Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Sucks: 5 Reasons Why

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The Galaxy S range from Samsung has become the biggest thing in smartphones since the smartphone – a la iPhone. There are many reasons why, including marketing and mass appeal. There are many reasons to love the device (which we will get to later), but also many reasons to hate it.

We are waiting on Samsung SA for an official review unit, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had any time with the new iteration of Samsung’s blockbuster phone. In our first hands-on experience we could easily and quickly come to some dire conclusions. The phone will sell extremely well, but we don’t necessarily agree with the general public, and here is why…

1. Design (more…)

WhatsApp hits 500 million active users

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And people ask why Facebook paid so much for WhatsApp? Less than a year ago WhatsApp announced that they had reached 300 million active users, and now they have hit 500 million. That is a massively impressive growth rate, only equalled in the tech world by their parent company, Facebook. (more…)

LG’s G Watch to be water resistant, in two colours

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LG have given us a bit of extra info surrounding the upcoming LG G Watch on its website. It will of course be the first smartwatch launched with Google’s Android Wear platform. It seems that it will be available in two colours, and they do look striking, to be honest. (more…)

HTC-made Nexus 8 reportedly launching in Q3

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The Nexus program is the Android purist’s dream – the way Android intended Google at bargain prices. There may be a couple of potential changes on the horizon, however.

There have been rumours that the Nexus program may be coming to an end soon, but Google does apparently still have plans for a couple new Nexus devices this year. This is now apparently not the case, with a rumoured Nexus 8 tablet in the works. The time around, it won’t be made by Asus, but HTC. (more…)

Nokia Asha 210 Feature Phone Review

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Are you one of those people that love their QWERTY keyboards and don’t need a massively expensive smartphone that has one? This device might be for you, then. While the Nokia Asha 210 isn’t perfect, it certainly is a very compelling buy for people in this price bracket. Let’s find out why.

Announced last year, the Nokia Asha 210 offers the basics of what you’d expect from a modern mobile phone, in a package that is easy on your wallet. It is very similar to the Asha 201 and Asha 205, but with better specs.

Here are the specs it offers: (more…)

LG G3’s new UI leaked with sleek, flat design

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We recently brought you news that the new LG G3 will most likely have a Quad HD display, and not only does this rumour seem to be confirmed with this leak, but we also see what the new UI will look like.

If you have even used or seen LG’s user interface you will see that it is massively removed from what is used on the current LG’s. The design is much flatter (seems everyone is going down the Apple route), and the icons is much, much brighter. At first glance, it looks very interesting, but we will have to give it a proper go before delivering a final judgement.

Importantly, the screenshots hit the web at a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution, which basically confirms the Quad HD resolution of the screen. This 1,440p display will be the first time in over a year that companies truly push the resolution stakes. (more…)

HTC to bring optical zoom to devices in 2015

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htc one

Camera technology has always been an important part of a smartphones specs. Companies are trying to pack as many megapixels and the biggest sensors possible into their flagships. HTC has not exactly followed this recipe in the last couple of years, though. The have kept their UltraPixel camera with the new iteration of the HTC One (M8) with another 2MP for some software wizardry.

The results are mixed, with many still disappointed with its performance. Talking with UK carrier Vodafone on HTC’s roadmap for camera tech, imaging guru Symon Whitehorn claimed “we could be 4K ready now,” if it actually made sense to do so. (more…)

Unique Rufus Cuff wants to dominate wearable market (video)

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Waerables are surely the new hot property in the technology world in 2014 and companies all over the world are trying their hand at building one that the entire world might want. The problem is that, arguably, there haven’t been any successful ones as of yet, bar the Pebble.

It seems that there are still some large gripes people have before they will truly accept this new form of technology to be part of their everyday lives. One factor is design, others thinks like battery life, UI and overall functionality. These features aren’t what most people want them to be to justify the cost of buying one.

Now, a new company called Rufus Labs wants to change everything. They have come up with a (ridiculous, some would say) design that they hope will appeal to a larger market. It is actually quite interesting, and immediately seems to solve two of the main issues with smartwatches these days – battery life and functionality. (more…)