Nokia Asha 210 Feature Phone Review

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Are you one of those people that love their QWERTY keyboards and don’t need a massively expensive smartphone that has one? This device might be for you, then. While the Nokia Asha 210 isn’t perfect, it certainly is a very compelling buy for people in this price bracket. Let’s find out why.

Announced last year, the Nokia Asha 210 offers the basics of what you’d expect from a modern mobile phone, in a package that is easy on your wallet. It is very similar to the Asha 201 and Asha 205, but with better specs.

Here are the specs it offers: (more…)

Review: Acer Aspire E1-531 Laptop

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Recently, I received a laptop to review. Baring in mind that this is my first time reviewing something, plus the fact that I have been a Mac user for years, I was kind of nervous (yet thoroughly excited) to review a different laptop.

Firstly, the Acer Aspire is a strikingly beautiful laptop. The sleek, elegant design of the machine hits you straight in the face once it’s taken out of the box – this, however, may also be because of it’s super glossy look. Think a kind of glassy black you might find in the lair of Bruce Wayne.

Obviously, as a woman, I was very impressed with the look and feel of the laptop. It’s light enough to comfortably carry around (it ways around 2.5 kilo’s), yet sturdy enough to make you feel you’re carrying something of quality.

I also especially liked the look and feel of both the keyboard and trackpad. The keys seemed ‘flatter’, which of course attributes to it’s modern look, and the trackpad is sleek and comfortable to work with. No jerky mouse moves either.

Moving along to the stuff that really matters – the hardware.  (more…)

LG G-Pro Lite Review – Bringing large displays to the masses

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Front2LG is certainly making some waves in the smartphone market. They are no longer the mid-market “we-actually-build-TVs” company that are just competitive enough to keep producing mediocre phones. A bit harsh? Nope. I just wanted to provide some background on the huge contrast we are seeing from LG regarding their smartphone offering. With revolutionary G2 coming out last year the South-Korean company has made all the Android heavyweights sit up and take notice. We were recently invited to the launch of LG’s upcoming flagship the G-Flex and also making a debut is the G-Pro Lite. How do you capture market share in lower income countries? You make owning a smartphone cheaper. The G-Pro Lite ticks all the boxes. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z1 Review – Waterproof, life-proof

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You may have noticed there has been a trend in the last couple of years within the Android smartphone market. Companies like Samsung, LG and others are stuffing their devices full of software features – in many cases useless and redundant. Sony came up with a different plan, though, and its sticking to its guns.

Sony is concentrating on their strengths of old, something that has been with them from the get go. They are focusing on beautiful, strong and durable designs, as well as great screen technology and photographic prowess. (more…)

LG G2 Review – Finally taking on the heavyweights

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LG used to be cool. Their appliances have always been well known, but they used to be the number one flat screen TV manufacturer and they also made some great phones that sold very well. The fondest memories I have is of their flip phones, which were great, and later they had some well received QWERTY devices.

To be honest, the public’s attention has been on Apple and Samsung so much that LG started to feel like a second-rate Samsung in many respects – new devices came just too late to garner interest from the consumer. We saw this with the entire lifespan of their Optimus product line, and to the surprise of no one, it has been dropped to turn over a new leaf.

The G2 is quite clearly LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S4. They did try to push up the launch so that it doesn’t coincide with the announcement of the Galaxy S5, just enough time for it to be in the spotlight long enough. They have also tried something new, with a completely unique hardware design. Will it help LG stand out from the crowd, or fall into the doldrums of gimmicky mediocrity?

Here are some of the key features: (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Gear Review – Another pebble in the pond?

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Long gone are the days of showing off multiplication on your geeky little calculator watch. I can still remember thinking that the back-light on my Casio watch was the best thing since sliced bread. With the neck break speed technology is evolving around us it was a mere eventuality that technology would catch up with our ever trusting time keeping buddies. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Gear in the latter parts of last year and whilst not gaining huge support from critics and consumers is still selling quite well in South Africa. So will the Galaxy Gear be the quintessential extension of your Android device? Or does the watch only provide brief James Bond-esque moments of entertainment? This review will hopefully shed some light on the issue.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review – BIG improvement or BIG disappointment?

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The Galaxy Note 3 hit South-African shores at the end of September last year with the now trademark Samsung marketing flair. Ads were everywhere, at the airport, alongside the highways and interrupting your favourite TV series. “Why?”, would you ask would Samsung over-market a device that is not really even considered a smartphone? Because of its absolute popularity! Throw in a nifty smart watch to the launch and you have a bona fide selling machine. But is this over-sized smartphone/tablet everyone’s cup of tea?  We got out hands on one of these little (or big) guys and hopefully by the end of this review you will be able to answer these questions.


Google Nexus 5 Review – the Prodigal Android Kingpin

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At the end of 2013 Google partnered up with LG (as they did the previous year) to create one of the most anticipated phones of year – The Nexus 5. With specs of equivalence to the top smartphones in the world such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1 and more, the two things that set the Nexus 5 aside from the rest is it’s ridiculously low price tag and the honour of receiving pure, “vanilla” Android updates almost as they are released. In this review, all the praises and shortfalls of the Nexus 5 will be discussed to provide reason as to why this phone is grabbing such attention.

Here are some of the key features: (more…)