RSAWEB trying to alter the software development landscape

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Following the successful launch in 2014 of Cloud Servers, allowing companies to deploy a server in seconds and only pay per hour when they use it, RSAWEB is set to introduce yet another interesting new product into the market this week: Flex Cloud.

Based on Jelastic’s technology, RSAWEB’s Flex Cloud is set to be “the next generation hosting platform for JAVA, Ruby and PHP, providing an auto-sizing, highly scalable Cloud platform that will allow developers, software agencies and SaaS vendors to increase efficiency” according to RSAWEB. It allows developers to concentrate on their development and decrease the amount of time spent on infrastructure and server management. (more…)

Interstellar’s fake black holes are helping scientific research

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Gargantua1The sci-fi hit movie Interstellar has stepped out of the entertainment genre and is actually assisting in astro-physic research.  In 2014 Wired magazine explained how the visual effects team behind the space blockbuster worked with theoretical physicist Kip Thorne.

Together they created a new computer simulation to model how light would be dragged into the black hole Gargantua. Now, those calculations have been thoroughly researched and it was found that the software could help astrophysicists to model other celestial objects in the future. (more…)

Top 5: Valentine’s Apps to pretend that you care about Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love and what better way to make the day memorable that capturing those special moments. Or you realise that it’s just a capitalist scam that’ll force you to spend a bucket load of money in order to keep your other half happy.

Here are the best apps out there to do both mentioned above without breaking a sweat. (more…)

Samsung starts rolling out Lollipop to the Galaxy Note 4

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It has been some time coming, but Samsung have finally started rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop to the Galaxy Note 4 worldwide. It first showed up in Poland this week and will slowly but surely be making its way to other regions over the next couple of weeks. (more…)

Check out this Kickstarter project: “The Ninja”

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NinjaKickstarter always has some innovative ideas. They can range from utterly crazy novelties to real “Change-the-world” kind of innovation. A project that has just launched on Kickstarter called “The Ninja” is the brainchild of South African techno enthusiast Chris Pretorius. The Ninja is an intelligent voice control platform that will change the way you interact with your PC and almost every smart enabled device in your home.

In the developers own words: How can we take existing technologies, intelligently innovate these techs, and create something truly awesome?” (more…)

Google Search results start highlighting health facts

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The search giant like to throw their weight around with an array of different services. Sometimes they don’t work out and Google will shut it down sooner than later, but other times they stick.

Google is now starting to relay health info in the same way they handle personal bios, spelling queries, sports teams etc. in their search results. Just like you could search “Eiffel Tower” to get all the relevant info regarding the Parisian landmark, you can now search “flu symptoms” to get the relevant information. (more…)

iOS 9 to be more focused on faster performance

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Apple iOS Update

It seems as though iOS 8 was just released the other day, but already we are seeing reports of what we can expect from Apple’s next update, iOS 9.

While iOS 8 was all about cool, integrated new features like Healthkit, Apple Pay and the Touch-ID finger scanner, early reports are suggesting that iOS 9 will focus on performance rather than features and fancy new apps.

According to an initial report by 9to5Mac, Apple is said to have a more “directed focus” on optimization and stabilization of the current iOS.

iOS 9 – which is reportedly codenamed ‘Stowe’ for now – can almost be seen as a faster, better version of iOS 8. That being said, this doesn’t mean that iOS 9 won’t have its own new features, so Apple fans can breathe a sigh of relief… (more…)

Is Apple taking on Google with a search engine?

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During 2015 you can expect a lot of people asking, or rather Googling: “What is Apple Search”.

Could we really see Apple taking on Google at its own game? There have been rumours surrounding this idea for years, but very little evidence to back it up. Many experts thought that was the direction Apple was heading when Safari made its first appearance.

A job advert has been spotted that refers to this yet unknown service. In the summary, the ad calls for a manager to work on “a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users” and “play a part in revolutionizing how people use their computers and mobile devices.” (more…)