Windows Phone 10 leaks shows new homescreen

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Alongside the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is launching their new software for smartphones. We’re not yet exactly sure what it will be called yet (the rumoured names are either Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 for phones), but a leak allegedly shows off the homescreen of the new software. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6’s TouchWiz to be much sleeker

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We can’t express how happy we are to hear this news. If you have followed us for some time or read our reviews about Samsung products, the overall feeling can be summarised as ‘a good device with bad software.’ We have been calling for Samsung to make changes to TouchWiz for years, and it seems like we may finally be granted our wish. (more…)

Samsung’s Tizen OS isn’t dead yet?

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Samsung really want us to take Tizen seriously, but we have seen no sign that it would happen anytime soon. It is supposed to be Samsung’s answer to Android and iOS in the smartphone market, but all we have seen thus far is the OS being pushed onto their wearable devices.

We have seen the company trying to get the OS in more people’s hands with the Samsung Z, but we still can’t understand why these products never made it to consumers. We could easily assume that Samsung is thinking twice about Tizen on smartphones, but some new leaks prove otherwise. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Still the best phablet?

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Some said that this type of device would never take off, yet here we are in the fourth generation of one of the hottest properties in the mobile world – the Galaxy Note range. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the newest in the hit range, which is now in a segment that is becoming ever more crowded.

Even Apple, who swore by their “perfect for one handed use” size, has admitted defeat and made their devices larger to keep up with the trend. While there are many more devices of this kind in the market today than even a year ago when the Galaxy Note 3 launched, Samsung wants and needs this device to be a massive success. They are seeing profits slipping drastically, a major factor being the fact that the Galaxy S5 wasn’t as big a success as its predecessors. The Note 4 tries its best with updated design and top-notch specs, but can it deliver? (more…)

Android Wear to become cross platform?

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Making a platform that is consistent among many different smartwatches is the biggest stepping-stone for Android Wear. Implementing it has gotten off to a rocky start, but with every update Android Wear is improving.

At this stage, the biggest limitation for Android Wear is the prerequisite of having an Android phone to pair it with. (more…)

PhotoMath solves math equations with your phone’s camera

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With our education system in such disarray I sincerely hope tech savvy kids don’t get their hands on this application. A company called MicroLink has developed an app that can easily solve mathematics equation with the click of a button – it takes a photo of the equation and calculates the answer for you.

MicroLink’s newly unveiled PhotoMath for iOS and Windows Phone – with an Android version expected in early 2015 – uses your smartphone’s camera to scan math equations and not only solve them, but show the steps involved. (more…)

Google updates email with the launch of Inbox (video)

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It’s somewhat unnerving to think that Gmail is over ten years old, but it is. The service spread like wildfire and Google boasts billions of active accounts around the world. But now, Google is taking a fresh look at the emailing services available to users, and introducing a new service designed to merge email with all the modern conveniences, called Inbox by Gmail. (more…)

Windows 10 brings Windows Phone’s Notification center to your desktop

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windows10With the ever increasing drive for synchronism across product lines it was just a mere question of time before this happened. These days you can pick up your phone notifications on your tablet and smart-watch wherever you are, but Microsoft has gone a step further by incorporating the Windows Phone notification center into the upcoming Windows 10. You will now be able to check your whatsapps, mail and facebook notifications via a popup on your desktop. (more…)