, Facebook made it clear as to why this was the case: Messenger will now tightly monitor a user’s web presence – much like Google Now does – as well integrate with third party apps. Dubbed the Messenger Platform, Facebook intends on providing every Facebook user with a ubiquitous platform through which they can navigate using the internet.


Microsoft Lumia 535 review: Windows phone for the masses

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2015 is an interesting year for Microsoft. For the first time in years, the Redmond company seems to be establishing a vivid ecosystem, with results which look – so far – to be impressive. From the forthcoming release of Windows 10, to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft now has the opportunity to regain the confidence of its consumer base – and that pursuit of critical appeal is where the firm’s newest budget smartphone, the Lumia 535, comes into play.

The Lumia 535 is Microsoft’s first ‘official’ Lumia phone since the firm acquired Nokia – sporting Microsoft branding, the Lumia 535 is aimed at a budget audience who’re seeking a Windows phone experience. Microsoft’s intention here is most telling – rather than let their inaugural smartphone exist as a premium flagship, the company have developed a sub-R2000 smartphone for audiences everywhere.


iOS 8.3 betas continue to reveal new features

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22246Apple has upset the apple cart a bit with their upcoming iOS update. The tech giant surprised the world by giving users public betas for iOS with the launch of iOS 8.3 beta. What’s more is that the next iOS update won’t be a dot-equivalent update (few bug fixes) but a much more substantial update.

The initial beta release only revealed some small updates, but the newest available beta proves that it was all just the tip of the ice berg. (more…)