Gumtree launches BlackBerry app

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gumtreeGumtree South Africa has announced that you can now browse the classified site with the new Gumtree app, made for BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 devices. This is an interesting strategy given BlackBerry’s global woes, but it just shows you how strong BlackBerry still is in SA.

With the new app you’ll be able to find ads near you, browse ads, view full ad descriptions, and be able to see high-definition photos. You can also edit, manage and upload ads, upload photos or even take a photo and attach it directly to an ad.

We did contact Gumtree for comment about any other platforms receiving the app in the months to come, but we are still awaiting their reply. (more…)

ZTE shifting focus to Google Now Launcher

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Finally, it seems that things are changing in the world of Android phones. And this change is mostly coming from the lesser known manufacturers. Heave manufacturer skinning is giving way to cleaner, pure Google interfaces – the way Google intended Android to be.

In the past we could only find this on Nexus devices, but now many companies have heeded Google’s call to keep the modifications minimal, the latest of which is ZTE. This may actually be a very significant shift, as ZTE is not a small player these days. ZTE says it will feature the Google Now Launcher on its phones. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to include UV sensor

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We have heard this news before, but more light (excuse the pun) has been shed on the inclusion of a UV sensor in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet from Samsung. The new component will integrate itself within Samsung’s S Health app, providing yet more personal data for the owner to take advantage of.

It will measure the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and will prevent owners from potential sunburn and general skin damage which increases the risk of skin cancer. This is possible thanks to guidance provided with recommendations, based on the current UV index level measured at that point in time. Simply tilt your phone at a 60 degree angle towards the sun to take the measurement. (more…)

Microsoft to lay off 18,000 employees

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The software giant from Redmond has announced its biggest job cutting effort in its entire history, saying they have to axe 18,000 employees in a new effort to streamline operations. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company will cut the 18,000 positions in the next year, with former Nokia employees expected to account for about 70 percent of those.

The number is rather high, but not as much if you consider that it is mostly Nokia staff that is being cut. Microsoft started in the hardware game before the Nokia Devices acquisition, with the advent of the Surface tablets. After announcing the Nokia deal, Microsoft promised its investors $600 million in annual cost savings within 18 months. (more…)

BlackBerry assistant to take on Siri and Google Now

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Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, and then there is Google Now. BlackBerry has long been said to be developing a competitor as we reported back in March, although they have been mum, until now.

The Canadian company has now confirmed that it has a competitor in the works and will be showing up on the company’s next major release. It will be called BlackBerry Assistant and will be part of the OS 10.3 update to its latest generation operating system. (more…)

Kudoso’s router rewards kids who do their chores

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We all know how easy it is to get carried away on the internet, spending way too much time watching videos, reading news snippets and just generally wasting time. Parents are also seeing this problem occur with their children who can be fixated on a screen for hours. Perhaps taking their gadgets away isn’t the best possible way to teach them restraint, but there has to be some way, right?

Kudoso’s router software for managing your family’s internet habits may be your answer. Apart from the standard parental controls for keeping your little ones away from some of the darker corners of the web, you can also set tasks for the little ones and reward each one with a certain number of points. They then use these accumulated points to buy internet time in turn. (more…)

Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia Lumia(s) Launch Event

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After a warm welcome from Microsoft’s Communications Manager, Leo McKay, we were told about how Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia brings the mobility of Nokia and power of Microsoft. It is a new partnership meant to bring the best of Microsoft and Windows Phone to a mobile device, making your life as easy as possible without being intrusive.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.49.44 PM (more…)

Apple to stop development of iPhoto, Aperture

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iPhoto & Aperture

At Apple’s WWDC conference earlier this month, the company introduced us to a new photo app for it’s new desktop platform, OS X Yosemite. And on Friday, Apple confirmed that the new app will act as a replacement for the long-standing iPhoto app and it’s editing partner, Aperture.

Development for both iPhoto and Aperture will stop as soon as OS X Yosemite ships in September.

Aperture, Apple’s leading photo editing software, was first introduced in 2005 and was (and is) aimed at professional photographers.

iPhoto on the other hand is one of Apple’s oldest ‘brands’ and has become an integral part of the OS operating system.

While it may be sad news for loyal Aperture and iPhoto users, Apple promises that the new Photo app for Yosemite will be a kind of mash-up of both of these app, along with new, better features.  (more…)