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Cape Town’s open data portal goes live

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In order to enhance transparency and accountability, the City of Cape Town has launched a new open data portal. Mayor Patricia de Lille has also stated that it will improve the competitiveness of the broader economy of the city.

This makes Cape Town the first so-called ‘smart city’ in South Africa, joining cities like New York and London. That being said, Johannesburg and Pretoria are also pushing for approval from their respective city councils. (more…)

South Africa’s Digital Future in Serious Doubt

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SA risks falling behind the rest of the world as the information revolution gains real momentum

Steven Ambrose

South Africa’s digital future looks bleak and its current Internet growth trajectory won’t support the exploding “internet of everything” and the accompanying devices and digital services that will mainstream in the next five years.

Steven Ambrose, Strategy Worx CEO, attended the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas USA, one the largest electronics and technology trade shows in the world earlier this month. Ambrose says the standout trend at CES was that everything is now connected and every device has become a smart device.

“The second industrial revolution (information revolution) has now reached a tipping point with high-speed, high quality, ubiquitous broadband becoming the third utility in the first world after water and electricity,” he says. (more…)

Google Balloon crashes down in small Karoo town

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Project Loon

Imagine waking up to a crashed Google balloon in your backyard. They are big, odd-looking and contain pieces of technology that looks like something from NASA. Now imagine you are a sheep farmer from the Karoo, and you wake up to a crashed Google balloon in your backyard – having no idea what in the world it is.

This is what happened to Urbanus Botha, a farmer from the small town of De Aar in the Karoo.

A self-described technophobe, Botha had no idea what the huge, plastic thing was that came crashing down on his farm and gave his sheep (and no doubt himself) a fright.

The Google balloon was unlike anything he had ever seen, and the fact that it was so big caused a lot of confusion.

“The enormous piece of plastic took up the whole of my sheep trailer,” Botha said.

After making the unusual discovery, Botha called over his neighbour, Stoffel Visagie, to come and have a look at the enormous, deflated balloon.  (more…)

Startup Knight 2014 – Winners announced

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This year’s Startup Knight competition was truly fierce with various wonderful startups that once again proved the immense talent we have in South Africa.

However, as competitions go, there can only be one winner and on Saturday, November 8th, the winners of this year’s competition were announced.

The final leg of the competition was split over two days. All finalists (8 Startups and 8 Concepts) were required to attend an intensive mentoring session on Friday, 7 November. The mentors comprised of successful tech entrepreneurs who generously committed their energy to coach the finalists. The results of the mentoring were realised on the Saturday when the finalists had to give their all as they delivered their final pitches to the judging panel.

After two adrenalin filled days it was time for the results and prize giving at a cocktail function held at the Radisson Blu in Granger Bay that Saturday evening. The finalists, judges, and mentors were joined by an audience of their partners and well known industry personalities.

Tiger Bytes won in the startup phase category with their Vula Application. Vula is an online learning tool used by staff and students at the University of Cape Town. Tiger Bytes won a prize to the value of R250,000 (R150,000 for software development and R100,000 for public relations and go-to-market efforts.)

1st Runner-up, MediaBox, boasts a hardware device that is similar to the Apple TV, but runs on Android and introduces 3G integration along with more input sources. Their R50,000 prize is dedicated to public relations and software development. (more…)

Local, personal finance startup set to disrupt global financial services

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Nowadays, personal finance management tools are popping up everywhere. Tools to better manage your money while carefully keeping track of your spending. The only problem is that these tools aren’t always integrated, which means you need a bucket-load of tools – or in the case of the digital word, apps – to successfully manage your spending and save money at the same time.

But now there has been a breakthrough innovation on the world of personal finance management that is set to change the way we think and use money – and their local, too.

Bsavi is a new personal finance startup based in Cape Town that is set out to disrupt and reinvent the global financial ecosystem. The company has developed an app that acts as a money management tool that will essentially help people plan their spending and save money on a daily basis.

While there are many conventional budgeting apps available, Bsavi is a ‘spend management’ tool that will show users, in detail, how much they can afford to spend on a daily basis after all of their fixed expenses have been accounted for.

As most of us would know, when pay day rolls around, we are in cloud nine. However, come the 15th of the month, and we’re already panicking about what we’re going to do for the rest of the month because we’re already broke. This is where Bsavi steps in, to minimize (and eventually completely eradicate) this awful panic.  (more…)

SA Startup 8Bit makes the semifinals of PITCH at Web Summit in Dublin

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Local content discovery platform 8Bit was recently invited to attend the Web Summit in Dublin as an Alpha start-up and later invited to pitch with a select group of 200 start-ups from around the world in the annual PITCH competition. PITCH is described as a battle to crown the best start-up of 2014 and is present by Coca-Cola and Web Summit. The list included only 3 African start-ups alongside other leading start-ups from around the world. (more…)

RSAWeb launches CityFibre – a high-speed, low-cost internet alternative

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Businesses straight across the country will soon be able to put the woes of slow internet behind them, after the launch of RSAWeb’s CityFibre internet alternative.

CityFibre is an ‘incredibly fast internet connectivity product’ as the company says, and will allow businesses in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to work at speeds that have previously been unheard of. No doubt that this will be a changing point in the way businesses use the internet.

With CityFibre, internet users can expect incredible speeds of up to 200Mbps for both downloading as well as uploading. To put that into perspective for you, that is roughly 50 times faster than a standard, 4Mbps ADSL line. Are you getting excited yet? (more…)

SA startup creates app to help fight Ebola

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Ebola Care App

As everyone knows, the current Ebola crisis in West Africa is about as serious as things can get. It is estimated that more than 10 000 people have been infected with the deadly virus, and aid workers around the world are doing everything they can to help.

However, these aid workers also need help in managing their response quickly and most importantly, efficiently. And this is exactly where a innovative South African startup comes into play.

Journey is a South African tech startup from Cape Town that has just developed an app that aims to help aid workers in West Africa deal with the increasing pressure in assisting those infected.

The Ebola Care app was developed by Malan and Philip Joubert – the two young South African founders of Journey.

The Joubert brothers recently took their startup to San Francisco, to expand it in Silicon Valley. It is here, in the heart of the tech industry, amidst thousands of other tech startups, that they became aware of the Ebola crisis and just how quickly it is escalating.

They then decided that, with Journey, they could do something to help fight the disease.  (more…)