Here’s an app to help get rid of your embarrassing posts on social media

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We all have one or two (or perhaps a couple) of rather embarrassing posts somewhere one one or more of our social media profiles.

Whether it’s a philosophical post by a slightly inebriated, younger version of yourself, an adolescent Facebook rant, or any ‘I-can’t-believe-I-said-that’ post – we know that while you might forget about these little gems, the internet doesn’t.

While everyone has an embarrassing post or two, and of course that’s perfectly acceptable, the problem may come in when your potential new boss stumbles across any f the aforementioned posts and then promptly decides to not hire you.

You know, first impressions…

Luckily for us all, you will now be able to get rid of these embarrassing (read: incriminating) posts way easier; because just like for everything else in this world nowadays, there is an app for that.  (more…)

Twitter testing new “Quality Filter” which will remove abuse from your timeline

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Twitter_Abuse2Social media has become a platform where everyone can speak their minds without worrying too much about the consequences. Twitter wars and abuse has become common place and sometimes it just isn’t worth it to open up your timeline and spoil your day.

Well, after admitting that it’s failed to adequately combat abuse and harassment, Twitter has been moving swiftly to weed out its worst users. Or at the very least making them much easier to ignore… (more…)

Vine launches VineKids

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There is no denying that Vine’s 6-second, looping videos are really popular. With an estimated user-base of 40 million, these little videos have a substantial market share in the social media landmark.

Vine has also catapulted many a internet star to fame – so much so that they are now being called ‘Vine artists’ – and the 6-second video format has become a go-to platform for internet bloggers, artists, performers and pranksters.

Of course the ‘funny’ Vines are without a doubt the most popular on the platform, closely followed by ‘prank’ Vines and extreme stunts. While this is all good and well and sometimes really impressive, sometimes a certain viral Vine can be a little NSFW and PG13.

Considering the fact that a large portion of Vine’s user-base are pre-teen teeny-boppers and kids under 10, as a parent, you might be concerned as to what exactly it is that your child is watching on the platform – albeit only 6-seconds long.

Vine, obviously concerned with the same matter, has decided to give kids’ the entertainment they want, all while giving parents peace of mind with the launch of the new VineKids app.  (more…)

Need a personal stylist? Theres an app for that

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Closet Space

As a woman, I am most certainly familiar with the dilemma of “I have nothing to wear” – even though I have a closet full of clothes. I am sure there are many women and men that can relate to this feeling of distress.

Of course, an option is to enlist the help of a stylist. but, this costs (a lot) of money and not all of us are Hollywood celebrities. Luckily, we are living in 2015, so naturally there is an app that will act as your personal stylist and even schedule outfits for you weeks in advance – so you never feel like you have nothing to wear.

ClosetSpace is the brainchild of Stylistics – who has developed other fashion-based apps – and will essentially create a completely unique, curated outfit for you from the clothes that you own. That’s right, those same pieces staring at you from your closet that you have no idea how to put together.

As the company calls it, ClosetSpace is a ‘style management platform’. Pretentious name aside, the app is extremely detailed and would be an excellent tool to use for fashion forward people.  (more…)

Are you lonely? This app will be your fake boyfriend

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Invisible Boyfriend

Are you lonely, deprived of attention and possibly a recluse? Then you can breathe a sigh of relief because you needn’t worry about your non-existent social life – and even more important, lack of significant other – anymore, because there’s an app for that. I kid you not.

Introducing the Invisible Boyfriend app (yes, that is seriously it’s name), a platform that will help you create the perfect man and make him your boyfriend – no courtship needed.

The idea behind the app is to help people fool their nearest and dearest into believing they have a boyfriend. Smoke and mirrors, you know.  (more…)

Facebook (finally) launches Facebook At Work

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Facebook at Work

Are you feeling guilty about spending so much time on Facebook while you are at work? Well, you don’t have to be. Soon you’ll have a perfectly legitimate reason to mindlessly scroll through your newsfeed – sort of.

Back in November, we reported on Facebook’s plans to launch a totally separate, ‘new’ Facebook that is specifically geared towards using the platform at work

Facebook at Work (first believed to be called ‘Facebook for Work’) had a relatively hush-hush, soft-launch on Thursday’. While the platform has not been released entirely to the public just yet, the new, ‘productive’ version of Facebook has been launched to a few partners for testing. And while there will be different versions for desktop as well as iOS, it’s only the app (for iPhone, iPads) that has launched.

So, just how exactly will Facebook at Work, work? (more…)

‘Je Suis Charlie’ app launched in App Store thanks to Tim Cook

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Je Suis Charlie

The world is still reeling from the horrific terrorist attack on French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo in Paris last week.

Two masked gunmen entered the offices of the controversial magazine on Wednesday last week and brutally shot and killed 11 of the magazine’s employees.

Following the attack, millions of Parisians, French people and other all across the globe showed their support for freedom of speech and stood in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo – condemning the attack with the hashtag #jesuischarlie

Je suis Charlie translates to ‘I am Charlie’ in English. A powerful message clearing stating that anyone bearing the words ‘je suis Charlie’ are standing in solidarity with the magazine, as they, too are Charlie.

Of course, in our day and age, with social media being at the forefront of breaking, international events, it came as no surprise that such a powerful slogan was transformed into a hashtag that went viral. But the je suis Charlie slogan didn’t only spawn a powerful hashtag, it also spawned an app.  (more…)

Pentagon social accounts hacked by alleged ISIS agents

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PentagonThe world’s attention has been held by Islamist extremist groups over the past couple of weeks. The events that took place in Paris and Nigeria has focused every government’s attention on possible terror events and how they might affect their countries. In our modern world a physical attack or event no longer remains a primary act of opposition and virtual terrorists are starting to creep out of the woodwork.

A group referring to itself as the CyberCaliphate and claiming ties to ISIS appeared to have taken over social media accounts belonging to the United States Central Command.  (more…)