Apple’s Oscars ad beautifully showcases the iPad Air 2

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Apple Oscars Ad

Last night was the most glamorous, star-studded and over-the-top night in Hollywood. The annual Academy Awards were held last night and celebrated the best in all aspects of film.

Just like other big events in America – the Superbowl, Grammys et al – the Oscars offers prime advertisement slots to the highest bidder, and that being big American companies, including the biggest of them all, Apple.

Apple has a long history of debuting new ads at events such as the Oscars. back in 2010, the very first iPad ad made it’s debut at the star-studded affair and in 2007, months before the actual debut of the very first iPhone, Apple aired an ad for the phone that simply read “Hello.”

Thus it came as no surprise that this year Apple chose to showcase one of their newest devices with a special focus on movies and the film industry as a whole. (more…)

Mission to Mars: Candidates narrowed down to 100

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It seems that we are one step closer to colonizing Mars – well, at least sort of.

The much debated, sometimes praised, sometimes controversy stricken Mars  One project has narrowed down the search for Mars’ first human colonists to a mere 100 people. Some of which will have the opportunity to make history and (perhaps) change the course of mankind forever.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Mars One is a dutch non-profit organization that is planning on sending four people to Mars to live there for the rest of their lives. And yes, that means that they will die there, too.

Surprisingly enough, more than 200 000 people applied for the ‘coveted’ position, which opened for applications in 2013. (more…)

Vine launches VineKids

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There is no denying that Vine’s 6-second, looping videos are really popular. With an estimated user-base of 40 million, these little videos have a substantial market share in the social media landmark.

Vine has also catapulted many a internet star to fame – so much so that they are now being called ‘Vine artists’ – and the 6-second video format has become a go-to platform for internet bloggers, artists, performers and pranksters.

Of course the ‘funny’ Vines are without a doubt the most popular on the platform, closely followed by ‘prank’ Vines and extreme stunts. While this is all good and well and sometimes really impressive, sometimes a certain viral Vine can be a little NSFW and PG13.

Considering the fact that a large portion of Vine’s user-base are pre-teen teeny-boppers and kids under 10, as a parent, you might be concerned as to what exactly it is that your child is watching on the platform – albeit only 6-seconds long.

Vine, obviously concerned with the same matter, has decided to give kids’ the entertainment they want, all while giving parents peace of mind with the launch of the new VineKids app.  (more…)

Google’s space documentary is now available on YouTube

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Google Documentary

Nowadays, every major company seems to be involved with space and space exploration in some way or another. The out-of-the-universe field that was once only reserved for the likes of NASA, has now captured the imagination of (mostly tech) companies worldwide.

There is Elon Musk’s SpaceX programme, Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic and of course, the mighty Google.

As you may of heard, Google has recently launched the Google Lunar XPrize – a sort of post Cold War space race competition that challenges different teams from around the world to land a spacecraft on the moon.

18 private teams from all four corners of the Earth will go head-to-head in a bid to be the first to land a spacecraft on the moon. However, the objective is not to simply land the spacecraft on the moon, but to also let it roam for 500 meters as well as being able to send data and images back to Earth.

The winning team will then receive a grand prize of a whopping $20 million. (more…)

Disney’s new robot draws massive artworks in the sand

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Not one to shy away from blowing our minds, Disney has unveiled their latest autonomous robot – and this one seems to have a flair for the finer things in life.

Called the BeachBot, this friendly-looking robot is an artist in it’s own right.

Designed to essentially decorate beaches, the BeachBot will draw massive, intricate images on the sand, simply by following a programmed route.

Saying that these drawings are big is an understatement – most of the images will cover an impressive 30 square foot area on the sand, so they can be seen from miles away.

And just what is it that the BeachBot seamlessly etches onto the sand? Well, Disney-drawings, of course. The BeachBot will quickly and perfectly (in under 10 minutes) illuminate boring old beaches with images from your favourite Disney movies like The Lion King or Finding Nemo – which is quite apt.  (more…)

Watch the biggest internet moments of 2014 in this YouTube Rewind video

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YouTube Rewind 2014

The YouTube Year in Rewind video has been a tradition since 2010. Since then, every year the company compiles a mash-up video of all the greatest, biggest and most viral internet moments of the year.

The videos tend to get better and better every year, as we spend more and more time (read: too much) on the interwebs.

From hit songs, to viral videos, memes and prominent internet bloggers and figures almost everything that captured our attention and imagination on the internet this year is briefly mentioned in this rewind video.

This year’s one, however, is pretty damn epic. (more…)

This is how Amazon is handling the Christmas rush

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Amazon Xmas Rush

You can just imagine the chaos that is an Amazon warehouse at this time of the year. Thousands upon thousands of Christmas gifts, just waiting to be sent off to their respective recipients.

This ‘Christmas rush’ has prompted Amazon to enlist some external help to help them cope with the intense and constant influx of product. And just how did they do this, you may ask? Well, considering we’re nearing the end of 2014, they enlisted the help of robots, of course.

The company showed off their nifty new robots yesterday that will help them through the snowball that is December and beyond. They are like santa’s little (futuristic) helpers, with Amazon being Santa. (more…)

appLOUD – an app that will help musicians make money

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As a musician, solo artist or band, you  essentially only have two ways of making money; album or single sales and of course, through ticket sales from live performances. Unless you’re a mega popstar or legendary rock band, these two ways of making money is your only bread and butter.

Indie or underground artists and bands that have not signed with a big label rely solely on gig money to survive. Sure, they can perhaps make money on album sales or downloads, but more often than not they choose to release these albums or singles for free in an effort to attract more people to their shows. Thus, you can imagine that these artists are constantly looking for other ways to showcase their music – and make money in the process.

And there might just be some light at the end of the tunnel thanks to a clever new startup with a clever new app.  (more…)