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FNB grows gadget and gaming offerings

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If you are a tech lover and an FNB client, you must have a very wide smile on your face at this stage. FNB pioneered the online offering of smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles in South Africa to be paid over 24 months at no interest. That’s right, you can buy the gadgets you love for the same price it would be in cash, but over a two year period. (more…)

Today’s Google doodle celebrates Madiba

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Madiba Doodle

As every South African should know, today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday and more importantly, a day in which we celebrate the father of our nation.

It’s also the first Mandela Day since he passed away in December of last year, so it’s even more important to carry through his legacy – even in death. Even Google has decided to celebrate Madiba by making an interactive, beautifully designed doodle for today.

If you’ve been on the internet at all today, you’ve probably seen the doodle. But besides being a beautiful tribute to the late former president, it is one of Google’s more intricate doodles, that actually takes you through important moments in his life.

The interactive doodle starts with an illustration of Madiba. Users can then click through the doodle for more illustration of some of the most momentous occasions in his rich life.  (more…)

Launch: Alcatel Onetouch Idol Alpha

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image3Alcatel is back with a bang! Some would argue that they have never left, but within the dog eat dog world of high-end smartphones they have never really featured. Until now. Bandwidth Blog was invited to join Alcatel at the launch of the Onetouch Idol Alpha (quite the name!) at Urban Tree in Sandton this past Tuesday (1 July). Alcatel are throwing down the gauntlet at the major smartphone players challenging them to produce a high quality and extremely capable smartphone at a fraction of the price.

The Idol Alpha will be available in SA quite soon (next week in fact – Monday 7 July) at all the major networks. But the launch night was all about the celebration of 4 years of hard work and the determination of the Alacatel SA team. (more…)

This unofficial MyCiti Bus app is all you need for traveling in CT

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One of the greatest things about traveling in Cape Town – whether you are a local or a tourist – is the marvel that is the MyCiti bus. The MyCiti busses have changed the way people travel around Cape Town and made it easier for people to take in the Mother City from almost every angle.

Because of the service’s popularity, it is almost expected that a MyCiti app see the light of day; as a way to help commuters stay up to date with everything MyCiti.

However, there has not been an official MyCiti app developed as of yet. But one MyCiti commuter has developed an amazing, unofficial* MyCiti bus app that will make your MyCiti experience that much better.

Alex Koller says that he developed the app to solve problems he faced while using MyCiti. Realizing that his app turned out to be “pretty useful”, Koller then decided to share his creation with the rest of us.

And aren’t we glad he did.  (more…)

Uber launches lower cost UberX in Cape Town

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Über x ct

Capetonians, listen up. Grabbing a ride with Uber will now be a little less strenuous on the pocket with the launch of their lower cost UberX service in the Mother City.

The popular taxi/chauffeur service announced today that they will be implementing the services of UberX – the lower cost version of the traditional, UberBlack.

In the past, there have been many complaints by Uber users that were not completely satisfied with the ‘style’ of their Uber ride. Cape Town Uber users were not to happy to be paying an ‘UberBlack’ price for a lift, but instead being picked up in a Toyota Corolla or Toyota Avanza.

The launch of UberX looks to better this situation.

UberX pricing will be significantly cheaper than UberBlack. UberX will charge a base fare of R5, with a minimum fare of R20. They will charge R7 per kilometer and fare per minute is set at R0.70. This puts the company on parr with standard taxi services in Cape Town.  (more…)

SA taxis to offer free Wi-Fi

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South African minibus taxis will soon step up their game and become more than just graffiti-ridden boomboxes.

Yesterday, the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO), revealed that they plan on bringing free wi-fi to taxi commuters – both en route as well as at the taxi ranks.

In an interview with Radio 702, CEO of SANTACO, Nkululeko Buthelezi, said that by implementing free wi-fi in the taxis themselves and at the taxi ranks, they (the taxi industry) are making a valuable contribution to the development of the country:

“If you walk into a taxi rank and you have access to wi-fi, they will be able to look for jobs and will be able to interact with their friends on a social basis…[sic] we believe it will contribute to the growth of the country in general, and it’s part of our contribution as the taxi industry to the development of the country,” (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Evolution over Revolution

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Every time a new Samsung Galaxy S device is about to be released the hype and anticipation surrounding it is palpable. In fact, everyone is then ready to be amazed. The only smartphone line that could stand up against the mighty iPhone and turned Android on its head is in its own right iconic.

You know what you’re getting with the Samsung Galaxy S5 before you even unbox it, because this is a 2014 super-phone. However, it’s hard to point to one stand out feature that will grab you as a user when you touch and handle the Galaxy S5 for the first time.

Here are some of the key features:  (more…)

Official: Vodacom to acquire Neotel for R7,0bn

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NeotelFurther to the SENS announcement on 30 September 2013, Vodacom has reached an agreement with the shareholders of Neotel Proprietary Limited to acquire 100% of the issued share capital in, and shareholder loans against, Neotel for a total cash consideration equivalent to an enterprise value of R7.0bn.

Neotel, which started operations in 2007, is the second largest provider of fixed telecommunications services for both businesses (commonly referred to as enterprise services) and consumers in South Africa. The company has access to over 15,000 km of fibre-optic cable, including 8,000 km of metro fibre in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Neotel also has access to 2 x 12 MHz of 1800 MHz spectrum, 2 x 5 MHz of 800 MHz spectrum and 2 x 28 MHz of 3.5 GHz spectrum.

Neotel will become a subsidiary of Vodacom South Africa and the combination with Vodacom’s South African fixed enterprise business will create a national service provider with annual revenues of more than R5bn. (more…)