Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox, and people are not happy

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Condoleezza Rice

Dropbox has made a string of important announcements over the past week. The company introduced new products and services – like Mailbox for Apple and Android as well as their much talked about Carousel app. And most people were really happy and excited about these announcements.

The one thing that Dropbox users were not too excited about, was the company’s announcement that Dr. Condoleezza Rice will be joining the company on their Board of Directors.

Like most of you will remember, Condoleezza Rice was the US Secretary of State under the Bush administration.

While we know that the Bush administration was not favoured by many millennials, there are other reasons Dropbox users did not particularly give Dr. Rice a warm welcome to the cloud-storage company.

The main reason people are not to keen on Condoleezza, according to rants and complaints on Twitter and other social media sites, is privacy concerns.  (more…)

HeartBleed bug: The Internet’s enemy

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Over the course of the Internet’s existence, there have been many a bug that threatens to disrupt the world wide web. Some are more powerful than others – and unlucky for us, an extremely powerful and destructive bug has been disclosed this week.

By now, you may of heard of the HeartBleed bug. This bug affects security on the Internet, essentially making all of your private passwords, usernames and other personal information vulnerable to attack.

While the bug has actually been active for two years, it was only disclosed to the public on Monday night.

The HeartBleed bug is a bug on the very popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. It is able to scrape an entire server’s memory where private and sensitive user data is stored such as passwords and usernames.  (more…)

Top Hollywood studios file lawsuit against Kim Dotcom

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Mastermind of file sharing (and illicit activities) Kim Dotcom, has landed himself in hot water, yet again. 

The creator behind one of the world’s largest file sharing websites, MegaUpload, will now have to deal with yet another lawsuit claiming that Dotcom, in conjunction with his website, profited from massive copyright infringement of countless movies and television shows.

And it’s not just small-fry plaintiffs, either; six of Holywoods biggest film and television studios are filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against MegaUpload and Kim Dotcom.

These studios include 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal, Columbia, Warner Brothers and Disney.  (more…)

Is YouTube building a ‘kids only’ version?

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The latest rumour doing the rounds will have most parents jumping for joy. According to reports by The Information, the world’s leading video streaming service, YouTube, has started working on a new project: a ‘kids only’ version of YouTube.

That’s right, parents might soon be able to rest assured when their kids climb on the internet as they will know that their children are only able to see age appropriate content.

The report indicates that the company is focusing on a target market of kids aged 10 years and younger for the more ‘junior’ version of YouTube. Apparently, The Information spoke to three individuals who have been briefed on the project.  (more…)

Short film illustrates how big Google really is

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We know that Google is one of the largest (if not the largest) tech companies in the world. We also know that only a handful of companies strive to be as innovative as Google. What us mere mortals sometimes can’t fathom or understand, is exactly how big Google really is.

Not to worry, though, as this short film illustrates the immensity that is Google.

The video was made by YouTube user, ColdFusTion, who seems to have a very keen interest in everything Google.

The video shows us some very interesting facts about Google and how two 22-year olds came up with an idea so big, it literally changed the world. (more…)

US tech companies pledge $750 million to Obama Education Campaign

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In the fast-moving digital age that we live in, it is of the utmost importance that educational institutions keep up with the pace to ensure that children across the globe receive the best possible education in this ever changing world.

However, exposing kids to the latest technological advances and improving their level of education costs (a lot) of money. This is why the US is garnering the support of various, giant tech companies to offer their kids the very best.

US president Barack Obama and tech companies across the United States, are promoting a new initiative to equip schools with new technology and fast, accessible internet.

Last week, at the US State of the Union address, Obama said that various tech companies have pledged more than $750 million in tech, support and services.

The initiative ties in with Obama’s ConnectEd project, that was launched in June of last year. This education technology campaign focuses on bringing fast broadband internet access to all schools, as well as offering students the opportunity to work with the latest gadgets that tech has to offer.

The goal with this campaign, Obama said, is to bring high-speed internet access to 99% of US schools within the next 5 years.  (more…)

Web Africa reduces capped ADSL packages to as low as R1.50 per GB

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As of today, Web Africa custmers can expect reduced costs of their capped ADSL packages – some from as little as R1.50

In January we reported on Web Africa’s drastically reduced prices for their uncapped ADSL customers; and now it seems that the customers on capped ADSL packages will also welcome new, lower prices.

CEO of Web Africa, Tim Wyatt-Gunning, was adamant that the price reductions is not just for promotion, but rather here to stay:

“This isn’t a short-term promotional exercise…[sic] these price reductions are so deep that we believe they will convince many consumers and businesses, who previously felt it was simply too expensive, to switch to ADSL. Each Rand now buys between two and three times more data than before thereby allowing users to start using the internet to its full potential as an affordable alternative to data hungry applications such as TV, DVD’s, CD’s and photos” he said. (more…)

The ANC wants to give free WiFi and better broadband to all

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As the 2014 national elections draw closer, the race is on between parties to spread their manifesto’s and encourage people to vote for them. 

This year, however, many parties are hammering on about telecommunications, digital prowess and everything internet – perhaps more so than previous years.

With the need for better, cheaper and more reliable internet getting bigger across the country, various parties are promising improvements in this sector, should they get your vote.

The ANC has also come to the party on this note, and promised their supporters (and of course the rest of South Africa) significant improvements in this area.

On Saturday, the ANC revealed their 2014 election manifesto to a rather large crowd at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

The man himself, president Jacob Zuma, addressed the crowd and, while making promises about the usual, compulsory things like job creation and education, JZ also revealed the ANC’s plan to better internet in the country. (more…)