The LG G3 will have a Quad HD display

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The internet was abuzz until weeks ago with the possibility of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 having a QHD display, which has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. The term “Quad” HD comes from the fact that such a screen has twice the amount of pixels as a 720p screen. Alas, the device has a regular 1080p display, but some Chinese manufacturers have released QHD displays on their devices.

Now however, one of the bigger players have accidentally showed their hand with a leaked photograph. (more…)

Amazon Phone coming in September with glasses-free 3D

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Rumours about Amazon making a smartphone have been circling the web since 2012 and we might actually finally see it this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is already showing off prototypes of the handset to developers. Not only that, but they want to announce it in June to be released in September.

The report also adds that Amazon wants to differentiate itself from other top-of-the-line flagships by adding four cameras with retina-tracking tech, making it possible to project 3D images without needing glasses. (more…)

Could this be what the iPhone 6 will look like?

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With the build up to the official debut of the new iPhone 6 growing stronger and more intense everyday, it’s no surprise that Apple fans, designers and tech sites and journalists will come up with their own idea of the iPhone 6.

Imaginations have run wild over the past few months, with dozens of people submitting their interpretation (or rather, expectation) of the iPhone 6 to various websites.

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you designer Sam Beckett’s vision of an iPhone Air. While Beckett’s version of the ‘new’ iPhone went viral, many more followed suit and came up with their own ideas.

The latest mock-up to hit the interwebs, is this one by popular technology website, Macrumors.  (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy Solo is a standalone smartwatch

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Most smartwatches are intrinsically linked to the smartphone you use it in conjunction with, and only work off a Bluetooth connection.

Samsung wants to bring you another option, however, with the Galaxy Solo. It will be very much like a Galaxy Gear, but will be able to carry a SIM-card and will be able to make and receive phone calls. (more…)

Google wants Android TV to simplify your entertainment

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In the past couple of years we have been hearing rumours of possible Google TV launches, but none ever came to fruition. It seems that Google has completely moved away from that concept, now starting talk about what they call Android TV.

The Verge have reportedly found documents revealing a new Android TV release with a more conventional living room interface. The new OS would rely on a simplified card layout centred on accessing content quickly. (more…) to launch a smartwatch (video)

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More and more celebrities seem to want to delve into the gadgets market. Ashton Kutcher has certainly invested in many tech start-ups, and now wants to sell you a smartwatch.

Recently, while on the British chat show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, he was wearing his own smartwatch. Later on, when this came to the attention of more people, he confirmed on Twitter that his smartwatch will launch in June. (more…)

Is YouTube building a ‘kids only’ version?

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The latest rumour doing the rounds will have most parents jumping for joy. According to reports by The Information, the world’s leading video streaming service, YouTube, has started working on a new project: a ‘kids only’ version of YouTube.

That’s right, parents might soon be able to rest assured when their kids climb on the internet as they will know that their children are only able to see age appropriate content.

The report indicates that the company is focusing on a target market of kids aged 10 years and younger for the more ‘junior’ version of YouTube. Apparently, The Information spoke to three individuals who have been briefed on the project.  (more…)

iOS 8 early build leaked

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The first substantial iOS 7 update has only rolled out, but we are already getting rumours and leaks about iOS 8. According to leaks from 9to5Mac the new version will look an awful lot like the current one (we didn’t expect anything else), but it has to be noted that this is a very early beta build of the OS, so changes can still happen. (more…)