LG leaks a leather-clad G4

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LG G4-970-80

Following the LG G3′s release in May of 2014, a legion of users complained about the cheap feeling the handset’s faux-metal (plastic) rear shell gave in-hand. With the G4, this evidently won’t be a concern, as LG mistakenly released full press images of its upcoming flagship for 2015 – clad in leather.

Tipster @Evleaks pinpointed LG’s mistake, which showcased the rear shell of the G4 adorned in leather which, according to the image shown, will arrive in six different colours.


World’s first Apple Watch unboxing?

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watchYou know that you have a lot of product anticipation if the mere unboxing of the product attracts attention. Time is slowly ticking away towards the official Apple Watch launch on the 24th of April, but one Instagram user appears to have has jumped ahead of the Friday’s online Apple Watch pre-order date with an inside look to the actual packaging… (more…)

Rumour: Could we see three iPhone devices this year?

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iPhone 6

Another day, another Apple rumour. As we inch closer and closer to the fall (or, Spring for us Southern Hemisphere beings) when new Apple products usually make their debut, rumours are starting to spread about the company’s proposed new devices.

This latest rumour comes from Digitimes, who are citing ‘industry sources’. These ‘industry sources’ are claiming that Apple is planning on releasing three iPhone devices this fall.

Expected to launch in the second half of 2015, if the rumours turn out to be true, Apple will release three new flagship iPhone models; the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus and, much to our surprise, a new iPhone 6C model.  (more…)

Apple alledgedly developing a TV subscription service

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While Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has pegged the company’s set-top box – Apple TV – as a hobbyist product many times, rumours pinpoint that the Cupertino company is developing a TV subscription service for release at year end.

The rumour also follows another speculation – that Apple will unveil a brand new Apple TV box at some point in April.


Latest LG G4 image shows a curve

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While LG’s next flagship is rumoured to not to see its debut until April or May of this year, Twitter account @OnLeaks posted an alleged picture of the device online this morning – and, by all appearances, it seems the G4 is set to have a curve.

Much like the company’s fraternal handset, the newly introduced G Flex 2, it seems the G4 might accomodate a similar – if less extreme – length and widthwise curvature.


Apple Watch battery life to be better than expected?

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applewatchbattery-780Today is Apple’s “Spring Forward” event and there is a buzz of excitement among the tech inclined (read our event preview here). The star attraction however is definitely the Apple Watch. There are three big questions on everyone’s mind – When can we buy it? What will it cost? And of course, what will the battery life be like?

From what we have seen so far of the Apple Watch indicates that the wearable will be tethered to the wall quite a lot. Or has Apple managed to improve the situation over the past couple of months since its big reveal? (more…)

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet might be launched at MWC 2015

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Xperia-Z4-Tablet2Sony has been in the news quite a bit over the past couple of months. There is still a lot of talk surrounding whether or not Sany might actually sell their mobile business, but whatever the outcome there it’s clear that the company will still have several products in the pipeline. We will definitely see a few of those devices at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, and we may have gotten an early glimpse of one already… (more…)

HTC One M9 final pre-launch rumor roundup

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HTC One M9_2It seems like we are posting leaks on the HTC One M9 every week. That’s because we, along with most of the smartphone world, really liked the M8 (definitaly my favorite Android phone of 2014). Well the wait is almost over. Next week the world will be introduced to HTC’s newest flagship at the 2015 MWC. Much like children before Christmas, waiting just won’t do – here is the latest information on the HTC One M9 powerhouse… (more…)