You can play with shelter cats from your work desk

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 iPet Companion

If we could play with little kittens and friendly furry cats all day, we would, am I right?

Unfortunately, most of us have to adhere to things such as ‘work’ which requires us to be present and then prevents us from spending our entire day surrounded by fluffy, purring catties.

You could possibly bring your cat to work, but the mass hysteria would not sit well with your cat’s royal status and someone in the office will no doubt be allergic.

Luckily for us, we’re living in an age where virtual reality is a thing and robots can magically help us do things – even if we’re not physically there.

That is exactly what the iPet Companion is; a sort-of virtual reality where you can play with real, live cats from your work desk.  (more…)

Microsoft unveils ‘Project Spartan’ browser

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In the latest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview – which was seeded to developers today – Microsoft included a copy (the first public reveal) of its Internet Explorer replacement – a brand new browser under the working name ‘Project Spartan’.

The new ‘Spartan’ browser is an initiative from the Redmond firm to curb the years of flack the company suffered with the unpopular Internet Explorer. Spartan features a new UI as well as new ways to interact with the web.


Google buys .app domain for a cool $25 million

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There is no denying that Google has a lot of money. And when you have a lot of money you can do anything you want with said money.

While Google has invested in everything from robots to wi-fi balloons, the tech giant just dropped another pretty penny on something techy – that being the terribly sought after .app web domain.

The .app domain is was one of the most sought after domains for sale when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decided to expand their generic top level domains, i.e the .com’s and the .org’s.

As it is with anything worth millions of dollars, the .app domain was auctioned off to the highest bidder. And Google didn’t flinch to throw around some serious cash.  (more…)

Microsoft officially unveils new browser, Spartan

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During the past few weeks, we reported on what was rumoured to be Microsoft’s new, stand-alone web browser, Spartan. And now, after the Windows 10 launch event of last week, we can confirm that Spartan is, in fact, real – which surely is good news for all Windows users.

As we’ve said before, Spartan will be a complete separate browser to the long-standing Internet Explorer. However, it will be released in the new Windows 10 update alongside an updated Internet Explorer. (more…)

New Microsoft browser to include Cortana, other features

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Earlier in the week we reported that Microsoft is allegedly building an entirely new web browser to be launched with the new Windows update, Windows 10.

Apparently, the new browser is specifically designed to be more streamlined and a so-called ‘light-weight’ browser. The browser is supposedly codenamed ‘Spartan’ for now, and will be completely separate from Microsoft’s long-standing flagship browser, Internet Explorer.

Now, reports are stating that ‘Spartan’ will include a whole bunch of new features, some of which haven’t been included in other, rival browsers. This is a big step from Microsoft, considering that Internet Explorer has been lacking behind other browsers for years.

A big step, but one that is no doubt necessary.  (more…)

Report: Microsoft building brand new web browser for Windows 10

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It’s certainly no secret that Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s long-standing web browser, is, well, kind of a joke. And by joke I mean literally, too, as the countless memes, puns and jokes can attest to.

All jokes aside, it is common knowledge that Internet Explorer is not as powerful as some of its competitors, like Google Chrome for instance. And it seems that finally Microsoft may have caught on to this.

Rumours are running rife that Microsoft is planning to introduce a whole new, completely different web browser alongside the launch of the upcoming Windows 10.

According to various sources, the new browser is currently codenamed ‘Spartan’ and will “look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox.” (more…)

Watch the biggest internet moments of 2014 in this YouTube Rewind video

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YouTube Rewind 2014

The YouTube Year in Rewind video has been a tradition since 2010. Since then, every year the company compiles a mash-up video of all the greatest, biggest and most viral internet moments of the year.

The videos tend to get better and better every year, as we spend more and more time (read: too much) on the interwebs.

From hit songs, to viral videos, memes and prominent internet bloggers and figures almost everything that captured our attention and imagination on the internet this year is briefly mentioned in this rewind video.

This year’s one, however, is pretty damn epic. (more…)

YouTube launching paid music streaming service

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YouTube Music Key

After what seems like years of speculation and rumours, YouTube has finally revealed that they are indeed planning to roll out a subscription-based music streaming service. 

The company confirmed yesterday that they will be launching such a service that will look to compete directly with big players such as Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music. YouTube’s version of the ever popular music streaming model will be called ‘YouTube Music Key’.

YouTube Music Key will allow users to stream high quality music and music videos that is, thankfully, ad-free. Naturally, this is not a new feature s other streaming services also offer music streaming ad-free. For a price, of course. 

YouTube’s music streaming will cost $9.99 per month – which is on parr with its competitors. Spotify also charges $9.99 per month, with Pandora coming in a little lower at $4.99 per month for the flagship Pandora One service. 

The company also revealed that a subscription to YouTube Music Key will also give users access to Google Play Music – obviously, with YouTube being a Google-owned company and all.  (more…)