X-Wing to make return in Star Wars Episode VII?

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StarWars-XW1New Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams has been giving avid fans a little insight into the Star Wars universe he is currently creating. In his latest video straight from the set of the new film Abrams gave fans one more thing to look forward to – the return of a X-Wing starfighter. The iconic starfighter, an ever present force within the Rebel Alliance fleet and partially responsible for the destruction of two Death Stars, looks quite beat up and even a bit modified. It seems clear that the legend fighter will make an appearance in the new film. (more…)

Alleged iPhone 6 sapphire screen tortured with sandpaper

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iPhone 6 sapphire

Every couple of weeks a new iPhone 6 rumour or headline pops up. This week, we’ve already seen another rumour about the much anticipated phone’s new, improved camera.

Another feature of the phone that has been discussed (well, speculated over) at length, is it’s rumoured sapphire crystal display.

The idea with the sapphire crystal screen, is that it is stronger and much more ‘scratch resistant’ than the current Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 5S. Theoretically, the sapphire crystal screen would be much more robust than the Gorilla Glass and one YouTuber, Marques Brownlee (or MKBHD) set out to ‘torture test’ the new, iPhone 6 screen.

Now, we have no idea where Brownlee got his hands on a prototype of the iPhone 6 screen. We can’t verify whether it’s legit or not, but nevertheless – it’s a pretty interesting video to watch.  (more…)

Amazon releases first ad for Fire Phone

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Fire Phone ad

Yesterday, Amazon released their first commercial for their latest venture, the Fire Phone. Unveiled exactly a month ago, the Fire Phone made some waves in the media and overall, looks like a nice enough smartphone.

Their ad, however, is rather strange. You would expect their first commercial to highlight everything that’s great and innovative about the phone – instead it almost solely promotes a feature that has got more to do with the company than the phone itself.

The ad starts off with two 9-year old kids, apparently on a date, in a coffee shop. Now you see, that’s already kind of weird. Do 9-year olds really go on dates in coffee shops? I don’t think so.

Both kids have the Fire Phone and then continue to discuss what they have “on deck”. They then describe all the different content they have on their phones, at the same time.

From movies to books to social media, we now get the angle of the ad – that you have access to so much content with the Fire Phone.  (more…)

Samsung introduces new ‘Level’ headphones – and it looks familiar

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Samsung Level

Yesterday, Samsung announced that their new line of headphones, called Level, are now available in the US. And while we’re sure they’re pretty fancy and will grab the attention of many, we can’t help but feel like we’ve seen this before – in the form of Apple’s Beats.

At first glance, there is no doubt that the Level line of headphones was designed to be a head-on competitor for the Beats line of headphones. Similar in shape and style, Level looks to be an alternative for Beats.

From the short, 30-second advert the company released on YouTube, one can easily see that Samsung is targeting the same demographic as Beats.

Young, hip and fashion forward people are the group Samsung is going for – especially if the ridiculously good looking models in the ad is anything to go by.

But the comparison to Beats goes further than simply the look. Samsung has come up with an alternative to almost every Beats product in their line.  (more…)

Samsung sticks to same recipe for new ads

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Galaxy Tab S

When it comes to advertising, Samsung seems to follow the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The mega company has used the same template for all of the adverts in the last year or so. And that template is simple: trash Apple.

There’s no denying that the Samsung/Apple rivalry is one of the biggest in the modern age, and we’re sure that the competition between these two will go on for years to come. However, Samsung’s tactic of bashing the competition in literally almost every advert, is becoming, well, boring.

For their two new ads promoting the Galaxy S tablet, Samsung takes on Apple’s iPad yet again and are out to prove that the Galaxy S IS better than the iPad and we must now accept it once and for all.

The first ad centers around the iPad’s inability to multi-task. With the Galaxy S, however, it;s super easy to to multiple things at the same time on your tablet. Where as with the iPad, this functionality is absent.  (more…)

Apple, Facebook & Google march on for gay pride

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Apple Pride

On Sunday, 29 June, San Francisco held it’s annual gay pride festival. It is one of the biggest pride festivals in the world, and, considering the fact that it takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley, giant tech companies also got together to show their support for equality and the LGBT community.

The three big guns – Apple, Facebook and Google – were there in full force and further cemented their place as forward thinking, compassionate companies.

Apple took the cake, though. The company invited all of it’s San Francisco based employees and their family members to take part in the march. Apple employees all wore special t-shirts featuring the Apple logo in rainbow colours with the word ‘Pride’ etched across.

Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, made an appearance and handed out t-shirts and pride flags to hundreds of excited employees.  (more…)

Amazing: Drones fly around fireworks display

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Drones in Fireworks

Drones, drones, drones. These high-flying, video filming copters are everywhere nowadays – from Amazon’s proposed delivery drones to our very own riot yielding drones – it’s fair to say they’re super popular.

However, this might be the most spectacular use of a drone we have ever seen. Not only is it (highly) dangerous, but it is breathtakingly amazing.

Here, on two different occasions, drones are used to fly straight into (yes, into) and around a spectacular fireworks display. And we’re not talking about a few flares; these firework displays are incredible.

The first is a video taken by Jos Stiglingh in West Palm Beach in Florida in May. Stiglingh used a DJI Phantom quad-copter – a popular commercial drone – mounted with a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

The video starts at take off and what ensues will literally take your breath away. The drone not only flies straight into the fireworks display, but dances around it like a firefly around a light.  (more…)

Apple’s new ad shows how the iPhone can help with parenting

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 New Apple Ad

We’ll never know what it’s like to be a parent or how much our parents did for us until the day we become parents ourselves. What we do know, however, is that it’s not easy and that you need all the help you can get.

This is what Apple is trying to convey in their new ad for the iPhone 5S – that it can be a great parenting tool to help you help the little ones.

If you’re already in you’re twenties, chances are your parents had little or no help from technology when you were growing up and certainly no help from a smart smartphone. But nowadays, for kids growing up i the digital age, an iPhone or any other smart device, will be a common sight.

In Apple’s latest ad, entitled ‘Parenthood’, the company attempts to show us how much the iPhone can help you with your kids. (more…)