Apple planning record production of the iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 production

Another day, another iPhone 6 rumour. As we draw closer and closer to the (expected) announcement date of the iPhone 6 in September, the rumours are churning out hard and fast.

This time, however, the rumour comes from a respected source in the form of the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is planning a massive production of their next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. And as everyone keeping an eye on iPhone developments should know, the iPhone 6 will allegedly be available in two sizes – a 4.7-inch model and a larger, 5.5-inch.

According to the report, Apple has asked their suppliers to produce between 70 – 80 million units by the end of the year on December 30th.  (more…)

Nokia Lumia 530 specs leaked before launch

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Nokia_Lumia_520.jpg.pagespeed.ce.NyzOXbXSglThe upcoming Nokia Lumia 530 might not be the flagship model everyone is waiting for but the little Windows phone is still eagerly anticipated. With the unsuspected success of the Nokia Lumia 520 last year many consumers can’t wait to get their hands on a smaller, cheaper yet superior quality Windows smartphone. For those holding out for a phone just like this will be pleased with new leaks of the 530′s specs. (more…)

Alleged iPhone 6 sapphire screen tortured with sandpaper

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iPhone 6 sapphire

Every couple of weeks a new iPhone 6 rumour or headline pops up. This week, we’ve already seen another rumour about the much anticipated phone’s new, improved camera.

Another feature of the phone that has been discussed (well, speculated over) at length, is it’s rumoured sapphire crystal display.

The idea with the sapphire crystal screen, is that it is stronger and much more ‘scratch resistant’ than the current Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 5S. Theoretically, the sapphire crystal screen would be much more robust than the Gorilla Glass and one YouTuber, Marques Brownlee (or MKBHD) set out to ‘torture test’ the new, iPhone 6 screen.

Now, we have no idea where Brownlee got his hands on a prototype of the iPhone 6 screen. We can’t verify whether it’s legit or not, but nevertheless – it’s a pretty interesting video to watch.  (more…)

iPhone 6 to have a better camera

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We’re don’t really think the spec race is as important as many are making it out to be. At least, in terms of powering our phones every device doesn’t need to have bigger and better specs than the last to work properly. Nevertheless, that is the world we live in and many have been quick to criticise Apple for not taking part in the spec race.

While we can’t agree with them (Apple’s chips perform as well, if not better in benchmarking than the best that Android phones can offer), specs do seem to sell phones. Apple is reportedly planning on beefing up some if its specs in order to make the iPhone 6 even more enticing. (more…)

Larger iPhone 6 delayed until 2015?

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Last year Apple revealed the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C at the same event, and many of us were expecting the new iPhone 6 devices in September this year. It has been the time of year when Apple revealed its latest and greatest smartphones to the world. We know that we are getting two new models this time around. Unfortunately, news broke a couple of weeks ago that we might have a slight delay because of new manufacturing constraints.

The delay we were expecting was only a week or two, however. It seems the wait may be a bit more agonising this year, at least for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 variant. (more…)

Another Samsung Galaxy S5 – the Neo

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been available for months now, but since then another few variants of the device hit the market. A few more is still to come, though.

Not only did we get the Galaxy S5 Active, Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Prime (or LTE-A in other markets), according to reports we may also soon find ourselves checking out the Galaxy S5 Neo. (more…)

Google Glass founder heading to Amazon

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One of the visionaries that gave us Google Glass has decided to move on from the search giant. Babak Parvis was the first head of the Glass team and has said that he is “super excited” to be joining Amazon.

Amazon hasn’t shown any public interest in either wearables or medical and healthcare technology, but there are rumours that he will be focusing on these areas. So, naturally, it is lending some credibility to earlier rumours that Amazon will also enter the new segment in electronics sometime in the future. (more…)

Samsung to launch foldable tablet in 2015

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Samsung has been accused by the tech community of lacking innovation in the past couple of years, but maybe this will silence their naysayers.

The Korean electronics company is reportedly said to be working on a tablet with a foldable display that can fold in on itself into a smartphone form factor, which will launch sometime in 2015. This news isn’t really a surprise, though, as we have heard of these foldable displays from Samsung as early as 2012 when the patents were filed, but it was tipped to launch sometime in 2016 or 2017 at that time. (more…)