Tim Cook: Apple to beef up iCloud security

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Tim Cook

In light of recent events, Apple has decided to beef up their iCloud security – just so naked photos of famed celebrities leaking on the internet can not be solely blamed on Apple security.

Following the massive celebrity photo leak last weekend, that was said to be hacked form the A-listers’ iCloud accounts, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has said that the company will be putting new security measures in place regarding their cloud storage service.

In his first interview after the hack, Cook spoke on the subject, but still maintained that the current iCloud security did not compromise the affected accounts. Cook said that no Apple ID or passwords were leaked from the company’s servers, but that third parties accessed the accounts using either the correct username and passwords or through a phishing scam.

However, the hack did seem to be somewhat of a wake-up call for Apple, as they are now putting more security measures in place.

Cook said that the new security measures include alerting users to activity on their iCloud accounts.  (more…)

Apple says iCloud security not breached in celeb photo leak

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After the weekend’s massive celebrity photo leak, Apple has released a statement saying that the leak did not occur because of a breach in Apple security systems.

In a statement released yesterday, the company said that they immediately set their engineers to work after they were informed of the hack.

However, after what they say was “40 hours of investigating”, their engineers found that the leak did not happen because of a lack of security in either iCloud or Find my iPhone.

As we reported yesterday, some believed that the hack may have been pulled off through the Find my iPhone service. This is because, up until recently, the service allowed for an unlimited number of password attempts. Many speculated that the hacker(s) used new software called iBrute, that basically initializes a ‘brute-force’ attack on certain accounts, trying different password combinations until it finds the right one.

However, because Apple fixed this issue – allowing for only 5 password attempts now – this possible theory has been ruled out.

Apple said that they are continuing to work with law enforcement to track down the person responsible for the hack. The company also said that they believe the accounts were compromised because of a targeted attack on usernames and passwords – “a practice that has become all too common on the Internet”. (more…)

Apple, FBI investigating massive celeb photo leak

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Hack attack

As you may of heard, a massive hacking attack was carried out over the weekend, targeting more than two dozen celebrities’ personal cloud storage accounts.

The attack apparently leaked hundreds of intimate, graphic photos of A-list celebrities, which has left them with egg on their face and has raised big concerns about the privacy and security of cloud storage.

The private images of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst, were posted to online public messaging boards 4chan and Reddit. The alleged attacker claimed that he or she has more photos and was asking for donations in either real money or Bitcoin to release more images.

It is believed that most of the images were hacked from the celebrities’ iCloud accounts, which, of course does not look good for Apple.

Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple, said in a statement that Apple is ‘actively investigating’ the report and that they take user privacy ‘very seriously’. However, Apple is not the only party getting involved in the investigation.

According to the BBC, Jennifer Lawrence – who seems to be the most affected by the hack – requested an investigation into the matter and now the FBI is getting involved.  (more…)

BuzzFeed receives a further $50 million investment

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Viral media company, BuzzFeed, has just secured themselves their fifth round of funding, to the tune of a whopping $50 million.

The news media website, that was founded in 2006, has grown to be one of the world’s leading news and entertainment websites – steadily covering more news worthy subjects than simply posting cat videos and pop culture memes.

Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, is the latest investor to jump aboard the BuzzFeed train. Co-founder, Marc Andreessen, announced the investment on Twitter this morning.

Starting off by saying that he was ‘tickled pink’ to announce the investment in BuzzFeed, he then continued saying that him and his company would like to help BuzzFeed “realize it’s dreams of a profoundly important new media institution.”

But just what is BuzzFeed going to do with their $50 million investment? Well, according to a New York Times interview with BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief, Ben Smith, the main goal looks to be expansion.

The company plans on opening more offices outside of the US. They are currently looking at expanding to Japan, India, Germany and Mexico.

Along with opening new offices around the globe, Smith also said that this new investment will be used to fund an in-house tech incubator, create new categories on the BuzzFeed website and also help fund acquisitions.

The company is also planning to launch something called BuzzFeed Distributed. This division will mainly focus on creating content for other platforms including Tumblr and Instagram – rather than just the BuzzFeed site. (more…)

Anonymous attacks Israeli websites in support of Palestine

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With the ongoing attacks on unarmed Palestinians and civilians in the Gaza strip, Israel is launching a full fledged war in Gaza that has already claimed the lives of thousands of men, women and children. And now it seems that the attacks have entered the cyber-realm, too.

While thousands of people on various social media sites have tweeted and expressed their support of Palestine with the hashtag, #FreePalestine, one group that is in the Palestinian corner can have a way bigger impact in the situation than just sending a supportive tweet.

The international hacking organization (or Hacktivists as they like to be called) Anonymous, has launched a scathing cyber-attack on Israeli governmental and military websites.

The attack is being done in protest against Israel’s bombings, shootings and attacks on Palestinians and the entire situation in Gaza. The group, which has been involved in various huge-scale cyber attacks in the last year or two, launched the attack on hundreds of Israeli government websites over the past week.

The group has successfully brought down a number of Israeli websites, although some of them have since been brought back up again.  (more…)

Did you know some of these facts about the Internet?

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the internet

The internet is as big a part of our lives today as reading the newspaper was 30 years ago. Its our go-to source for literally everything and has changed and shaped the world in an unfathomable way.

While we can’t even begin to imagine our lives without the world wide web, there are a couple of surprising facts about the ol’ Net that we didn’t know – and that are actually really interesting. (more…)

10 Videos every web developer should watch

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Learning how to become a web developer takes time.

There is a tremendous amount of information that you need to understand before you can call yourself a web developer. Luckily there is no shortage of freely available information on the internet. I have collected a few videos that I think every web developer should watch at least once.


Google invests $50 million to encourage girls to code

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Google Made With Code

Boys like cars and tools and tech and girls like fashion and make up and shoes, right? Wrong. The tech industry has long been perceived to be for ‘boys only’, but a new initiative by Google is helping to change this archaic outlook.

When you think of computer coders, you primarily think of clever men in hoodies (thanks, Mark Zuckerberg) and this is partly due to the fact that it is true – computer engineers and coders are mainly male.

However, Google’s new project called ‘Made with Code’ aims at getting young girls interested in coding.

There is an inherent stigma behind coding; that is boring and only interesting for computer geeks. This is what ‘Made with Code’ is trying to abolish, by showing girls that coding is fun and that it can be used to make the things they love – from clever apps to movies.

The Made with Code launch event was held in New York City on Thursday night and was attended by hundreds of high school girls, ready to embrace the world of computer science.  (more…)