The first ever YouTube video was posted on this day, 9 years ago

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For most of us, imaging a world without YouTube almost seems impossible. The service has become such a big part of life in the digital age that thinking of it not being here anymore sends one into a panic.

Whether you use the term ‘YouTube’ as a noun, a verb (YouTubing) or simply as a reference, it’s bound to pop up at some point.

Now it’s hard to think that the world’s favourite video sharing website is only 9 years old – however, at the pace of things changing and happening in the digital world, YouTube almost seems like an elder.

While YouTube was officially founded on Valentines Day in 2005, the first ever video posted to the site was posted on April 23rd 2005 – today 9 years ago. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy PRO ad does it again – trashing the competition

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Surprise, surprise. Samsung has released their latest ad for the Galaxy PRO range of tablets, and, in a (un)surprising move, turned to trashing their competitors, again.

This time around, however, Samsung brings some other companies to the party. In the past, it seemed to have just been their biggest rival, Apple, that got caught in Samsung’s line of advertising fire.

Surface, Microsoft’s tablet, as well as the popular Kindle also get mocked in this latest offering from Samsung. And, of course, the iPad. (more…)

Pretty cool: an ‘iPhone Air’ concept

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iPhone Air

For as long as Apple promises new iPhones, people from all across the globe will let their imaginations run and come up with their own iPhone concepts.

Some are great and very inspiring, while others are far fetched and well, downright ugly.

However, this new concept from designer Sam Beckett, falls under the ‘great and inspiring category.

Beckett’s concept is for a proposed iPhone Air. Now, there have been no official reports or claims of a possible iPhone Air in the pipeline, but considering the fact that Apple has launched an iPad Air along with it’s MacBook Air, the idea is not as far fetched.  (more…)

Samsung’s new ads mock Apple. Again.

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It feels like we have a serious case of déjà vu. As part of their latest advertising campaign, Samsung has come up with a few ads that mock their biggest rival, Apple. Again.

This time around Samsung takes on two Apple products – the iPad Air and the iPhone 5S.

Apple’s advertisement for their iPad Air focuses on how thin and light it is. It compares it to a simple pencil – the message being that great things have been created by a simple pencil and that great things can be created by the iPad Air.

Now, in Samsung’s version, they also feature a pencil. But instead of comparing the pencil to their Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, they compare it to the… iPad Air. (more…)

‘Silicon Valley’ – HBO’s new comedy on tech startups

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Silicon Valley – a magical place that the world’s largest tech companies call home and where new tech startups pop up more frequently than McDonald’s branches.

The splendour of Silicon Valley has intrigued people over many years, so, naturally, someone saw the golden opportunity to create a television series about it. And no, not a drama, but a clever, witty comedy.

This is HBO’s latest offering – an 8 episode comedy, focused on startup culture in California, aptly called ‘Silicon Valley’.

The series follows protagonist Richard, a highly intelligent yet socially awkward computer programmer that works for a tech startup in Silicon Valley. Richard also lives in a so-called ‘Hacker House’ – a startup incubator that houses a number of super clever, super awkward technology geeks. (more…)

Sony promotes its waterproof MP3 player with clever campaign

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If ever there was a marketing campaign that cut to the chase about why the product is great, it’s this one by Sony.

Last year, Sony introduced the world to their latest Walkman-range MP3 player – a small, cleverly designed MP3 player that is also waterproof.

The device, which has inbuilt headphones, was marketed as the perfect device to use when exercising, as it can fend off water and sweat. So whether you are doing a few laps on the pool, or having an intense cardio work out, you needn’t worry about getting moisture on your device.

However, even though the promise a waterproof MP3 player, that allows you to take a dip in the pool while listening to your favourite song was appealing to some, most people thought it rather strange.

Could this device really be waterproofed enough to go swim with? Will it cope being completely immersed in water?

Well, in fact, it can – and Sony was out to prove it with a genius marketing campaign. (more…)

Short film illustrates how big Google really is

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We know that Google is one of the largest (if not the largest) tech companies in the world. We also know that only a handful of companies strive to be as innovative as Google. What us mere mortals sometimes can’t fathom or understand, is exactly how big Google really is.

Not to worry, though, as this short film illustrates the immensity that is Google.

The video was made by YouTube user, ColdFusTion, who seems to have a very keen interest in everything Google.

The video shows us some very interesting facts about Google and how two 22-year olds came up with an idea so big, it literally changed the world. (more…)

Tiny windmills that can power your gadgets (video)

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Many new methods of charging electronic devices are being developed and released, with portable solar panels being widely implemented as of yet. But minuscule windmills that can charge your phones?

A couple of UT Arlington researchers, Smitha Rao and J.C. Chiao, have developed wind turbines so small (they measure 1.8mm at their widest), you can stick 10 of them on a grain of rice. (more…)