Kim Dotcom – Life of a Millionaire under house arrest (video)


Kim Dotcom, owner of file-sharing website, saw his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand, raided by antiterrorist police supported by helicopters. It was hard to understand exactly why officials believed such a massive display of force was necessary, but now word comes that FBI told New Zealand police that Dotcom had a “doomsday device” capable of destroying evidence worldwide.

He has since been released on bail and is under house arrest in his New Zealand home. We all know him because of the file sharing site MegaUpload, but he is actually much more interesting than that business would suggest. In the mid 90’s he pioneered Flash animation on the internet. He also invented a way of doing video conferencing over a cell phone in 1999, when most people didn’t have one yet. So what does a millionaire do when he can’t leave his house? He becomes one of the best video gamers in the world, of course. At the time of his house raid in 2011 he was confirmed as the best Call of Duty player in the world.

Check out his interview video with VICE that was recorded in October 2013 below (Warning: it does contain strong language):

Source: VICE

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  • Charl Norman

    Funny guy! But a true online legend

    • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

      For sure, he’s a brilliant man.